SHOOTO Vol 18 results: Masaaki Sugawara will face Champ Miki, Ryuto Sawada KOs no. 1 Shojo


Shooto Vol 18 results
Shooto Vol 18

Shooto Gig Tokyo Volume 18 took place on National Day, Wednesday February 11, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan in front of a sold out crowd at Shinjuku FACE. The next challenger for Ryuichi Miki’s Bantamweight title will be Masaaki Sugawara.

Masaaki Sugawara lept over another few spots in the line up as he engaged in a wild punch up with Rambo Suzuki, ultimately getting the RNC in the third.

Sugawara was not hesitant to stand and trade with Rambo, and was able to do his own damage.   He studded take down attempts with punches, and ultimately nailed his own in the end, peppering Rambo to soften him up for the finishing choke.

With the win, Sugawara earned the right to challenge Ryuichi Miki for his Shooto Bantamweight title. Ryuto Sawada completely dominated number 1 ranked Yuki Shojo with his strong wrestling and very good ground control. He took the more experienced Shojo into the third round where he was able to get a lightning-quick KO in 16 seconds.

Following the win, 19-year old Sawada took the microphone and said that since he just beat the number one contender, he should get the shot at flyweight champion Nobita Naito.

Yosuke Ebihara won with a first round reverse triangle choke and called out Sato Shoko. Junji Ito KOed Kenichi Sawada and was then asked by Asuka Ken to be his next opponent on the May 3rd Mobstyles anniversary event.

Koyomi Matsushima opened up the event with a killer 10-second KO of Yoshinori Takahashi.

Announced during the event, Tyson Osawa has a date lined up for his first Pacific Rim title defense. He will face Koshi Matsumoto on 18 April, 2015 at Shinjuku FACE.

SHOOTO Gig Tokyo Vol. 18
February 11, 2015
Shinjuku FACE
Tokyo, Japan

#8 – Bantamweight Title Challenger match – elbows allowed
Masaaki Sugawara def Kosuke Suzuki by Submission, RNC, rd 3, 4:06

#7 – Flyweight match – elbows allowed
Ryuto Sawada def Yuki Shojo by KO, rd 3, :16

#6 – Flyweight match – elbows allowed
Junji Ito def Kenichi Sawada by KO, rd 2, 2:04

#5 – Featherweight
DRAW Keita Ishibashi vs Kazuhide Shirota

#4 – Welterweight
Kazumasa Sugawara def Dai Sudo by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 4:59

#3 – Featherweight
Yosuke Ebihara def Toshiaki Hayasaka by Submission, triangle choke, rd 1, 3:50

#2 – Bantamweight
Koki Naito def Teppei Maeyama by Decision, 20:19, 20:18, 19:19

#1 – Welterweight
Koyomi Matsushima  def Yoshinori Takahashi by TKO, rd 1, :10


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