ROAD FC 21 Play By Play and Photos: Park Ji-Hye dominates Irie Miyu on the ground



ROAD FC 21 was held at JangChung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea on February 1, 2015. Park Ji-Hye dominated Irie Miyu on the ground to win the decision.

Park Ji-Hye (TEAM POMA) vs Irie Miyu (TEAM SOVEREIGN)
Atomweight Match (-48kg)

Round 1 – Push kick by Irie and Park falls down. Irie tries for a takedown but Park lands in full mount. She takes the back. Irie is fighting to get out. Park working some ground and pound. She has the neck but Irie reverses and lands on top. But Park kicks her off and gets the back. Park with knees to the buttocks. Every knee the crowd is counting out loud. Park landing short shots. A scramble and Park is in side control. They are just laying there. Irie has been doing a job defending. Park is punching to the head. Irie gets a headlock. Round is over.

Round 2 – They clinch. Fighting for position and Park drags Irie to the ground. Irie gots a headlock from the bottom and Park is punching her from mount. Park’s head is out and she has the back. Throwing down punches. Irie grabs both wrists and holds on. Park get her hands out and gets on top. Full mount position and punches reign down on Irie. About twenty unanswered punches by Park. Ref steps in and stops the fight.

Result – Park Ji-Hye TKOs Irie Miyu (2R 3:31)

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