ROAD FC 24 Young Guns 23 Live results and updates from Tokyo



ROAD FC 24 in Japan
ROAD FC 24 in Japan

ROAD FC 24 in japan kicks off at 3:30pm with the Young Guns 23 undercard at Ariake Coliseum on July 25, 2015.

Here are the live results from the prelims.

ROAD FC 24 in Japan
July 24, 2015
Tokyo, Japan


10 Featherweight
Bull 65.65
홍영기 HONG YOUNG-GI ホン・ヨンギ 65.95

Kyokushin Karate Champion Bull takes on Taekwondo National Champion Hong. Hong rushes Bull to the cage. Break. Hong again goes in with punches to the cage. Hong with the trip and back take, but Bull gets up. Repeat scenario. Break. Hong is looking for the KO. Hong ends the round with a spinning back kick and clinch again. Rd 2. Bull tries a spinning back kick but Hong puts his back on the cage again. Ref warns Hong for the stalling. Hong goes in with kicks, slips, and Bull tries to jump on, but Hong clinches again. Hong briefly backs off to throw a few punches, but that’s it. Finally Hong lands a few hard shots that wobble Bull, but he revers to standing and the crowd goes nuts for the Blue Dog Gym honcho.

Hong Young-Gi def Bull by UD

Hong Young-Gi
Hong Young-Gi

9 Bantamweight
사토 쇼코 SHOKO SATO 佐藤将光 61.8
김민우 KIM MIN-WOO キム・ミンウ 61.9

Sato is quick on his feet! Clinch and Kim throws knees. Low blow puts Kim down for a bit. Now Kim is picking up his own timing a bit and both of them do excellent clinch work. Another low blow and Kim goes down with a scream. This looks like a fight ender. But Kim elects to continue. Sato earns a yellow. Kim gets a big trip at the cage! Sato ends on top, they stand, and Sato jumps for a guillotine! Bell! Rd 2. Opens with a clash. They literally trade blow for blow, then Kim gets the trip. And another! And takes the back! Sato spins out of a RNC. Kim is on top, Sato recovers guard! Sato gets up but Kim is owning him!Finall Sato gets free and Kim looks spent. Nice combo by Kim! Kim owns the final moment with back control.

Kim Min-Woo def Sato Shoko by UD

Kim Min-Woo
Kim Min-Woo

8 Featherweight
하라이 토류 TORU HARAI 原井 徹 65.85
김호준 KIM HO-JUN キム・ホジュン 65.5

Toru with a big tackle. Kim defends well and it’s eventually stood up. Kim gets the trip! Now it’s Kim on top but Toru stands out. Toru has some glancing head kicks. Kim clinches, knees. Times stop to fix glove tape. Kim defends a shoot by grabbing for a kimura and he almost breaks Toru’s arm! Toru gets out and now is in guard! What a great round. Rd 2. Kim has Toru’s number on the kicks now. He times one and catches it for the single and ends on top. Toru is dying to hand onto halfgraud and finally he gets the sweep but Kim responds by trying for rubber guard. Toru keeps low and heavy, and when Kim escaped, Tour gets the back. He tosses Kim onto the ground. He gets the tap by RNC!

Toru Harai def Kim Ho-Jun by Submission, RNC, rd 2

Toru Harai
Toru Harai

7 Flyweight
미나미데 고우 MINAMIDE Kou 南出剛 57.3
김효룡 KIM HYO-RYEONG キム・ヒョリョン 57.3

Kicks come out from both, Kim starts swinging. Kou throws a hook and Kim ducks under! Kim keeps seining and wears himself down a little, Kou decks him hard. Kou takes a low blow. Good kneed in the clinch by Kou. Kou circles and has great timing, Kim isn’t deterred and keeps hunting him. This is definitely Japan vs Korean style, Kou is a tactician and Kim is a slugger! Kou is landing more but when Kim does it hurts. Kou’s timing is so good. Kou takes an accidental knee to the groin. Kim gets a yellow card? Rd 2. They just start nailing each other with combos! Kim lands a few that wobble Kou and he smells blood and starts stalking. Kou backpedals and drops him with a left hook! Kou with a high kick low kick! They just keep landing shot for shot! Now Kou smells blood!

Minamide Kou def Kim Hyo-Ryeong by UD


6 Featherweight
아키라 에노모토 ENOMOTO AKIRA 榎本明 65.3
백승민 BAEK SEUNG-MIN ベク・スンミン 65.45

This should be a fun one, two young guns fith just 1 fight each, both impressive starts. They also both get really good cheers from the audience, the first real sign of life tonight. Wado-san is the ref! Nice overhand right by Enomoto, deadly body kick by Baek! Baek tun launches a war, Akira goes down, and the ref jumps in to stop it.

Baek Sung-Min def Enomoto Akira by TKO, rd 1

Baek Seung-Min
Baek Seung-Min

5 Middleweight
오자키 히로키 HIROKI OZAKI 尾崎広紀 83.6
나카무라 유타 YUTA NAKAMURA 中村勇太 83.9

Very experienced guys going at it now. These two have been around for a while. Ozaki with the kicks to keep distance. Yuta finally lands a couple of nice low kicks. They are settling in when Ozaki shoots and gets the double. Yuta with nice defense from the bottom. Ref stops and stands. Ozaki back on his body kicks, but they don’t seem to hurt Yuta. So Ozaki shoots again. Yuta with great ground defense and escape. Round 2. Yuta gets desperate and launches in with a hook, Ozaki’s too quick on his feet and dives for a tackle. In Yuta’s guard he keeps pressure on until the ref stands. Ozaki shoots and Yuta dives over to take the back! Ozaki defends well and the ref finally stands them, even from a back hold. Yuta gets the best of a shoot! He jumps on the back with seconds left.

Hiorki Ozaki def Yuta Namakura by UD


4 Featherweight
타카시마 다이키 DAIKI TAKASHIMA 高島大樹 65.7
스기야마 카즈시 KAZUSHI SUGIYAMA 杉山和史 Pass

Daiki rushes in and Kazushi wallops him. Daiki slips. Kazushi controls him on the ground, pounds and tries to pull off a kimura, scrambles and gets the back. Kazushi with more pounding. Daiki rolls in, eats more punches, ref calls it.

Kazushi Sugiyama def Daiki Takashima by TKO, rd 1


3 Bantamweight
코가네 쇼오 SHO KOGANE 小金翔 65.7
사와이 하야토 HAYATO SAWAI 沢井隼人 65.6

Sho goes right for the trip and gets it. Hlands in half guard and goes for an arm triangle. He gets mount. Sawai spins and tries to slip out the back. Sho takes his back, works for the RNC and gets it.

Sho Kogane def Hayato Sawai by Submission, RNC, rd 1.

Sho Kogane
Sho Kogane

2 Bantamweight
오오바 쇼 OOBA SYO 大場翔
Nagamine Tatsuya 61.3

Both of these guys fit the Young Guns bill, with Sho being just 21 aand Nagamine ay 2-0. Clash of kicks and Sho is the winner. Sho clinches and lands knees. Nagamine looks for a counter. Both slow and throw sporadically. Sho with the back take and down it goes. Eventually Nagamine can turn into Sho at the bell. Rd 2. Sho puts up a flying knee and Nagamine shoots. Sho throws two knees to him when he’s on his knees. Ref breaks but no warning given. ??? And a restart. Nagamine shoots and tries to get Sho down against the cage but he defends well and eventually works out of the position, ref stands them. Nagamine gets the shoot again, Sho defends and is out. Now they stand and trade. Final minute is just wide looping shot trading.

Sho Oba def Nagamine Tatsuya by UD


1 Welterweight
유키 스즈키 SUZUKI YUKI 鈴木友希 76.6
타나베 타케히토 TAKEHITO TANABE 田辺丈人 76.2

Takehito Tanabe got a really late start in MMA with an appearance on the Crying Fist. Suzuki has some good wrestling. Suzuki’s long kicks land nicely. Suzuki goes in with underhooks and gets the trip down. No action so ref stands and Suzuki gets another TD. Suzuki punches and the ref calls it off.

Yuki Suzuki def Takehito Tanabe bu TKO