ROAD FC 18 main card: play by play and results for Kim vs Ramos, Ham vs Rassohyna

Road FC 18

ROAD FC 18 takes place at the Grand Hilton Convention Centre on August 30, 2014. In the main event, Kim Hoom faces Luis Ramos, and Ham Soo-Hee meets Alyona Rassohyna.

Tonight’s play by play is by John Hyon Ko.


August 30, 2014
Grand Hilton Hotel
Seoul, South Korea

Main card live streamed at 20:00KST at


#6 – Welterweight Match
Hoon Kim 김훈 (77.45kg)
Luis Ramos 루이스 라모스 (77.45kg)

Kim Hoon vs Luis Ramos
Round 1
Ramos comes out controling the cage. Kim looking to counter. They go to the ground. Kim goes for the armbar and then transitions to the triangle. Ramos picks him up and slams. Ramos gets out then control until the ref stands them up. Kim again looking to counter but no success. Ramos clinches against fence and holds Kim there. They exchange knees. The ref separates them again. Ramos goes for a single leg. The round is over.
Round 2
Kim kicks to the cup. The fight halts for a few seconds. They begin again andexchange in the center. Ramos attempts asingle leg but Kim sprawls. Kim then pulls guard. Ramos is working but not much damage being done. They get stood up. Kim kicks and Ramos grabs and attempts a takedown. Kim tries for a choke but its not there and lets go. Kim knees Ramos goes for a takedown and presses against the cage. Kim grabs for a kimura and then reverses position. The round is done.
Round 3
Both fighters are tired. Ramos gors for a single leg to double leg and then to a to single leg. Ref separates them. Ramos lands a hard left and goes down for a single leg attempt. They are separated again.. Kim knees and opens up Ramos over his right eyes. The doctor attends to cut. Action continues.Kim connects with a hard right. They clinch. The fight is over.

Majority Draw

#5 – Womens’ Atomweight Match
Soo-Hee Ham 함서희 (48.3kg)
Alyona Rassohyna 알료나 래소하이나 (47.5kg)

Ham Seo-Hee vs Alyona Rassohyna
Round 1
Rassohyna kicks and Ham grabs the leg and throw down some punches and then Rassohyna attempts an armbar. Ham wants to stand. Ham kicks again and the same result. Some ground and pound. They stand again and for a third time Rassohyna goes down. Ham transitions to full mount. Rassohyna reverse poaitions and Ham locks in a triangle to mount. They stand and kicks are thrown. They go to the ground again and they grapple abit. Rassohyna goes for a leg lock. Ham get out and obtains top position. They stand again and Ham gets a takedown. Rassohyna goes for a leg lock and the round is over.
Round 2
Rassohyna comes and throws a headkick. Ham grabs it and take her down. Ham gets top position and transitions from side control to mount then almost gets an arm triangle. But Rassohyna toughs it out and escapes. Ham gets the north south position. Takes Rassohyna’s back. Then, Ham keeps transitioning from mount to side control going for an armbar and kimura. The round is about to end Ham gets full mount and is punishing Rassohyna with hammerfists. The round ends.

Ham SeoHee defeats Alyona Rassohyna by UD

#4 – Bantamweight Match
Je-Hoon Mun 문제훈 (61.60kg)
Marcos Vinicius (61.85kg)

Mun Jea-Hoon vs Marcos Vina
Round 1
They start off dancing with each other. Mun lands a few hard leg kicks. Vina comes back with a hard right. Then, Mun swarms with body shots, knees and uppercuts. He backs off then kicks to the body. Vina falls and Mun throws down some vicious punches. Vina is hurt and the ref steps in.

Mun Je Hoon defeats Marcos Vina by TKO rd 1

#3 – Womens’ 60kg Catchweight Match
Ji-Yeon Kim 김지연 (60.1kg)
Kamikaze Yukimi 카미카제 유키미 (60.0kg)

Kim Ji-Yeon vs Kamikaze Yukimi
Round 1
Kim starts off throwing overhand rights. She lands a hard body shot and right hand. Kim takes her down. She has got her back. Yukimi is defending well but Kim locks in the body triangle then sinks in the rear naked choke. Yukimi taps.

Kim Ji-Yeon defeats Kamikaze Yukimi by Submission RNC rd 1

#2 – Featherweight
Duk-Young Jang 장덕영 (65.6kg)
Nobuhito Irei 이레이 노부히토 (65.6kg)

Jang Deok-Young vs Irei Nobuhito
Round 1
They start off exchanging kicks. They both head strikes but miss on most of them. Nobuhito lands on a couple of head strikes, and he rushes in for with some lefts and rights. Jang goes for the takedown but cannot get it. They start to brawl both of them landing shots. Nobuhito lands a straight right and Jang falls but Nobuhito does not want to enter his guard. Nobuhito grabs oneof his kicks and Jang falls to the ground. They both start to swing for the fences. The round ends.

Round 2
The fight immediately goes to the ground and Jang is attempting submissions. They stand and again they hit the mat. Nobuhito has top position while Jang keeps attempting submissions. Alittle scramble at the end but no finish.

Jang DukYoung defeats Nobuhito Irei by Split Decision

#1 – Lightweight Match
Chang-Hyun Kim 김창현 (71kg) * .750 over – 500 allowance
Seok-Mo Kim 김석모 (70.25kg)

Kim Chang-Hyun vs Kim Seok-M
They meet in the center touch gloves. They exchange a little to feel out each other. Kim Seok-Mo kicks to the bread basket and clinches against the fence. Kim Chang-Hyun goes for the takedown and gets it. He stays on top for a few seconds and then Kim Seok-Mo reverses the position. Kim Chang-Hyun locks in a triangle then opts for the armbar. Kim Seok-Mo taps.

Kim ChangHyun defeats Kim SeokMo by Submission. armbar. rd 1