ROAD FC 20 MAIN CARD Play By Play: Han Yi-Moon vs Park Hyung-Geun



ROAD FC 20 is taking place at Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea.
ROAD FC 20 MAIN CARD Play by Play
Sunday December 14th, 2014


Park Yi-Moon (6-2) vs Park Hyung-Geun (1-0)

Bantamweight Bout (-61.5)

* Han loses a point every round for not making weight, so he needs a submission or knockout to win.

Round 1 – Park with a takedown. They clinch against the fence. Park connects. But Han counters with a solid punch. They go back to the center. Park with a nice body kick and Han is hurt. Park swarms and connects with mutiple shots. Han lands a overhand left. It goes to the ground. Park is on top. They stand back up. They exchange and collide heads. Ref stops action.
Han looks like he is recovered. They go toe-to-toe and Han hits Park with a low blow.
Han lands a good jab. Combo by Han. Left hand by Park. Right by Park. They drop to the floor and Park lands some good punches but Han has a triangle. It is pretty tight but Park gets out. Round is over.
Round 2 -Han is letting the kicks fly. They are exchanging with hard shots. Park lands a devastating counter left hand. Han is done.
Result: Park Hyung-Geun wins via KO (RD2 0:45)