ROAD FC 22 weigh in results: Lightweight Champ Kwon A-Sol and Lee Kwang-Hee on target



ROAD FC 22 Lightweight Champ Kwon A-Sol vs Lee Kwang-Hee
ROAD FC 22 Lightweight Champ Kwon A-Sol vs Lee Kwang-Hee

ROAD FC 22 takes place on March 21, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. Both main event fighters, the Lightweight Championship between Kwon A-Sol and Lee Kwang-Hee, have made weight.

All but one main card fighter made weight, that being Daiju Takase.  He was .450g over and will reweigh within 2 hours. On the under card, Kiyoshi Kuwabara came in 2 kgs over and will also weigh in again later.

Lightweight Champ Kwon A-Sol did not like it when Lee Kwang-Hee grabbed his wrist as they went head to head in the face off, and shoved him back by his neck.  CEO Jung Moon-Hong and Manager Ahn had to jump in between the two before it ended off the stage.  This will be the third time they’ve fought and Lee looks ready to prove he can make it 3 for 3.  Kwon is definitely at a high point in his career so ti hold be fireworks.

Other than that, the face offs were congenial for the entire card which features 14 fights in all.

On the main card, Riki Fukuda and Lee Dool-Hee rematch from their last fight that ended in a No Contest from an unintentional blow by Fukuda.  Lee got dubbed “The Nation’s Testicles” by the Korean media.

Takase Daiju and Yoon Dong-Sik, two very well-known fighters from the golden age of PRIDE, will face each other and likely cause pain no matter how it goes down.

Jeon Uh-Jin and Park Jung-Kyo will be throwing leather, Tamura Issei and Cho Young-Seung will hopefully run a grappling clinic, and Lucas Tani and Sim Gun-Oh will be the biggest men on the card likely taking things to the canvas to finish.

The Young Guns under card features fighters making their pro debut from the Into or Central amateur leagues, fighters who need to climb back up in their careers, and foreign fighters getting their first taste of Korea – this time there being 3 from Japan.

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March 21, 2015
Jangchung Gymnasium
Seoul, South Korea

#6 – Lightweight Championship
A Sol Kwon 70.45
Kwang Hee Lee 70.3

#5 – Middleweight
Riki Fukuda 84.15
Dool Hee Lee 84.1

#4 – Light Heavyweight
Dong Sik Yoon 88.4
Daiju Takase 88.95 – Over – 2 hours until next check

#3 – Middleweight
Jung Kyo Park 83.9
Uh Jin Jeon 84.2

#2 – Bantamweight
Issei Tamura 61.5
Young Seung Cho 61.95

#1 – Heavyweight
Gun Oh Shim 120.2
Lucas Tani 100.5

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#8 – Welterweight
Seok Mo Kim 김석모 (Team Force) 77.3
Kiyoshi Kuwabara (Team Samurai) 79 – 2 hours until next try

#7 – Lightweight
Brian Choi 브라이언 최 (Team Posse) 68.4
Hyung Soo Kim 김형수 (Kim Dae Hwan MMA) 68.45

#6 – Welterweight
Jong Mok Kim 김종목 (Pohang BD Jiujitsu) 77.25
Jin Kyu Lee 이진규 (Extreme Combat) 77.3

#5 – Bantamweight
Jae Ho Lee 이재호 (Team Poma) 61.5
Daisaku Tanaka (Team Banana) 60.5

#4 – Bantamweight

Mu Song Choi 최무송 (Chun My Gwan) 61.6
Jung Gi Hong 홍정기 (Jiujitsu World) 61.95

#3 – Flyweight
Kyu Hwa Kim 김규화 (Pohang BD Fight Gym)  57.5
Jong Hyun Kwak 곽종현 (Team Force) 57.5

#2 – Lightweight
Sang Il Lee 이상일 (Team Posse) 70.5
Yoon Jae Jung 정윤재 (Ssabi MMA) 70.4

#1 – Flyweight
Jin Min Kim 김진민 (Gumi MMA) 57.30
Jong Heon Chae 채종헌 (Team Sanai) 57.45