ROAD FC 20 Young Guns 19: Preliminary Play by Play and Results



ROAD FC 20 Young Guns 19 preliminaries took place on December 14, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. Here is the full play by play and results.


ROAD FC 20 Young Guns 19

Decemeber 14, 2014

Olympic Hall, Seoul, South Korea


Preliminary Card

7 Yamagami Mikihito vs Yoo Jae-Nam

Internet goes out!  This was a 2-round war, with each fighter knocking the other to the ground multiple times.  Yamgami’s boxing was crisp and beautiful, Yu’s striking was aggressive and powerful.  Yu edged out the decision win with an impressive comeback performance after a broken jaw.

Yu Jae-Nam defeats Yamagami Mikihito by Decision


6 Cho Young-Seung vs Kim Ji-Hyeong

Round 1 – Kim lands a hard right hard. They brawl and then hit the mat. They are back up. Hard knees by Cho. Kim lands a right hand that stuns Cho. Then, Internet goes down……

Result: Cho Young-Seung defeats Kim Ji-Hyeong by KO RD1



5 Kim I-Sak vs Park Choong-Il

Round 1 – Both land with right hands. Knee by Kim. Park lands a hard shot and Kim turns his back. They exchange some more but nothing lands clean. Hard leg kick by Kim. Right hand staggers Park. Park is just swinging for the fences. Knee to the body by Kim. Park drops down for a single leg. He is just holding on. Kim takes the back and then mount. Kim pounds him out.

Result: Kim I-Sak by TKO RD1



4 Jeong Jun-Hoe vs Jung Jin-Suk

Round 1 – They start off fast. Jeong with a takedown but not much being done. They get back up. Starting to throw some hard shots and Jung lands. Headkick by Jeong. Jung lands a few shots and presses against the fence. Low blow by Jung. They’re back to action. Jung landing good punches. Good body shot by Jung. Jeong goes for a takedown and gets it. Bell sounds.

Round 2 – Leg kick by Jeong. Jeong rushes in with shots and they land. Jeong goes to the ground and lands on top. Sweep attempt by Jung. Jeong getting decent shots in. Jung pushes off and get back up. Flying knee by Jeong. They clinch. Jung takes Jeong down. Light shots are getting through. But Jeong is punching from the bottom. Armbar attempt by Jeong. Jung with some ground and pound against the fence. Jung trying to pass the guard but Jeong gets back up. Back to the ground though. Jung on top. Light strikes from both fighters. They stand back up. Both are landing hard shots. Jung gets his mouthpiece knocked out. Spinning backfist by Jung. Jeong grabs a guillotine. Round ends.

Result: Jeong Sun-Hoe defeats Jung Jin-Suk by UD (Two Rounds)



3 Choi Mu-Song vs Kim Dae-Myoung

Round 1 – They start with a feeling out period and then clinch. Choi takes it to the ground. He is working from half guard. No real damage being done. Ref stands it up. Flying knee by Kim. Choi brushes it off and presses against the fence. Kim reverses and they start to brawl. Rights land for Kim. Choi lands a few himself. Choi clinches against the fence. Kim with a hip toss but Choi right back up. They get back to the center and Kim lands some shots. But Choi finishes the round with knees and punches.

Round 2 –  Kim’s nose is busted up. They start by throwing hard shots but nothing landing. Choi lands a few lefts and rights. They brawl but Kim gets a takedown. Choi gets back up but still in clinch position. They separate and start exchanging. Choi lands good counter lefts and rushes in with punches that land. But Kim clinches and they are separated. Choi is busting up Kim with knees and punches. Kim misses with a spinning backfist. Choi keeps landing counter shots. Choi with a single leg. Round ends on the ground.

Result: Choi Mu-Sung defeats Kim Dae-Myung by UD (Two Rounds)



2 Ahn Jun-Yeong vs Nandin-Erdene

Round 1 – They start out throwing hard but nothing really connects. They clinch but back to throwing reckless shots. They clinch again. Ahn has him on the fence. They break and N-E lands a knee. They trade some shots. N-E with a front kick to the cup. Action stops.

Fight restarts. Jab connects for Ahn. Spinning back kick by N-E. Hard right hands by N-E. Ahn clinches and N-E reverses. Hard knees to the body and a standing elbow with another knee and its over.

Result: Nandin-Erdene defeats Ahn Jun-Yeong by TKO RD1



1  Ki Won-Bin vs Lee Sang-Hyun

Round 1 – Ki connects with a right  and staggers Lee. Ki clinches and lands right hands. Lee goes for the takedown and Ki lands on top dropping down ground and pound. Lee escapes from the bottom position and they stand. It’s a brawl, they are throwing. Ki lands again and then goes for a takedown. Lee reverses and takes the back. He has a rear-naked choke but Ki gets out. They start to brawl again but Lee is getting the better of it this time. Ki gets a takedown but Lee reverses and lands on top. Half guard to mount and then Ki reverses and Lee has a triangle. Round ends. Both fighters are bloody.

Round 2 – Hard leg kicks by Ki. Lee lands a takedown but right back up. Another takedown by Ki but they stand again. Nice right hand by Lee. Lee drops Ki and has him against the fence. They’re brawling again. Not much behind the punches. Ki goes for a takedwon but Lee lands on  top. Little ground and pound. Lee takes the back. Working a rear-naked choke. He lets go and pounds Ki out.

Result: Lee Sang-Hyun defeats Ki Won-Bin by TKO RD2