ROAD FC 24 in Japan: Yoon Dong-Sik gets the split over Daiju Takase



ROAD FC 24 in Japan takes place on July 25, 2015 at the Ariake Coliseum. A long-awaited match between Yoon Dong-Sik and Daiju Takase is finally at hand.

They were supposed to meet at a previous ROAD FC but Takase missed weight.

3 Catchweight -88kg
다이쥬 타카세 DAIJU TAKASE 高瀬 大樹 88.35
윤 동 식 YOON DONG-SIK ユン·ドンシク 88.35

Round 1.

Daiju throws a kick. Yoon gets close enough for a throw but Daiju underhooks and Yoon ends up on his back. From the bottom, Yoon tries to tie up Daiju’s arm to prevent him from punching. Ref stands them. They trade kicks. Daiju comes in and Yoon sees it and throws haymakers. Yoon goes in, Daiju tries for the trip! Yoon evades it, hunts for a single, and gets a throw to end the round in Daiju’s guard and punching on him.

Round 2.

Yoon with sporadic low kicks. Daiju showboating a bit. Then they clash and tee off on each other! In the part, Yoon lands a kick to the groin and Daiju drops to his knees. Time start. Not much transpiring. Then Yoon lands a huge right and Daiju drops! Yoon jumps on him and starts pounding but Daiju tucks under to protect himself. Daiju tries to tie up Yon’s arms and the ref stands it right at the bell.

Round 3.

Daiju is completely flat footed. He taunts Yoon then goes in, misses a trip and lands on his back. But he scrambles up, and Yoon glances a low blow. They trade kicks, clinch, break, then again again no action. Daiju goes in, Yoon shoots, Daiju on top and then gets the back. Daiju punches and Yoon covers, Daiju goes for the face crank.

At the final ten seconds, Yoon bursts out behind and takes the back, Daiju spins and Yoon punches to the bell.

Yoon Dong-Sik def Daiju Takase by Split Decision