ROAD FC 21 Play By Play, Photos: FW Champ Choi Mu-Gyeom defeats Seo Doo-Won with a smart game




ROAD FC 21 took place at JangChung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea on February 1, 2015. Featherweight Champ Choi Mu-Gyeom defeated Seo Doo-Won with a smart game plan to retain his title.

Choi Mu-Gyeom (MMA STORY) vs Seo Doo-Won (TEAM ONE)
Featherweight Title Match (-65.5kg)

Round 1 – They touch gloves. Flying knee by Choi but Seo counters with a right hand. Hard left by Seo. Seo is looking for the overhand right. Choi is in and out but not landing. Seo is controlling the cage. Choi lands a jab and a leg kick. Another inside leg kick. Seo is waiting to counter. They exchange and the champ lands a solid punch. Seo goes for a takedown but Choi defends. Uneventful first round.

Round 2 – Choi working leg kicks. Seo again has the center. Choi landing the jab. Spinning kick by Choi but misses. Seo connects with a right. Body kick by Choi. Front kick and right by Choi. Choi keeps landing leg kicks. Seo keeps throwing the overhand right and left hook but its not landing clean.The jab keeps connecting for Choi. They clinch and Choi spins for a takedown but Seo is on top.

Round 3 – Both land a jab at the same time. Seo is swinging at air. Leg kicks by Choi. Body kick by Choi. Counter right by Choi. Seo has the center but Choi is landing more. The rest of the round was action less.

*Judges can’t decide again so the extra round is coming. (29-28 Seo, 29-28 Choi, 29-29)

Extra Round: Starts just like the other rounds. Choi landing leg kicks. Seo is landing the left hand. Flying knee misses for Choi. Right hand misses for Seo. Hard right hand lands for Seo. Seo is walking down Choi. Seo keeps swinging for the fences but missing. Takedown attempt by Choi but defended well. Overhand right lands for Seo. Choi keeps working the legs. Combo by Choi. The leg kicks are having an effect on Seo. They exchange and the round is over.

Result – Choi Mu-Gyeom wins by SD (Extra Round 10-9, 10-9, 9-10)


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