Singapore Fighting Championship 3 Results


Results : Singapore Fighting Championship – The Next Chapter, 10 June 2016, Singapore Futsing Association


Middleweight Pro Boxing 72.5kg

  1. Aziz Abdugafarov (Uzbekistan) vs Sahian Coral (Indonesia)                 

Sahian kicked off his bout attacking Aziz with quick jabs with an aim to finish him in the first round.  However Aziz paced himself for opportunities to deal some well-placed jabs, hooks and body shot combos throughout the 2 rounds, finally landing a low blow which resulted in Sahain collapsing on the canvas and not able to continue the fight.

After 5 minutes of deliberation, the referees declared a technical draw between the 2 fighters.

Winner: Technical Draw Round 2, 2min 3 sec 


Welterweight Pro Boxing 66.7kg

  1. Quadratillo Abduqaxorov (Uzbekistan) vs Larry Siwu (Indonesia) 


Quadratillo is a very sharp boxer that seemed to not only be technically more superior but also much faster than Siwu. There were no fancy combinations from him, just basic punches delivered cleanly and with power, which caught Siwu off his guard a few times. Sensing that his opponent was quick to gas out, Quadratillo often chased him against the ropes and followed through by landing a combination of jabs and body shots.  The fight lasted all 8 rounds with Quadratillo finishing it with a powerful straight at the sound of the final bell.

Winner : Quadratillo Abduqaxorov,  Unanimous Decision 


Amateur MMA Flyweight 57.5kg

  1. Alvin Ang (Singapore)  vs Lim Zhen Teng (Singapore)                                 

These young fighters kept their fight on their feet throughout the bout.   There were no attempts at a takedown, just a swift exchange of kicks between them until Zhen Teng stepped up the pressure landing a series of combinations against Alvin, finally ending the fight with a series of face and body shots that sent Alvin hitting the ground in the 2nd round.

Winner: Lim Zhen Teng, TKO round 2, 1min 20sec.


Amateur MMA Strawweight 52.2kg

  1. Tan Shi Yin (Singapore) vs Shannon Lam (Malaysia)      

This was an exciting fight which played out the classic causeway rivalry between 2 equally talented fighters.  Shannon attempted a takedown at the start of the fight but Shi Yin took control on the ground and mounted her, swiftly followed through with an attempted an arm bar which Shannon resisted.  A ground and pound ensued till the end of round 1 when Shannon tried to retake the game only to have Shi Yin saved by the bell

In the 2nd round Shannon attempted a takedown again but Shi Yin, with composure, took control yet again to finish Shannon via guillotine choke.

Winner:  Tan Shi Yin, Guillotine Choke, round 2, 1 min 49 Sec.


Pro MMA Featherweight 66.3kg

  1. Luke Leasure (USA) vs Silvio Romero da Silva (Brazil)        

Silvio started the bout with an impressive capoeira-style back kick to take Luke to the ground.  Luke elbowed Silvio at the side of his head, which caused an injury enough to slow Silvio down. When Silvio presented his back, Luke attempted a real naked choke to secure the win.

Winner: Luke Leisure, Rear Naked Choke, round 1, 3min 37 sec  


Pro MMA Featherweight 66.3kg

  1. Luke Adams (USA) vs Nattapak Kiatfilipin (Thailand)                               

This bout pit Nattapak’s striking skills against Luke’s grappling skills. As soon as the fight started, Luke, as a fighter more confident on the ground, went for a takedown and followed through with a ground and pound, ending the fight with blows from the elbow.

Winner:  Luke Adams, TKO, (ground and pound elbows), round 1, 1min 22 Sec 


Pro Boxing Light Heavyweight 79.4kg

  1. Rafi Majid (Singapore) vs Alex Lim (Malaysia)                                              

This fight was Alex’s pro debut.  While the bout started out sloppy, Alex’s inexperience and lack of endurance meant that it made it an easier effort for Rafi, with his explosive punches, to secure a win in the 2nd round.

Winner: Rafi Majid, TKO Round 2, 2min 31


WAKO Singapore Female K1 Super Featherweight Championship 59kg

  1. Laxmi Devaindran (Singapore) vs Sirisopa Sirisak (Thailand)                      

This was a very even fight with both fighters well-matched in technical skills. A jab from Sirisopa at the start of the bout sent Laxmi to the ground, stunned by her opponent’s aggressive delivery of each kick and punch.  However, she recovered enough to come back with a vengeance in rounds 2 and 3 to serve up some aggressive round house kicks and punches but failed to score a victory as Sirisopa was able to respond tactically by landing some powerful front kicks and equally explosive punches.

Winner: Sirisopa Sirisak via Unanimous Decision.


Pro MMA Lightweight 70.8 kg

  1. Will Chope (USA) vs Budi Kalbar (Indonesia)    

This fight was an easy one for Will and perhaps not well matched..  Will very quickly got Budi into a takedown and won the fight within the 1st round when the referee stopped the fight as Budi was not able to defend Will’s blows from his ground and pound.

Winner: Will Chope, TKO (ground and pound), round 1, 1min 23sec 


Pro MMA Bantam Weight  61.2 kg

  1. Tiffany Teo (Singapore) vs Lumindas Liezel Mersol (Philippines)                

Tiffany crushed Lumindas with a clean takedown at the start of the bout.  Pinning her opponent down to the ground, she then rained punches and  elbows to disarm Lumindas.  When Lumindas presented her back, Tiffany ended the fight with a rear naked choke.

Winner: Tiffany Teo, Rear Naked Choke, round 1, 1 min 53 sec.


WAKO Singapore K1 Kickboxing Middleweight Championship 75kg

  1. Terrence Teo (Singapore) vs Andre Misran (Singapore)                             

Terrence had always been known to be a technically brilliant fighter.  Throughout this bout, he displayed a lot of explosive power in his kicks, enough to disarm Andre within the first round.

Winner: Terrence Teo, TKO, round 1, 1min 20 sec 

Pro Boxing super featherweight 58.9kg

  1. Muhamad Ridhwan (Singapore) vs Egi Rozten (Indonesia)

This was possibly the fight of the night.  Ridhwan had a strong following with supporters and die-hard fans cheering for Singapore’s golden boy of boxing.  Unperturbed by the resounding standing ovation Wan got from his fans, Egi kicked the bout off aggressively by constantly attacking Wan with a series of punches.   Wan however, as a better technical boxer, took his time, paced his opponent and found opportunities to land some powerful hooks against Egi.

While Egi was more of a brawler, Ridwan was a technical boxer who was more strategic with his game plan and this had helped secure his victory within the 3rd round.  Before the fight, Egi made it publicly known that he was going to win the fight by going all 6 rounds against Ridhwan.  However Wan had responded with a promise to finish the fight under 4 rounds.  True to his promise, Ridhwan’s explosive punches ensured that Egi would not be able to get up for the 4th round.

Winner: Muhamad Ridhwan TKO round 3 


Pro Boxing UBO Female Intercontinental Super Featherweight Championship 58.9kg

  1. Nurshahidah Roslie (Singapore) vs Wondergirl Sithsaitong (Thailand)                          

Shahidah took her time to suss her  opponent at the start of the fight with a few well-placed jabs and right hook combinations.  In the second round, she dropped a strategic punch to her opponent’s  gut to end the fight.

Winner: Nurshahidah Roslie TKO, round 2, 1 min 43 sec