TOP FC 11 Play By Play and Results: Kang Jung-Min vs Adam Boussif

TOP FC 11 - Kang Jung-Min and Adam Boussif Courtesy of TOP FC
TOP FC 11 – Kang Jung-Min and Adam Boussif Courtesy of TOP FC

On May 22nd, 2016, TOP FC 11 is going down at Seoul Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea. Top Fighting Championship has invited fighters from the Kunlun Fight organization for an event that exudes potential. As part of the main card, Korean juggernaut Kang Jung-Min (7-7-2 Overall, 3-2 TOP FC) will collide with Tiger Muay Thai strangler Adam Boussif (8-3 Overall, 0-0 TOP FC) in a catchweight battle.

TOP FC 11: TOP Fighting Championship vs Kunlun Fight
May 22nd, 2016
Seoul Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

Catchweight Match (-72.5kg/-160lb)

“Dynamite” Kang Jung-Min vs Adam Boussif

Round 1 – For the first few minutes they dance around with Boussif landing his jab and Kang throwing kicks and landing counters. Boussif gets a takedown and transitions easily to the back. Kang reverses position and lands on top. Kang is connecting punches and then takes the back. He sinks in a RNC but Boussif gets out and back up. Boussif tries for a kimura but Kang flips over.

Round 2 – Kang waiting to counter and Boussif is throwing kicks. Then, Boussif lands a powerful double leg. He works to the back and sinks in a RNC. This time it is tight and Kang has to tap.

Result: Adam Boussif defeats Kang Jung-Min by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 2R, 1:43