ROAD FC 24 in Japan: Satoko Shinashi finishes a tough Lee Ye-Ji late in the 2nd



Satoko Shinashi def Lee Ye-Ji
Satoko Shinashi def Lee Ye-Ji

ROAD FC 24 in Japan takes place on July 25, 2015 at the Ariake Coliseum. JMMA queen Satoko Shinashi took on a debutant in Lee Ye-Ji.

2 Women’s Atomweight
시나시 사토코 SATOKO SHINASHI しなしさとこ 42.7
이예지 LEE YE-JI 45.2

Shinashi is a legend in women’s MMA in Japan who has made a comeback recently. She’s facing a 16-year old opponent who is a sambo champ with what are supposed to be some good Korean kicking skills.

Shinashi immediately goes for th hip throw and transitions to an arm bar. Lee defends, AShinashi moves to mount. Lee recovers half guard then stands! Shinashi gets her back down, Lee recovers half guard from being side controlled. Lee is getting punched but she defends and stays active, then gets a sweep! Shinashi is hunting for a guillotine but Lee stands out!

Shinashi clinches, Lee throws knees, Shinashi trips, and Shinashi goes for an arm bar, Lee is out and up kicks! Shinashi to side control then north south. Shinashi gets another arm bar, Lee pulls out! Lee makes it to top control and punches to the bell!

Round 2!

Lee swings at Shinashi, she slips and falls! Lee kicks down! Shinashi is up, tries a throw, Lee ends with back control! Lee with pounding. Shinashi gets a scramble reversal to top. Shinashi stands out, then tries a jump over stomp, but Lee stops it. Shinashi grabs an ankle and rolls! Lee gets out!Lee with up kicks to Shinashi’s face! Shinashi gets to side then tries for another arm bar and Lee defends again! Lee gets out of it!

Shinashi finally gets to mount and starts punching but the ref waves it off almost to the bell!

Satoko Shinashi def Lee Ye-Ji by TKO, rd 2