ROAD FC 24 in Japan: Lee Kwang-Hee finds the button to TKO Juri Ohara



Lee Kwang-Hee
Lee Kwang-Hee

ROAD FC 24 in Japan takes place on July 25, 2015 at the Ariake Coliseum. In the opening match of the main card, strikers Juri Ohara and Lee Kwang-Hee faced off.

1st Match Lightweight
오하라 주리 JURI OHARA 大原樹里 69.9
이광희 LEE KWANG-HEE キム・スンヨン 70.35

Juri gets a high kick but Lee goes right in. Juri keeps up his big kicks and Lee keeps looking to find a way inside and land a big over hand right. Lee finds it with a 1-2-3 but Juri keeps the kicks coming nonstop. Lee gets Juri against tha cage and lets his hands go! Juri covers and circles out, looking to get distance. Lee finds the home non Juri’s chin and he drops!!!

Lee Kwang-Hee def Juri Ohara by TKO, rd 1