ROAD FC 26 Play By Play and Results: Title Unification Match, Jo Nam-Jin vs Song Min-Jong

ROAD FC 26 - Jo Nam-Jin vs Song Min-Jong
ROAD FC 26 – Song Min-Jong vs Jo Nam-Jin

ROAD FC 26 is commencing today at JangChung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea on October 9th, 2015. It features a flyweight unification main event between Jo Nam-Jin and Song Min-Jong along with a co-main event between MMA veterans Choi Mu-Bae and Mighty Mo.The remainder of the card will display talent from countries such as Japan, Brazil, China and of course Korea.

October 9th,2015
JangChung Gymnasium
Seoul, South Korea

Flyweight Title Unification Main Event (-57kg)

Flyweight Champion Jo Nam-Jin (Team MAD) vs Flyweight Interim Champion Song Min-Jong (Team Max)

Round 1 – Jo clinches and presses against the fence. He gets a single leg. Jo working in the guard but not doing much damage. Song is working from his back but cannot get up. Jo finally passes and took a chance to get the back and got swept. They both get back up. Song kick and Jo catches and drags the fight to the ground. Jo with a few knees. Song lands a clean right and leg kick. They keep clinching and breaking. In the clinch they exchange knees. Bell sounds.

Round 2 – They start by throwing bombs at each other but nothing lands clean. They clinch and fight along the fence. They ref breaks them up and they restart in the middle. Another exchange and into the clinch again. Song throws a kick and Jo catches and goes to the ground. Song reverses and Jo grabs the neck. They break and throw looping shots but not landing. Jo clinches again and presses against the fence. They get broken up and a wild scramble ensues. Jo pushes Song against the fence again. They separate and start throwing shots. Jo lands a left and a kick. Song throws Jo to the mat. Jo gets up and clinches. Round ends.

Round 3 – Song pushes forward and throws. They clinch and break. Plum clinch by Song and he lands punches and knees. Jo tries for a trip but fails and they are back up. Song is pressing Jo on the fence. Song drags Jo to the ground and is working with punches. He passes into half guard and then to side control. Jo regains half guard while eating punches. Jo sweeps Song while being lazy and then Song sweeps Jo. Song is working to pass. He gets the back and has the neck. It looked like Jo tapped but somehow he gets out and up. They do a flyweight version of rock’em sock’em robots with Song getting the better of the exchanges.

Result: 29-29, 30-30, 29-28 (Jo) Draw

Extra Round – Song rushes forward and initiates the clinch but Jo presses against the cage. They ref breaks them apart. Song clinches again but Jo hip tosses him . Song somehow gets the back and locks in a body triangle. Song lets go and get on top. They stand again and Song get a takedown to take it to the ground. He is punching while Jo is trying to sweep. Jo escapes and tries for a takedown and lands it. Jo is on top but not doing damage. Song is working off his back. He gets up and they clinch. Song with the trip and lands on top. The round is over.

Result: Song Min-Jong wins via Unanimous Decision (3:0)