TOP FC 4: live results and play by play from Seoul, South Korea


TOP FC 4 takes place in Seoul, South Korea on November 15, 2014.  The event is headlined by two tough veterans, Kim Jae-Young and Moise Rimbon. It will also feature the semifinals for the Featherweight Tournament.


Kim Jae-Young will be making his fifth appearance under the TOP FC banner when he faces Moise “Swamp” Rimbon in the main event of the night. Both these fighters are very experienced and have a combined total of 20 KO/TKO finishes. This is a clear indication that they will put on a violent show for everyone to marvel at.

In the co-main event of the evening, it will be the Featherweight Tournament Semifinal between dangerous finisher Han Seung-Hwa and Jo Seung-Won.

In the other Featherweight Tournament Semifinal, undefeated prospect Kim Dong-Gyu faces Spirit MC and Legend FC veteran Choi Young-Gwang.


November 15, 2014
Olympic Park
Seoul, South Korea

#6 – Middleweight
Kim Jae-Young 18-11 (Incheon Nova MMA) 김재영 (인천 노바 MMA)
Moise Rimbon 21-9 (Phuket Top Team) 모이제 림본 (푸켓 탑팀)

Round 1 – The main event is underway. Kim swarms as Rimbon falls but nothing connects. They get back to the center. Kim is being aggressive. Alot of kicks by Rimbon. Spinning heel kick that barely misses by Rimbon. Rimbon goes for the takedown and has Kim pressed against the fence. He is just holding him there. Rimbon steps back. Rimbon has his lands low and using kicks. They exchange punches. Leg kick and left hand by Kim but Rimbon smiles. Rimbon goes for a takedown and they scramble. Rimbon takes the back and Kim spins out. The round ends.

Round 2 – Leg kick by Kim. Kim is swinging hard but missing. Jab by Rimbon. Spinning kick to the body by Rimbon. Body shot by Kim. They exchange against the fence. Both fighters connect. Kick to body by Kim. Spinning heel kick lightly connects by Rimbon. Kim is chasing Rimbon around the cage. Kim is barely missing on alot of punches. Rimbon goes for a single leg but the bell sounds.

Round 3 – Doc comes into the cage to check on Kim’s eye. Bell sounds. Rimbon is pressing for a takedown and briefly gets it. They stand back up and Kim connects with a big right hand and Rimbon falls down. He rushes in with some ground and pound. Rimbon grabs him and holds on. Kim is in his half guard and Rimbon is holding Kim. Kim gets to side control. Light hammerfists. Back into full guard. Rimbon is defending well. Rimbon has good wrist control. Rimbon gets up. The round is over.

Result: Kim Jae-Young defeats Moise Rimbon via UD (30-27)


#5 – Featherweight Grand Prix
Han Seung-Hwa 7-4 (Jeonju First Gym) 한성환 (전주 퍼스트 짐)
Jo Seung-Won 2-2-1 (Team MAD) 조성원 (팀 매드)

Round 1 – Second Featherweight Tournament Semifinal. They step to the center. Big right hand by Jo but misses and Han ducks under for the takedown. They get back up. Jo lands a big right and Han is rocked. Ground and pound by Jo but Han recovers and gets back up. Jo pounces again and hits Han with hard right hands against the fence. Han legs give out and its over. Big upset by Jo.

Result: Jo Sung-Won defeats Han Sung-Hwa via KO (Punch) RD 1


#4 – Featherweight Grand Prix
Kim Dong-Gyu 3-0 (Bucheon Tristone) 김동규 (부천 트라이스톤)
Choi Young-Gwang 8-7 (Nova MMA) 최영광 (노바 MMA)

Kim Dong-Gyu vs Choi Young-Gwang
Round 1 – First fight of the Featherweight Tournament Semifinals. The fight begins. Kim rushes in and lands a right hand. He’s throwing elbows and uppercuts against the fence. They go back to the center. Choi connects with a right and then a flying knee misses. Choi with a right hand and another right. These guys are banging hard. Both their faces are marked up. Choi with a low blow and ref stops the action. Kim is laying on the ground.

Action starts again. Big standing elbows from Choi. Choi has Kim against the fence throwing hard knees and body shots. Kim goes for the takedown and Choi sprawls. Choi lands in Kim’s guard. Choi is reigning down hammerfists. Kim turns his back. Choi jumps on his back and locks in a rear-naked choke but Kim defends. Choi gets in full mount and is punishing Kim with ground and pound. The ref steps in. Choi hands Kim his first loss.

Result: Choi Young-Gwang defeats Kim Dong-Gyu via TKO (Punches) RD1


#3 – Bantamweight
Kwak Kwan-Ho vs Oh Kwon-Sik

Round 1 – They step to the center. Leg kick by Kwak. Kwak is in control, very active. Leg kick with a overhand right connects clean on the chin. Oh drops like a bag of potatoes. Two more hammerfists just to make sure.

Result: Kwak Kwan-Ho by KO RD1


#2 – Bantamweight
Park Han-Bin 3-2 (Bucheon Tristone) 박한빈 (부천 트라이스톤)
Jung Han-Kook 3-2 (Team MAD) 정한국 (팀 매드)

Round 1 – They throw immediately and both connect. THe pace is crazy. Knees and hooks being thrown on both sides. Park clinches and then breaks away and connects with a combo. They go to the ground and Jung takes Park’s back. Park reverses and they stand up. Headkick by Park and Jung is rocked. He’s throwing down shot. Jung is staying alive and stands back up but Park connects with a hard left and right hand.

Result: Park Han-Bin by TKO RD1


#1 – Welterweight
Heo Min-Suk 5-10 (East Heaven White Mountain) 허민석 (동천백산)
Kim Han-Seol 3-2 (Korean Top Team) 김한슬 (코리안 탑팀)

Round 1 – Main card begins. Kim takes center. Leg kick by Heo. Not much action so far 90 seconds in. Leg kick by Kim. Ref stops and warns fighters to fight and stop stalling. Back to action. Nice left by Kim. Heo rushes in and Kim connects with another left. Heo rushes in again and lands a right hand. Bell sounds. Very uneventful first round.

Round 2 – Ref tells fighters to engage before the round starts. Heo right eye is damaged from those left hands. Round begins. They dance some more. Heo is pressuring Kim. Kim does a good job sliding to the side and avoiding the clinch. Leg kick by Kim. Heo is rushing in and chasing down Kim. He connects with a few shots but Kim hits back. Heo backs up. Kim takes center. Heo is ahving trouble with Kim’s reach. Big uppercut by Kim but misses. Now, Heo takes center and takes down Kim but Kim gets back up. Heo is pressing Kim against the cage. Big flurry the end the round.

Round 3 – Last round starts. Outside leg kick by Kim. Another leg kick. Heo right leg is showing some damage. Both fighters rush at each other but nothing really connects. Heo presses and lands a right hand. Big scramble and Kim slides away from the fence. Heo presses again and Kim lands a uppercut and drops Heo. Heo pops back up. They exchange leg kicks. 10 seconds left and Heo stalks. Round is over.

Result: Kim Han-Seol 30-27


Preliminary Matches

Son Sung-Won (last minute change from Kang Jung-Min)
Michael Ahn 1-0 (Korean Top Team) 마이클 안 (코리안 탑팀)

Round 1 – Son starts with a headkick that partially gets through. They exchange and Son hits Ahn below the belt. Ahn seems like he is hurting. Doc comes in to check on Ahn. Fight resumes. Son is taking advantage of his reach keeping Ahn at bay. Another low blow, this time not too bad. Son with a nice right hand. Ahn is pressuring well. Nice left by Ahn. Combination by Son. Son is utilizing his knees well. Nice right hand by Ahn that connects. Another left gets through. Son grabs Ahn and clinches against the fence. He is holding him and then Ahn gets the takedown. Elbows from the top by Ahn. Round is over.

Round 2 – They start by exchanging kicks. Ahn throws a headkick but slips. They’re both throwing but nothing is really landing. Ahn gets a trip takedown. While Son was getting up Ahn connects with some rights and lefts. Back to the center. Body kick by Ahn. Another body kick. Son takes the it to the mat. Ahn gets up and they exchange. Ahn goes in but Son gets the takedown. Son in side control They scramble and Ahn gets up.

Round 3 – Last round. They dance around and exchange but not much damage. Ahn does for a single leg but Son defends well. They clinch and Son presses against the fence. Ahn fights and gets the takedown. Ahn is in half guard trying to get into mount. Ahn grabs the arm and goes for an armlock. He lets go after a few seconds. He grabs the arm again going for a kimura. He gets side control with the arm locked up. He is working slowly. He lets go of the arm. He has his forearm across his opponents throat. Bell sounds.

Result: Michael Ahn 30-27 Decision

Se-Yoon Jung vs Jae Woong Kim

Chung Il Jeon vs Myung Gu Kim

Young Sam Son vs Han Geun Lee

Min Gu Lee vs Young Ho Lee

Kyu Sung Kim vs Farmon Gafarov

Jung Hyun Ahn vs Soo Young Yoo

Kim Dong-Hyun 11-6-3 (Team MAD) 김동현 (팀 매드)
Son Sung-Won 3-3 (No Affiliation) 손성원 (프리)