SHOOTO 7th Round results



SHOOTO Flyweight Champ "Nobita" Naito
SHOOTO Flyweight Champ “Nobita” Naito

Score one for Doraemon. At SHOOTO 7th Round on September 27, 2014 in Tokyo, “Nobita” became the new Flyweight champ, and Yuta Nezu held onto his Pac Rim belt through a war.


Yoshitaka “Nobita” Naito interrupted Flyweight Champion Shinya Murofushi’s 3-year win streak and tugged the crown from his freshly adorned brow. In literally the final moments of the final fight championship round, Naito slithered on a standing back choke and wound up with the tap.

Pacific Rim Featherweight Champion Yuta Nezu traded in his tactical ways for an unpredicted slugfest with Keita Ishibashi. In the final seconds of the second round he was able to pour on even more heat and get the KO before the bell let it into the third. Doubtless Nezu proved he is a fighter to be watched very closely.

Masaaki Sugawara played his own game against 19-year old undefeated striking sensation “Soya” and was able to set his record back in motion with a first round knock out.

In the Infiniti Tournament at flyweight, original hotrod Ryuta Sawada faltered in his quest as “Ken Asuka” Kurosawa Ryohei pulled him through and won the decision, plus points that put him ahead of the AACC prodigy. Atch and Ilino fought to a Draw.

At lightweight in Infiniti, utaka Saito earned himself a step up on the leader board with a UD over frontrunner Takumi Ota.


Shooto 7th Round
September 27, 2014
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

#10 – Flyweight Championship, 5 rounds
Shinya Murofushi 室伏シンヤ
Yoshitaka “Nobita” Naito 内藤のび太

Yoshitaka “Nobita” Naito defeats Shinya Murofushi by Submission, RNC, rd 5, 4:57

#9 – Pacific Rim Featherweight Championship
Yuta Nezu 根津優太
Keita Ishibashi 石橋圭太

Yuta Nezu defeats Keita Ishibashi by KO, rd 2, 4:57

#8 – Bantamweight
Masaaki Sugawara 菅原雅顕
Takaki Soya 征矢 貴

Masaaki Sugawara defeats Takaki Soya by KO, rd 1, 3:19

#7 – Welterweight
Kenichiro Togashi 冨樫健一郎
Yuki Kawana 川名雄生

Togashi out with injury

#6 – Featherweight
Fumihiro Kitahara 北原史寛
Kurosawa Ryohei 佐久間健太

Kurosawa Ryohei defeats Fumihiro Kitahara by KO, rd 1, 3:51

#5 – Infiniti Tournament Flyweight
Ryuto Sawada 澤田龍人
Ken Asuka 飛鳥 拳

Ken Asuka defeats Ryuto Sawada by UD

#4 – Infiniti Tournament Flyweight
Atsushi Takeuchi ATCHアナーキー
Tateo Iino 飯野タテオ


#3 – Infiniti Tournament Lightweight
Takumi Ota 太田拓巳
Yutaka Saito 斎藤 裕

Yutaka Saito defeats Takumi Ota by UD

#2 – Flyweight
Junji Itoh “Sarumaru” 猿丸ジュンジ
Hiroaki Shishino 宍野ジョー

Junji Ito defeats Hiroaki Shishino by KO, rd 1, 1:52

#1 – Flyweight
Yuki Shoujou 正城ユウキ
Jun Nabeshima 鍋島 潤

Yuki Shoujou défeats Jun Nabeshima by UD

Opening fight
Nobutaka Natito 内藤頌貴
Kazuki Fujita 藤田“ケオン”寿大

Kazuki Fujita defeats Nobutaka Natito by UD