ROAD FC 25 play by play for main event Lee Yun-Jun vs Choi Mu-Gyeom



ROAD FC 25 weigh ins_64

ROAD FC 25 takes place on August 22, 2015 with a main event featuring Bantamweight Champion Lee Yun-Jun and Featherweight Champion Choi Mu-Gyeom in a super fight.

Here are is the live play by play dn results from the match.


Rd 1. Bouncing around, Choi throws first. More bouncing, Lee throws back. Fnally they clinch and throw knees, Choi puts it to the cage. Lee gets the trip! Lee stands out of guard, wants it up. Lee shoots again, Choi nails him with uppercuts! Lee pushes out and they trade jabs. Kick by Lee. Lee fakes a shoot, punches, then gets the single, Choi tries to upkick. Lee dives back in, keeps pressure and punches to the bell.

Rd 2. Lee thinks he’s landed in an engagement and he goes in with a high kick and a flying knee! Choi grabs a heel but Lee gets out. Lee puts Choi on his back, postures and punches, Choi looks for space but doesn’t get any. Ref stands. Both start trying to be sneaky and fake to land kicks and punches, interesttin exchange that ends with a brief roll. Lee is going in and Choi is engaging him with work in the clinch. Lee throws up a knee and I looks like Choi’s legs buckle and he goes down. Lee stands out, wants it up again. Choi with a body kick. Lee keeps on coming in, and Choi has some great combos with his uppercuts but Lee slips them or is just too aggressive.

Choi’s strategy of countering is good, Lee is very aggressive though, the moment Choi gets baited in, Lee drops him! Lee follows him down, keeps the pressure on and Lands short shots. Ref stands, Choi’s face is bloody. Lee gets a funny single that he abandons and jumps on side control, Choi recovers guard. Lee postures, punches, stands. Ref times stop to look at Choi’s cut, let’s it continue. Startm, Choi lands a couple glancing blows, Lee sticks to him, gets a big double, forcing Choi to the cage. Choi grabs a heel hook! Lee gets out and stands. Lee is swinging for the fances and Choi still has nice crisp combos. Choi makes a ten second last ditch effort for a KO.