ROAD FC 21 Young Guns 20: Live Play by Play, Photos and Results





ROAD FC 21 Young Guns 20 is taking place in Seoul, South Korea. Here are the full up-to-date play by play and results.


ROAD FC 21 Young Guns 20

February 1st, 2015

Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South Korea


8) Lee Hyung-Seok vs Kim Won-Gi

Featherweight Match

Round 1 – Kim connects with a right counter and Lee lands one of his own. Kim gets a takedown and a scramble ensues. Kim gets the back and to mount. He is landing some punches from mount but Lee reverses and escapes. They stand back up and begin to swing hard. Kim lands a right hand and a right counter afterwards. Kim connects with a left hook and drops Lee. Kim gets into mount position and attempts an armbar but Lee gets out. Kim clinches and goes to the ground again. Kim gets to mount again and attempts a keylock but Lee flips over. Kim transitions to an armbar. Lee is defending but he has to tap. His arm had already popped.

Result: Kim Won-Gi defeats Lee Hyung-Seok by Armbar (1R 4:25)



7) Kim Kyeong-Pyo vs Jung Je-Il

Round 1 – Kim begins with a right hand. Kim attempts a takedown and work, finally getting it. Jung gets back up after about 30 seconds. Kim lands overhand right and clinches. Both are landing punches and knees in the clinch. They break and both land shots. A few exchanges but nothing special.

Round 2 – They clinch and break. Jung connects with combos and clinches. They break. Kim comes in with a overhand right and then with left hands. Ref steps in. Jung is not happy.

Result: Kim Kyeong-Pyo wins via TKO (2R 1:39)

6) Kim Min-Woo vs Jang Dae-Young

Featherweight Match

Round 1 – They start by swing for the fences. Kim is landing more shots. Jang a little more technical. Left hook drops Kim and another left. Jung swarms and its over

Result: Jang Dae-Young wins via TKO (1R 2:32)



5) Oh Jae-Sung vs Fujii Shota

Welterweight Match

Round 1 –  Oh swarms and clinches with Fujii. Oh punches Fujii in the cup. Looks like that hurt bad. Brief timeout and back to action. They exchange and Fujii lands a few kicks. Right hand and then left connects for Oh. Fujii turns his back and Oh jumps on. RNC is locked in and Oh falls back, its tight but Fujii gets out. They get back up and Fujii lands a combo but Fujii has a cut under his left eye. They tend to the cut. Back to the fight and Oh throws knees and Fujii lands a left counter. Fujii drops Oh.

Round 2 – They begin throwing everything. Fujii fakes takedown and connects with a left. Oh presses against the fence. Fujii reverses. They break and Fujii lands a right hand and knees. Oh clinches.

Result: Oh Jae-Sung wins via UD over Fujii Shota (2R)



4) Chae Joung-Heon vs Seo Dong-Soo

Catchweight Match

Round 1 – Seo with takedown attempts. Both are throwing hard. Chae is landing most of the harder shots. Chae with headkick and right, left combo. Flying kinee by Chae. They clinch. Chae connects with elbows and Seo lands knees. They stall and ref breaks them up. Chae with a takedown, he takes the back and locks in a RNC. Seo is sleeping.

Results: Chae Joung-Heon via RNC


3) Kim I-Sak vs Yang Jae-Ung

Lightweight Match

Round 1 – Yang lands a hard right. Kim clinches and throws knees. Yang has Kim on the fence and gets a takedown. They stand back up. Counter right by Yang. Yang catches knee.

Round 2 – Kim with knees from the starts. They clinch and both are landing shots. Yang lands a hard right hand. Both fighters are fatigued. But Yang is a little more active. Yang throws Kim down. Back up and they start thrwoing bombs.

Result: Yang Jae-Ung defeats Kim I-Sak via UD (2R)


2) Park Jae-Seong vs Jang Ik-Hwan

Bantamweight Match

Round 1 –  Jang starts with knees and punches. Jang kicks and falls. Park in Jang’s guard and then to half guard. Jang gets out and back up and immediately with a knee. Jang is landing alot more. Park with a low blow. Fight restarts. Park catches a knee while going for a takedown. Park has Jang on the fence and throwing punches. They separate and then an eye poke by Jang.

Round 2 – Jang landing combos from the start. Park is attempting takedowns with no success. Jang keeps landing on all the exchanges. Headkick by Park but falls. They exchange some more with both landing solid shots.

Result: Jang Ik-Hwan wins by UD over Park Jae-Seong (2R)


1) Kim Jae-Kyung vs Yun Ho-Young

Flyweight Match

Round 1 – Kim kicks Yun in the cup while Yun throws an overhand right. Brief intermission. Back to action. Yun with a takedown and then a scramble. Yun is on top and takes Kim’s back. Another scramble and Yun is back on top again but in full guard. Yun moves to half guard. Ref stands them up. Yun with a knee.

Round 2 – Yun is stalking. They clinch and exchange knees. They go to the ground and Kim is on top dropping punches. Upkick by Yun. Ref stands them up. They engage and both land punches and knees. Kim clinches and takes Yun down. There is a cut under Kim’s eye. Doctor comes in to look. Action continues but round ends not too long after.

Result: Yun Ho-Young takes the UD over Kim Jae-Kyung (2R)