ROAD FC 25 play by play, results for co-main event Kim Soo-Chul vs Marlon Sandro



ROAD FC 25 Kim Soo-Chul vs Marlon Sandro
ROAD FC 25 Kim Soo-Chul vs Marlon Sandro

ROAD FC 25 takes place on August 22, 2015 with a co-main event featuring top Korean prospect Kim Soo-Chul jumping up a weight class to face former Pancrase and Sengoku Champ Marlon Sandro.

Here are is the live play by play dn results from the match.


Rd 1. Very tentative start. Then Sandro throws out a teep, they briefly engage and Kim rushes it to the cage with punches, nothing hard connects but a knee at the end. Ref break. Now they dance. Sandro with a huge wallop and Kim throws back! Kim tries for the single, Sandro defends. Kim comes in, Sandro swings, but nothing connects. Kim gets the single leg! Sandro pops back up. Sandro comes in, Kim feeds him a spinning back kick! Sandro shoots and puts Kim on his back, Kim cage walks and the audience applauds. Sandro with a flying knee that misses and Kim swings wildly going in. Kim with the trip, Sandro has the whizzer and defends.

Rd 2. Kim clinches to the cage, Sandro breaks free. Sandro lands two that hit Kim hard! But he doesn’t go down!!! Sandro clinches and works for the trip, Kim gets put on one knee then grabs guard. Sandro puts Kim’s head into the cage, pressures, lands short shots. Kim ties up from the bottom, and tries to land punches. The ref stands them. Kim fakes a punch, shoots, and does a huge double leg drop! Sandro closes guard. Kim puts his head to the cage. Sandro looks to stand, does, Kim keeps on the leg. Kim seems to get it but Sandro has his arm and flips Kim onto his back! Sandro has halfgiard.

Rd 3. Sandro goes in but Kim gets the back standing and throws him down! Kim has a crucifix from the bottom. Sandro gets an arm free and spins to side control. Kim recovers guard and stands! Kim gets the TD! Sandro closes guard. Kim punches so Sandro throws a leg over for an armbar, Kim pushes out and misses the stack so Sandro gets his leg. Kim pulls back and out! Kim gets the single back down again! Kim is cut. In Sandro’s guard he is pressuring, then stands out, Sandro upkicks! Sandro with the reversal and Kim grabs guard! Sandor walks over Kim’s legs as he tries to stand. Ref stops to check the cut on Kim’s face, let’s it continue. Kim shoots for the single, Sandro ends with underhooks.