ROAD FC 21 Play by Play, photos: Shinji Sasaki bloodies Kim Chang-Hyun in surprising striking war




ROAD FC 21 took place at JangChung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea on February 1, 2015. Shinji Sasaki bloodies Kim Chang-Hyun in a surprising striking war.

Kim Chang-Hyun (TEAM MAD) vs Sasaki Shinji (Burst)
Lightweight Match (-70kg)

Round 1 – These are some big LWs. Combo by Kim. Sasaki throws his hands up like “what”. Kim lands some hard punches and knees. Clinch work by Kim. Elbows and uppercuts by Kim. Sasaki pressing foward. Right counter by Kim. Left hands by Sasaki. Left kick to the head and a combo from Kim. Sasaki not throwing much. Two jabs connect for Sasaki. They exchange and both land some shots. Kim gets a takedown. No action.

Round 2 – They engage but nothing solid connects. Sasaki working the jab. Kim with his hands low. Uppercut by Kim. And a combo. Sasaki keeps working the jab. Combo by Sasaki. Kim is bleeding pretty bad. Uppercuts land again for Kim. Sasaki comes back with a flurry. Another jab. Knee for Sasaki. Time is stopped. Doctor attends to Kim’s cut. Back to action. Overhand right by Kim. Left hook connects and drops Sasaki. Kim swarms and foot stomps Sasaki. Ground and pound but Sasaki weathers the storm. They scramble and Sasaki grabs the neck. Kim defends and then they stand back up.

Round 3 – Sasaki starts with the jab. Sasaki keeps switching stances. Kim connects and Sasaki clinches. Back to the center. Uppercut and left hand by Kim. Sasaki with a left. Sasaki keeps moving forward. Kim lands a few counters. Sasaki with a left and right. Kim falls to the ground. They clinch and Sasaki goes for a takedown. The ref breaks them up. Sasaki hits Kim with some shots and pushes in for a takedown. Bell sounds.

Result – Sasaki Shinji wins by UD (3R 29-28,29-28,29-28)

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