ROAD FC 22 Young Guns 21 undercard live results


2 jung def lee
ROAD FC 22 takes place on March 21, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. Here are the results from the 21st Young Guns undercard.

As the name “Young Guns” implies, the card usually features fighters making their pro debut from the Into or Central amateur leagues. It’s also the place ROAD FC puts fighters who need to climb back up in their careers, and foreign fighters getting their first taste of Korea. The main fight of this card features both of the latter.

Kim Seok-Mo now sits on a three fight losing skid in almost as many years, and he’s being given a golden opportunity for a rebound against Kyoshi Kuwabara. Kim has fought as a mainstay in ROAD, and has appeared in ONE, PRO FC, and Dare, so he’s been around a bit. Kuwabura has been banging it out on the local circuit in Japan and has a record of 4-2, according to ROAD FC. Kuwabura came in over the weight limit and will eb deducted 1 point per round.

Wrestler Kim Hyung-Su will face Brian Choi, both of whom are well-known to Korean fans. Kim was a national wrestling champion as a child, but disease took him out of sports for a while. He came back in MMA on the Crying Fist show. Kim’s last bout was a highly publicized match against Kron Gracie in the duo’s professional debut. Choi went three rounds with Kwon Bae-Yong, lost, and asked if he could train with him. Now Choi is a member of Team Posse. Both fighters will be hungry, and eager to show their complete skill sets to win over critics.

One and one Lee Jin-kyu welcomes Kim Jong-Mok to his pro debut. A fixture in the Korean MMA community, Lee Jae-Ho will try to garner his first win against Gladiator gladiator Daisaku Tanaka. 19-year old Choi Mu-Song will meet Hong Jeong-Gi in a striker versus grappler match.

Two matches take place in the hot flyweight division. Evenly matched Kwak Jong-Hyeon and Kim Kyu-Hwa square off. Kwak’s still getting his feet wet, while Kim fought Caol Uno in his second time out, and most recently stepped up to face none other than Mizuto Hirota at DEEP Dream NYE. Also at flyweight, Choi-Jong-Heon and Kim Jin-Min is a fight of experience vs desperation.

To round out the card, one and one Lee Jin-kyu welcomes Kim Jong-Mok to his pro debut. Shooto crossover Jeong Yoon-Jae takes on Kim Jin-Min, a guy needing a win badly.

March 21, 2015
Jangchung Gymnasium
Seoul, South Korea


#8 – Welterweight
Seok Mo Kim 김석모 (Team Force)
Kiyoshi Kuwabara (Team Samurai)

Moved to main card

#7 – Lightweight
Brian Choi 브라이언 최 (Team Posse)
Hyung Soo Kim 김형수 (Kim Dae Hwan MMA)

Kim lands some big shots and gets a nice takedown to control Choi, who gets back up.  Kim is pressuring with big bombs, but Choi skirts the whole round, getting tagged sporadically.

Round two and Kim throws on the heat for the first minute, showcasing nice and powerful striking.  He smacks Choi around and outwrestles him on the ground, a few near finishes.  Back on the feet and both fighters are exhausted.  Choi thaws a few one twos. Kim starts getting frustrated with the inaction.  The round slows to the bell, but Kim definitely did enough to take it.

Kim Hyung-Su by UD

7 kim hyung-su

#6 – Welterweight
Jong Mok Kim 김종목 (Pohang BD Jiujitsu)
Jin Kyu Lee 이진규 (Extreme Combat)

Kim and Lee are two new welterweights.  They both tag each other hard and it’s Kim who smells more blood, he keeps up and gets the KO.

Kim Jong-Mok by TKO, rd 1

6 kim jong-mok

#5 – Bantamweight
Jae Ho Lee 이재호 (Team Poma)
Daisaku Tanaka (Team Banana)

Tanaka comes in showboating with his hands down, but Lee is still tentative.  Finally Lee lands a few, gets Tanaka down, and ends it with a choke for a much needed win.

Lee Ja-Ho bu Submission, RNC, rd 1

5 lee jae-ho

#4 – Bantamweight
Jung Gi Hong 홍정기 (Jiujitsu World)
Mu Song Choi 최무송 (Chun My Gwan)

Great first round.  Hong takes down Choi with fancy trips and throws but Choi is able to reverse on the way down.  Hong ends the round with a great position on back month but Choi easily survives.

Hong lands a stiff push kick then launches in with punches that stumble and floor Choi.  Choi survives and gets back up and eats more, but survives.  Hong lands another huge throw and gets mount.  Choi survives again and turns out, he gets to his feet and grabs for a guillotine.  But Hong waits it out, gets to mount again.  Choi turns and Hong sinks in the RNC.

Great match by the two.

Hong Jung-GI by Submission to RNC, rd 2

4 hong jung-gi

#3 – Flyweight
Kyu Hwa Kim 김규화 (Pohang BD Fight Gym)
Jong Hyun Kwak 곽종현 (Team Force)

Kim and Kwak went toe to toe and while Kwak landed the harder shots, Kim’s takedowns were the key.  Kim got Kwak down and worked to his back where he got the tap.

Kyu Hwa Kim by Submission, RNC, rd 1

3 kim kyu hwa

#2 – Lightweight
Sang Il Lee 이상일 (Team Posse)
Yoon Jae Jung 정윤재 (Ssabi MMA)

Jung outclassed Lee standing and got the KO.

Jung def Lee by KO, rd 1

#1 – Flyweight
Jin Min Kim 김진민 (Gumi MMA)
Jong Heon Chae 채종헌 (Team Sanai)