Singapore Fighting Championship 2 – Unfinished Business


Singapore Fighting Championship 2 – Unfinished Business

A packed Le Danz ballroom in Singapore was the scene for the 2nd SFC tournament and the capacity crowd of 600 enjoyed every minute of the non-stop action with MMA, Boxing and K1 all on display at both amateur and professional levels. The WBF championship belt was on offer with an unusual 4 way battle, the winner having to win 2 fights on the night. Hot favourite Syafiq The Slasher was the home town favourite to win but a bad twist to the knee at the end of round 1 put an end to his night and possibly 6 months out of action. Borneo fighter Hisyam Sams emerged triumphant in the end and carried the belt back to Malaysia. Promoter Arvind Lalwani was delighted with the success of the event and promised SFC 3 later in the year.


Amateur MMA

Charles Lew  (Evolve MMA) vs Arthur Pandaan (BJJ SG)

The first fight saw Charles Lew going straight for an attempted takedown which Arthur defended relentlessly for a good minute. His striking game is strong as well with powerful kicks and knees meted out mostly by Charles.  However the over-enthusiastic Charles was penalised for too Low a kick but when the right ensued, he went straight to gaining control of the fight, got Arthur into a takedown and followed up with a ground and pound action till the referee stopped the fight.  

Winner:  Charles Lew (Evolve MMA ). via TKO in round 2 

Nazri Sutari (Impact MMA) vs Kiri Ng Yong Wen (2 Man Army)

Nazri made a strong start with a jab that stunned Kiri and then went straight for a takedown.  Nazri’s takedowns are fun to watch and his follow through was thorough, with a quick ground and pound that made it difficult for Kiri to defend safe for the bell.  Kiri was almost hapless, momentarily clinging to the ropes midway through the fight. Kiri was not able to use his reach to his advantage and handed the win to Nazri on a plate.

Winner: Nazri Sutari (Impact MMA) via KO in round 2

Anita Yeo (Evolve MMA)  Vs Tan Shi Yin  (BJJ SG)

This female amateur MMA bout was a demonstration of strong striking skills that left the crowd calling for a takedown but 3 rounds came and went without  any successful  attempts.  Anita started the fight with more aggressive striking but Shi Yin defended well and dealt some impressive hooks and knees. Shi Yin proved that taking her time would serve to help her connect some successful punches that helped her dominate round 3.

Winner:  Anita Yeo (Evolve MMA) via split decision

SBF Amateur Boxing

Zakaria Ismail (Singapore) vs Mohd Alieshaah (Malaysia)

The fighters of this  bout was more composed and measured, pacing each other throughout the fight.  The 3rd round was a frantic finish as Zakaria started to play for points with his aggressive combination, landing powerful body shots that almost disarmed Akieshaah a couple of times.

Winner: Zakaria Isnail (Singapore) Via UD

Tay Jia Wei (Singapore) vs Mohd Ashri (Malaysia)

Jia Wei ‘s  performance in this bout seemed to expose his awareness of his opponent’s reach advantage, giving the latter an opportunity to work his combination more effectively against Jia Wei in round 1. However in round 2, Jia Wei made a comeback with his left and right hooks, and sat his stance lower to dodge Ashri’s blows. Round 3 was Jia Wei’s fight as Ashri was clearly gassing out. 

Winner: Tay Jia Wei (Singapore) via UD


Leong jun Hao (Singapore) vs Mohd Hazizul  (Malaysia)

Hazizul went for body shots while Jun Hao gave his opponent the runaround, timed him well and landed  powerful combinations. Like Firdaus, Hazizul tried to keep the fight close but Jun Hao was quick to keep his distance.

Winner:  Leong Jun Hao (Singapore) via UD

Mohd Hanurdeen  (Singapore) vs Mohd Firdaus (Malaysia)

A truly exciting bout. Both  were extremely good boxers who had put up a great performance with  quick moves  and strategic thinking.  While Hanurdeen used his reach, Firdaus focused on timing his opponent.  Harnurdeen’s left double upper cuts and left hook combination drew applause from the crowds  who were thrilled by his speed and technical superiority.  Firdaus tried to  keep the fight close, attempting to limit Hanurdeen leveraging his reach advantage but Hanurdeen responded with powerful combinations that contributed to his win.

Winner : Mohd Hanurdeen (Singapore) via UD

Professional K1 Kickboxing

Will Chope (Combat 360) vs Jian Kai Chee (Independent)

This was a bout that drew a lot of expectations from the crowd as Will was famously an ex-UFC fighter and Kai Chee was an ex ONE fighter.  Will’s height put him at an advantage when he landed high kicks to Kai Chee’s face several times.  Kai Chee had been vocal about wanting to “cut the tree” at this fight. He did put up an aggressive fight against a Will, causing the latter to trip in the 2nd round. However Will was quick to recover and regain dominance in this bout.  Throughout the 3 rounds Will proved to be the more aggressive fighter, going in for the chase and not leaving Kai Chee much room to gain any distance. Will ended the fight with several knees to Kai Chee.

Winner: Will Chope via TKO in round 3

Professional boxing

Luke Adams (Juggernaut Fight Club). vs John Thoo (Thoo Boxing)

Luke’s background had been in BJJ. So this bout would be an interesting demonstration of his growth and transition from a ground fighter to a standup one.  Although John’s skills were  founded on boxing Luke proved to be the more strategic boxer in the first 2 rounds, connecting punches to John’s head when the latter  carelessly brought his hands down.  However where John gained the upper hand was in the last 2 rounds when Luke clearly was exhausted and provided John the opportunity to defend well and land some combinations to Luke’s disadvantage. M

Winner:  John Thoo via UD

Professional MMA

Rahul Raju (Juggernaut Fight Club) vs Arvin Chan (Vallega Muay Thai)


When Rahul’s name was announced, the crowd went wild cheering for him, complete with a standing ovation from his fans.  Arvin got Rahul in a takedown almost immediately but Rahul used his strength to  his advantage and broke out of his hold and got Arvin in a takedown instead, winning this bout with a rear naked choke within the first round.

Winner: Rahul Raju (Juggernaut Fight Club) via rear naked choke in round 1

Tiffany Teo (Juggernaut Fight Club)  vs Nur Athirah Tantiana (Borneo Tribal Squad)

This female pro MMA bout was Tiffany’s MMA debut.  Tiffany’s fight skills were founded in boxing  so this fight was a demonstration of her development as a fighter, transitioning from Boxing, to BJJ, having won several medals in the process and now to MMA.

True to her key strengths, Tiffany stuck to her gameplan, by keeping the fight on her feet.  She used her striking skills to her advantage, delivering a lot of fast punches and kicks, and landed a powerful kick to Athirah’s face which ended the fight in round 1.

Winner: Tiffany Teo (Juggernaut Fight Club) via TKO in round 1. 

SFC Flyweight Title

Henry Yeo defender Impact MMA  vs. Muhd Haikal Sparta MMA

Henry wowed the crowd last year by winning the flyweight title at SFC 2. Defending the title this evening, he was in confident form.  After exchanging knees, Henry got Haikal in a takedown, rained punches at Haikal and won the fight through referee stoppage.

Winner: Henry Yeo (Impact MMA) via TKO in round 1

SFC Featherweight Title

Sim Kai Xiong (Juggernaut Fight Club)  Vs Muhammad Khairi  (Team SC)

Kai Xiong was an exceptional fighter who put up an impressive performance.  He started the bout by landing a powerful left hook which stunned Khairi, and followed up quickly with a takedown and some ground and pound action.  Kai Xiong was the more technically superior fighter in this bout and dominated the fight throughout, often landing punches at the right time when Khairi left his hands wide open.

In round 2, Kai Xiong got Khairi in yet another takedown and rained  punches down at the latter’s face to win the bout.

Winner: Sim Kai Xiong (Juggernaut Fight Club) via TKO in round 2

SFC Middleweight Title

Rafi Majid. (Juggernaut Fight Club). Vs Christian Bouverat (BXG)

This was Rafi’s MMA debut. His fight skills were founded on boxing while his opponent’s was known to be a well-rounded fighter.

Rafi stuck to his gameplan and kept the fight in his feet, leaving no opportunity for Christian to attempt a takedown. In the 2nd round, Rafi’s powerful combination won the bout.

Winner: Rafi Majid (Juggernaut Fighting Championship) via KO uppercut in round 2

Professional women’s Boxing

Nurshahidah Roslie (Juggernaut Fight Club) Vs Ella Tang (TNT Kickboxing)

Shahidah was definitely the technically stronger boxer and her experience showed throughout her performance. She took her time with her opponent, and found opportunities to connect with a powerful combination of jab, right hook  and uppercut against Ella.

Winner: Nurshahidah Roslie (Juggernaut Fight Club) via UD

Main event WBF Asia-pacific title

Main event Bout 1

Syafiq Samad ( Singapore) vs Mohd Ridzuan Dahari (Malaysia) 

 Syafiq, cool and composed, stuck to the basic  one two combination, also intermittently dealing his signature powerful jabs to stun Ridzuan. But towards the end of round 1, Syafiq”s performance was impacted by a twisted  knee.  The start of round 2 was prematurely put to a halt when his knee couldn’t hold up

Winner by TKO: Mohd Ridzuan Dahari Malaysia 

Main event bout 2

Richard Corminal Muayfit (Singapore) vs Hisyam Sams Borneo Tribal Squad (Malaysia) 

Hisyam clearly displayed a lot more control throughout the 3 rounds of this bout. He took his time, and waited for Richard to land  his jabs before working his jab, right hooks and left uppercut combination.  Hisyam demonstrated agility stepping in and out quickly, all that time looking for opportunities when Richard remained exposed to his hooks. Richard’s critical mistakes were having his hands down often, giving Hisyam a chance to connect his jabs and hooks.

Winner : Hisyam Sams via UD.


Main Event: WBF Asia Pacific Championship

Mohd Ridzuan Dahari (Malaysia)  vs Hisyam Sams (Malaysia)

The main event was an exciting bout between the two Malaysian boxers who were very quick on their feet and deft with their combination. However Ridzuan was the more aggressive fighter in this bout, landing clean punches while Hisyam seemed to have gassed out midway through the first round to turn the fight into a brawl.  However in the second round, Hisyam took advantage of a very exhausted Ridzuan  by clinching  and landing a series of body shots till the sound of the bell.  The referee declared Hisyam Sams the winner when Ridzuan could not get off his chair to continue the fight.

Winner: Hisyam Sams via referee stoppage after round 2.