TOP FC 4 results and photos: Choi and Jo advance to Featherweight GP final, Kim halts Rimbon’s streak

TOP FC 4 Choi Young-Gwang defeats Kim Dong-Gyu
TOP FC 4 Choi Young-Gwang defeats Kim Dong-Gyu

TOP FC 4 took place on November 15, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. In the main event, Kim Jae-Young fought to a decision win over Moise Rimbon, and in the Featherweight Grand Prix, Choi Young-Gwang and Jo Sung-Won advanced to the finals.


Having their first event since August, TOP FC presented a very exciting overall card but what stood out most were the Featherweight Grand Prix Semifinal fights. Although both matches ended in the first round, they did not disappoint the viewing audience.

The first Grand Prix fight of the night was between unbeaten Kim Dong-Gyu and Nova MMA standout Choi Young-Gwang. Before the fight even started, the fighters were nose-to-nose while the referee was explaining the rules at the center of the cage. This made it even more intense for the crowd in attendance. Kim started the fight strong with looping punches and standing elbows that were sneaking through while Choi was covered up against the fence.

After a brief timeout due to a low blow by Choi, the action continued. Even though Choi was getting beaten to the punch early and taking damage, he weathered the storm and when he got Kim against the fence he battered him with knees and punches to the head and body. Once Kim was hurt, Choi did not let up and kept punching him in the face until the referee stepped in, handing Kim the first loss of his career.

Now, Choi Young-Gwang moves up to fight for the inaugural TOP FC Featherweight title.

In the other Grand Prix Semifinal, the favorite Han Sung-Hwa faced flamboyant Jo Sung-Won to see who would go on to meet Choi Young-Gwang in the finals.

As entertaining as the fight were, the walk-outs were just as good. Both fighters came out and performed dance routines to their selected songs. This gave the fight another engaging aspect that fans don’t see often in MMA.

This fight was over quick. Jo came out the aggressor and Han was back-pedalling. The first big overhand right missed but the next one connected flush and Han was staggered. Jo saw his opportunity and rushed in to land some decent ground and pound, but Han was able to recover enough to stand back up.

Once he was back on his feet, the audience could tell that Han was still dazed. Jo also realized this and unloaded about a dozen unanswered punches. The last one was a big right hand that dropped Han against the fence. This is a huge win for Jo and he now moves on the fight for the Featherweight strap.

Two other fights that stood out were contested at bantamweight. The first was a flawless performance by Korean Top Team representative Kwak Kwan-Ho. Kwak used kicks to get his range on his opponent, Oh Kwon-Sik, and then delivered a perfect right hand that put out the lights.

In the other bantamweight fight, Park Han-Bin and Jung Han-Kook went to war for the first minute. It was a head kick by Park that floored Jung, but Jung recovered only to receive more damage by combinations from Park that ended the fight. This was probably the fight of the night even though it didn’t last long.

In the main event of the night, Kim Jae-Young won a hard fought unanimous decision over seasoned veteran Moise Rimbon. The Phuket Top Team product kept his distance for most of the fight throwing kicks and his jab. He did go for takedowns but Kim did a good job defending them. However, Rimbon seemed like he was trying not to lose rather than trying to win.

On the other hand, Kim was very aggressive throughout the whole fight. He would spend most of the rounds running after Rimbon and throwing looping punches. To the credit of Rimbon, he did avoid any serious damage when Kim would rush in and connect.

The judges most likely gave the decision to Kim because of his aggression and cage control. Plus, when they did hit the ground, Kim was on top working most of the time.

The Featherweight Grand Prix final will be exciting to watch. Whoever wins will have a tough time keeping the belt around their waist since there is so much talent in the featherweight division. The next year or so is going to be interesting to watch.


All photos by and used with express permission.

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November 15, 2014
Olympic Park
Seoul, South Korea

#6 – Middleweight
Kim Jae-Young defeats Moise Rimbon via UD (30-27)

#5 – Featherweight Grand Prix
Jo Sung-Won defeats Han Sung-Hwa via KO (Punch) RD 1, 1:38

#4 – Featherweight Grand Prix
Choi Young-Gwang defeats Kim Dong-Gyu via TKO (Punches) RD1, 4:22

#3 – Bantamweight
Kwak Kwan-Ho defeats Oh Kwon-Sik by KO RD1, 1:02

#2 – Bantamweight
Park Han-Bin defeats Jung Han-Kook by TKO RD1, 3:13

#1 – Welterweight
Kim Han-Seol defeats Heo Min-Suk by UD, 30-27


Preliminary Matches

#7 – Lightweight
Michael Ahn defeats Son Sung-Won by UD, 30-27

#6 – Welterweight
Kim Jae-Woong defeats Jung Se-Yoon by Split Decision

#5 – Middleweight
Lee Han-Guen defeats Son YoungSam Son by Sumbission, RNC, rd 1, 2:36

#4 – Bantamweight
Kim Myung-Gu defeats Yoon Tae-Seung by TKO, rd 1, 1:47

#3 – Flyweight
Farmon Gafarov defeats Kim Gyu-Seong by UD

#2 – Featherweight
Min Gu Lee vs Young Ho Lee

#1 – Bantamweight
Ahn Jung-Hyun defeats Yoo Soo-Young by UD