ROAD FC 22 Play by Play and Results: LW Champ Kwon A-Sol vs Lee Kwang-Hee



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ROAD FC 22 is going down at JangChung Gymnasium on March 21st, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. It is headlined by a lightweight title fight between Champion Kwon A-Sol and challenger Lee Kwang-Hee.

March 21st, 2015
JangChung Gymnasium
Seoul, South Korea

Lightweight Title Main Event (-70kg)

Champion Kwon A-Sol (Team One) vs Lee Kwang-Hee (Extreme Combat)

Round 1 – No touch of gloves. They gauge each other for the first minute. But then all of a sudden leather is being thrown hard. Nothing really lands until Kwon hits Lee with a standing elbow. Lee returns fire and hits Kwon with a right hook that drops him. Lee is bleeding everywhere from the elbow. The doctor comes in to tend to the cut. Time starts back up. They are fighting like they are in a telephone booth. Blasting each other hard. A big right connects for Kwon. Kwon attempts a takedown but Lee defends. Round is in the books.

Round 2 – Right catches Kwon after some dancing around. Kwon lands a left. Both these boys are throwing hard but most shots are not landing. Lee eventually lands a couple of right hands. However, Kwon comes back with a right of his own. A left drops Lee. Kwon hits Lee with a standing elbow again and the ref steps in. The doctor come in and stops the bleeding. They return to action. Left hand connects for Lee but nothing else for the rest of the round.

Round 3 – Lee is desperate and moving forward. Kwon trying to counter. They exchange and the cut opens again. The clock is stopped. Doctor comes in and wraps his head like a mummy and the fight is over. They are going to the judges with this one.

Result: Kwon A-Sol wins via Majority Decision (19-19, 20-18, 20-18) – later corrected to a TKO due to a doctor stoppage for a cut, rd 3, 1:12