TOP FC 11 Play By Play and Results: BW Champ Kwak Kwan-Ho vs Alp Ozkilic

TOP FC 11 - Kwak Kwan-Ho and Alp Ozkilic Courtesy of TOP FC
TOP FC 11 – Kwak Kwan-Ho and Alp Ozkilic Courtesy of TOP FC

On May 22nd, 2016, TOP FC 11 is going down at Seoul Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea. Top Fighting Championship has invited fighters from the Kunlun Fight organization for an event that exudes potential. In the main event, TOP FC Bantamweight Champion Kwak Kwan-Ho (8-0 Overall, 5-0 TOP FC) will be making his first title defense against UFC veteran Alp Ozkilic (9-4 Overall, 0-0 TOP FC).

TOP FC 11: TOP Fighting Championship vs Kunlun Fight
May 22nd, 2016
Seoul Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

Bantamweight Championship Main Event (-61kg/-135lb)

Bantamweight Champion “Handsome” Kwak Kwan-Ho vs Alp “The Turkish Delight” Ozkilic

Round 1 – Kwak is stalking and takes center. Both fighters are finding their range. Kwak is heavy with the kicks. Alp goes for a quick takedown but Kwak gets right back up and Alp kicks him in the cup. They return to action after a small moment. The rest of the round had many good exchanges with Alp knocking down Kwak twice with leg kicks.

Round 2 – Alp gets a early takedown. He is working punches and elbows. Kwak connects with an elbow from the bottom that cuts Alp. Kwak finally gets up and the action stops to tend to the cut. They get back to it and Kwak is working kicks to the body and legs. Alp gets a quick takedown but Kwak pops up quick.

Round 3 – Alp comes out throwing and connecting with counters and combos. Kwak looks tired or rocked. They exchange and Kwak lands a counter left that knocks down Alp and then throws a soccer kick that barely misses. The action stops to warn Kwak. They return to exchanging and Alp is landing more. Then, Kwak seems to get a second wind and starts to put combos together. Alp gets a takedown but Kwak gets right back up.

Round 4 – Throughout the round Kwak uses his kicks to land to the body and legs continuously. Alp lands from time to time but Kwak is the busier fighter.

Round 5 – Most of the round, Kwak had control with his kicking game. Landing to the legs and body over and over. Alp did connect with some punches but nothing with power. Round 4 and Round 5 were identical.

Result: Kwak Kwan-Ho wins via Unanimous Decision (49-47,49-48,49-47)