ROAD FC 21 Play By Play, photos: Song Min-Jong claims Flyweight title in epic battle with Kasugai




ROAD FC 21 took placeĀ at JangChung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea on February 1, 2015. Song Min-Jong claimed the interim Flyweight title in an epic battle with Takeshi Kasugai.

Song Min-Jong (TEAM MAX) vs Takeshi Kasugai (SHIMURA DOJO)
Flyweight Interim Title Match (-57kg)

Round 1 – They dance around and eventually clinch. Both battling against the fence. They separate. Uppercut and knee by Song. Solid jab by Takeshi. Song clinches and they go to the ground. Takeshi reverses position and ends up on top position. They scramble and Takeshi takes the back. Takeshi has a RNC but Song is defending well. Takeshi grabs the RNC again but its on the chin. Song is defending but Takeshi has the neck again. He gets out. Song escapes and gets top position. Solid ground and pound by Song. Round is over.

Round 2 – Good jab by Takeshi. They clinch and Takeshi pushes to the fence. Song reverses position. The ref breaks them up and Takeshi lands an uppercut. They scramble and Song has Takeshi’s back. Now he is working the RNC. But Takeshi gets out and gets back up. They clinch again and the ref breaks it up again. They exchange and Song gets a takedown. Takeshi gets back up. Combo by Song and they clinch again. Takeshi gets out and Song jumps in for a takedown. They scramble and they are back on their feet. Standing elbow by Takeshi. Song charges forward and lands a few light punches.

Round 3 – Last round. Song is stalking but Takeshi clinches. Some solid shots by Song and a takedown. Takeshi gets back up though. They clinch again and Song gets another takedown. They scramble and Song has the back. Takeshi spins and gets out. They stand and clinch again. Takeshi landing a few shots. They clinch and the ref breaks it up. Song grabs Takeshi and tries for a takedown but Takeshi defends. Knee by Song and they clinch. Song grabs the back but then Takeshi reverses. Takeshi ends the fight in top position.


*The judges can’t make up their minds so it’s going into the extra round. (29-27 Takeshi, 29-28 Song, 28-28)

Extra Round – They clinch immediately. They break and exchange. Nothing really landing. Song clinches. They break and exchange some more. Both fighters are landing but nothing solid. Song grabs Takeshi and throws him to the ground. Takeshi gets back up. Song landing knees in the clinch. Song then slams Takeshi to the mat and follows up with hammerfists. Takeshi is tough, he gets back up. Both fighter are tired. They go to the ground and Takeshi has an armbar. Song defends by swinging his body around. The fight ends in that position.

Result – Song Min-Jong wins the title in the extra round by UD (Extra Round 10-9, 10-9, 10-9)

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