ROAD FC 21 Play By Play, photos: Kim Soo-Chul earns a stoppage over Wagner Campos




ROAD FC 21 took place at JangChung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea on February 1, 2015. Kim Soo-Chul earned a questionable early stoppage over Wagner Campos.

Kim Soo-Chul (TEAM FORCE) vs Wagner Campos (FIGHT ONLY)
Bantamweight Match (-61.5kg)

Round 1 – Kim is rushing in with punches. Campos counters and goes for a takedown. Campos transitions to his back standing. Campos has both hooks in and working with his back toward the fence. Kim gets out and they clinch. They go back to the center. Kim with kicks to the body and a flying knee. Campos looks like he is out but starts to pull guard. Kim pounces and its over.

Result – Kim Soo-Chul wins via TKO (1R 1:18)

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