ROAD FC – Korea 3 Official Results: Kwon chokes out Diniz, Brazil goes 2-1

Kwon A-Sol defeats Giovanni Diniz
Kwon A-Sol defeats Giovanni Diniz

ROAD FC- Korea 3 took place on April 6, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. Brazil versus Korea had surprising results across three bloody battles, and the women put on an epic fight.

ROAD FC’s monthly league called the “Korea” series showcased another country versus country event with three Brazilian fighters coming over to face Koreans. The ballroom venue was packed with about 1,500 people and as usual the lighting and sound were perfect. Koreans might be starting to identify their own “style” of event, as the all the Young Guns undercard fighters picked unusual walk out music that included crooning ballads and happy rap. It was weird, but fun.

Kwon A-Sol met Giovanni Diniz as the headliner, and he was almost out of the event before it even started. Kwon ended up being almost 4 kgs overweight at the end of the weigh ins – the fourth time it has happened in his career – and he got slammed with full paycheck deduction, minus 2 points per round plus he had to stay under 78 kgs before 8pm on fight night.

After walking out to his own custom theme song, Kwon spent almost the entire first round fighting as if he was getting paid by the punch – meaning he didn’t throw a single one. Diniz did not advance either, acting beyond his experienced tactical ways. The ref stood to one side of the cage and did absolutely nothing as the minutes ticked on. When the clash did occur, it was in Kown’s favor. He was the groundbreaker, not Diniz, and for the next two rounds he bloodied and demoralized him. The exhausted and almost KOed Brazilian was mercifully put to sleep by RNC, after which he apologized to his fans for a poor showing.

Kwon, while playing humble and overly gracious, will have a much longer time overcoming the shellacking he received across the Korean media for his weight failure. Possibly this could lead to his suspension from ROAD FC or the imposition of a higher weight class.

Thiago Silva defeats Moon Jae-Hoon
Thiago Silva defeats Moon Jae-Hoon

Even with a first round arguably in his favor, Thiago Silva came from far, far behind to finish Moon Jae-Hoon in the third. Moon’s accurate punching tore up the Brazilian’s face, and his kicks almost crippled him. At the opening of round 3, Moon landed a right kick to Silva’s knee that sent up a crescendo of hoopla from the audience, and it spurred Silva to “do or die”. He rushed in to tackle Moon, and immediately worked for an arm triangle choke that the Korean humbly tapped to.

Bruno Miranda fared the best of the three Brazilians, as Kim Won-Gi had nothing for him past the first round. Kim even employed an amusing somersault escape from his punches. The second round showed the Korean was done in. He flopped to the canvas repeatedly, so Miranda followed him down and beat on him until the ref had had enough. After the event, throngs of ladies surrounded Miranda as their boyfriends took pictures of them with the charming Brazilian fighter.

Bruno Mirando defeated Kim Won-Gi
Bruno Mirando defeated Kim Won-Gi

Ham Seo-Hee’s entrance as Little Hamderlei ignited the audience. She skipped and bubbled her way into the ring, but when the bell rang, she was all work. Shino VanHoose looked initially over faced when she took a couple of Ham’s punches right down the shoot, but a few kicks and a nice hip toss were indications she was definitely in the fight. Ham did a nice step across through Shino’s guard to side pass where she worked her over, but the 18-year old was good at recapturing guard and staying active. The second round saw Ham slap on an arm bar and Shino slammed her for it. Ham again got to the top where she pressured and punched Shino, who still stayed active and caught an inverted triangle. Ham deservingly got the decision win, but Shino showed class and spontaneity beyond her years.

In the main event’s opening fight, Tsujikawa Ryohei smeared Ko Yong-Seok on the ground, vanishing his 30-win Korean MMA record along with any hopes of a return. The Japanese fighter has now competed in multiple organizations at just 21 years old, and it will be very interesting to see if he warrants the term “prospect” in his next couple of fights.

The Young Guns undercard was entertaining as four out of five fights finished in the first round. Of the winners, MMA Story’s Kim Jong-Hyun looked impressive in his overall game, including the nice throws his team is known for.

Ham Seo-Hee defeats Shino VanHoose
Ham Seo-Hee defeats Shino VanHoose

April 6, 2014
The-K Hotel Grand Ballroom
Seoul, South Korea


Main Card Matches:

5th Lightweight Bout
Kwon A-Sol defeated Giovanni Diniz by RNC it the 3rd round at 2:47

4th Bantamweight Bout
Thiago Silva defeated Moon Jae-Hoon by Submission to arm triangle in the 3rd round at 1:03

3rd Lightweight Bout
Bruno Miranda defeated Kim Won-Gi by TKO from pounding in the 2nd round at 1:20

2nd Atomweight Bout
Ham Seo-Hee defeated Shino VanHoose by Unanimous Decision

1st Bantamweight Match
Tsujikawa Ryohei defeated Ko Yong-Seok by Ambar in the 1st round at 4:45

Tsujikawa Ryohei defeats Ko Yong-Seok
Tsujikawa Ryohei defeats Ko Yong-Seok

Young Guns 13

5th Featherweight Match
Lee Hyung-Seok defeated Jo Byeong-Ok by Submission to rear naked choke in the 1st round at 4:58

4th Lightweight Match
Park Dae-Song defeated Yoo Tae-Woo by TKO in the 1st round at 4:24

3rd Bantamweight Match
Kim Jong-Hyun defeated Lee Sung-Su by Submission to armbar in the 1st round at 3:38

2nd Welterweight Match
Son Gyu-Seok defeated Yoo Jung-Sung by Submission to rear naked choke in the 1st round at 2:57

1st Flyweight Match
Kim Kyu-Hwa defeated Kim Jae-Kyung by Unanimous Decision


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