ROAD FC 26 Play By Play and Results: Choi Mu-Bae vs Mighty Mo

ROAD FC 26 - Choi Mu-Bae vs Mighty Mo
ROAD FC 26 – Choi Mu-Bae vs Mighty Mo

ROAD FC 26 is commencing today at JangChung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea on October 9th, 2015. It features a flyweight unification main event between Jo Nam-Jin and Song Min-Jong along with a co-main event between MMA veterans Choi Mu-Bae and Mighty Mo.The remainder of the card will display talent from countries such as Japan, Brazil, China and of course Korea.

October 9th,2015
JangChung Gymnasium
Seoul, South Korea

Heavyweight Bout (-120kg)

Choi Mu-Bae (Choi Mu-Bae Gym) vs Mighty Mo (Aguirre Fighting System)

Round 1 – Overhand right by Mighty Mo drops Choi but he gets back up and they go again. Mighty Mo misses with some big swings. Choi goes in and Mo counters with a big overhand right and Choi falls flat on his face. Big KO!

Result: Mighty Mo via KO (punch) 1R, 0:37