TOP FC 11 Play By Play and Results: Son Sung-Won vs Kim Jae-Woong

TOP FC 11 - Son Sung-Won and Kim Jae-Woong Courtesy of TOP FC
TOP FC 11 – Son Sung-Won and Kim Jae-Woong Courtesy of TOP FC

On May 22nd, 2016, TOP FC 11 is going down at Seoul Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea. Top Fighting Championship has invited fighters from the Kunlun Fight organization for an event that exudes potential. As part of the main card, TEAM MAD fighter Son Sung-Won (6-4 Overall, 4-2 TOP FC) battles Korean brawler Kim Jae-Woong (4-3 Overall, 4-2 TOP FC) in a welterweight bout.

TOP FC 11: TOP Fighting Championship vs Kunlun Fight
May 22nd, 2016
Seoul Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

Welterweight Match (-77kg/-170lb)

“The Korean Sniper” Son Sung-Won vs Kim Jae-Woong

Round 1 – The round start with Son being aggressive and landing back to back right hands. Son continues with kicks and counters which hurts Kim. Kim immediately clinches. They stay on the fence for a while and then the ref separates them. They start to brawl with Son landing the cleaner shots. Kim is hurt with some knees and resorts to the clinch again. The rest of the round was dominated by Son and his kicking attack and knees.

Round 2 – Kim clinches right off the bat but the ref breaks it up. They trade but nothing is landing hard. All of a sudden, Kim tries to a takedown and gets it easily. He transitions to the back but Son spins and lands on top. Son gets to mount but not doing any damage. The round ends.

Round 3 –