ROAD FC 22 Play by Play and Results: Shim Gun-Ho vs Lucas Tani



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ROAD FC 22 is going down at JangChung Gymnasium on March 21st, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. It is headlined by a lightweight title fight between Champion Kwon A-Sol and challenger Lee Kwang-Hee.


The rest of the main card consists of Shim Gun-Oh vs Lucas Tani, Tamura Issei vs Cho Young-Seung, Park Jung-Kyo vs Jeon Uh-Jin, and Fukuda Riki vs Lee Dool-Hee



March 21st, 2015

JangChung Gymnasium

Seoul, South Korea


Heavyweight Bout (-120kg)

Shim Gun-Oh (Team Finish) vs Lucas Tani (Impacto BJJ)


Round 1 – Lucas comes out swinging and throws in a spinning backfist but nothing really lands. Lucas pulls guard and Shim falls on top. Heavy ground and pound by the South Korean but Lucas is weathering the storm. Shim flips over and they are back to their feet. Lucas tries another spinning backfist and falls. Again, Shim falls on top but this time Lucas spins and locks in an armbar. Its tight and Shim has no answer and has to tap.

Result: Lucas Tani wins via armbar (1R 1:45)