TOP FC 5 results from the Featherweight GP Final Choi Young-Gwang vs Jo Seung-Won



TOP FC 5 took place on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at BEXCO in Busan, South Korea.

The Featherweight Grand Prix Final between Nova MMA representative Choi Young-Gwang and Team MAD prospect Jo Seung-Won was the main event.

Here are the live results as they come in from the event in Busan, South Korea.


February 7, 2015
Busan, South Korea

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#7 – Featherweight Title Match
Sung Won Jo (Team MAD)
Young Gwang Choi (Nova MMA)

Rd 1. Choi goes in immediately and repeatedly rocks Jo with huge clean punches! Jo recovers and plays rock ’em sock ’em robots with punches and kicks. Huge right by Choi! He clinches and tries to land more inside. Jo shrugs them off and goes back in with punches and kicks! One of them lands low, time stop. Restart and both go in, landing counters. Choi has Jo against the cage and 1-2’s him. Jo lands a nice right. He goes in with another big punch kick combo, Choi weathers it. Jo with a spinning back fist! Choi lands a counter! Jo knocks him down with a left! Choi recovers but Jo punches him again! Jo grabs him and slams him onto his back, knee on belly to mount and punches! Bell!

Rd 2. Jo tries a high kick. Choi smacks him in the mouth, and again, Jo is in trouble and backing! Choi knees him! Jo recovers! Both slow for a bit, Choi goes in with a 1-2 that land, Jo kicks, Choi punches him again and body punches too! Huge right by Choi, and a left, Jo survives and kicks! Blood coming from Jo’s nose, doctor check. Also checking Choi’s massively cut lip. Restart. Choi goes in with the head body combo, Jo returns a kick. Jo’s head is made of concrete. Choi tries a more patient point approach. Jo doesn’t like it. Eye poke by Choi as Jo is coming in. Restart. Bell.

Rd 3. Definitely style vs style now. Choi’s inside boxing and Jo’s long range striking. Choi shoots and gets Jo on his back. Choi tries to pass and Jo turtles so he lands an elbow and works tot he back. Jo with one hand down, stopping the knees from coming. He’s up, they part. Choi ducks a spinning back fist. Choi with a nice combination. Jo keeps up his. Choi with a good inside leg kick and right hook. Jo with a leg kick that wobbles Choi. 30 seconds and Jo goes in, and Choi returns fire!

Choi Yeong-Gwan wins by UD



#6 – Middleweight Match
Jae Young Kim (Nova MMA)
Ryan Biglar (Spike 22/Countershot MMA)

Rd 1. Biglar looks to land and move, Kim catches him with a big right mitt. Biglar on the canvas but works up along the cage. Kim with another combo and Biglar goes down and grabs guard. Standing, and Biglar looks for the single leg. Kim has underhooks and delivers a crippling knee to the body. Biglar tries to stand up and out, Kim keeps up the punches. Biglar survives and shoots again, but Kim defends and grabs a kimura. Can’t get it so he finally lets go and punches. Biglar stands, and goes in striking! He lands on the chin, but Kim takes it! Kim sees him drop his hands, so he goes in and a knee drops Biglar onto his butt! Kim pounces and punches as Biglar covers up, ref stops it.

Kim Jae-Yong by TKO, rd 1, 4:55



#5 – Bantamweight Match
Kwan Ho Kwak (Korean Top Team)
Choi Jae-Won (Paraestra Seoul)

Rd 1. Kwak lands an outside leg kick. Tags Choi with a few more, goes in with a flying knee. Choi returns with a 1-2 counter. Kwak with hard kick, tries a shovel kick, another flying knee. Choi seems unfazed. Now Choi’s going in with combos, lands a leg kick. Kwak another flying knee, spinning back kick. Choi returns a leg kick and tries his own spinning thing. Big body kick by Kwak, and he rushes in for the finish but gets in too much of a hurry and ends on his back. Back to standing. Kwak with another nice kick, and another that sweeps Choi’s leg, then he switches to inside. Choi goes in with a combo and a huge left knocks Kwak down! Kwak regains his senses quick and lands another leg kick. Bell.

Rd 2. Choi lands a combo, Kwak lands a leg kick, then a fantastic spinning back kick plastered with into Choi’s ribs! He follows it up with a flying knee and punches!

Kwak Kwan-Ho wins by TKO, rd 2, :38



#4 – Featherweight Match
Dong Gyu Kim (Tristone)
Robert Wusstig (Spike 22/Countershot MMA)

Rd 1. Wusstig with the punch kick combo opens the round, Kim returns punches, knees, as Wusstig shoots. Wustig pulls guard, gets half and wraps up Kim’s arms. Wusstig looks to sit out, Kim punches as he gets back to his feet.Kim lands a 1-2 and Wusig counters. Big spinning back kick to the head by Kim! Wusstig with his back to the cage as Kim presses in on him. Wusstig jabs and works back to the center, big left wallops Kim! Wustig shoots for a single, give it up. Kim keeps underhooks and gets a low blow. Kim’s looking for a KO. Wusstig keeps him away with low kicks. Kim launches a huge assault with kicks and punches, all land, he gets Wusstig’s back standing, bell.

Rd 2. UFc fighter Jon Tuck cornering Wusstig. Wusstig with kicks, Kim lands a hard one. Kim with a spinning back fist with a thwack. Wusstig lands a jab. Kim tries for drag gets Wusstig’s back, Wusstig able to shrug it off and reverse to top position in guard. Kim gets to the cage and stands out, Wusstig keeps his back. Time is called, possibly for an illegal knee that may have cut Kim’s nose. Restart. Wusstig with jabs. Kim waits and nails a single leg, takes Wusstig’s back. Wusstig eventually stands. Bell.

Rd 3. Wusstig jabs, Kim taunts him with chin out and hands dropped. Exchanges with Kim’s punches and Wusstig’s leg kicks. Kim lands a double, Wusstig ties him up, works rubber guard. Kim with a big elbow. Wusstig works his way to his knees and stands, ref stops for a cut. Doctor checks, waives it off.

Kim Dong-Gyu wins by TKO to doctor stoppage, rd 3



#3 – Lightweight Match
Jung Min Kang (East Heaven White Mountain)
Dong Young Lee (Tristone)

Lee high kick, Kang takedown attempt. Kang grabs clinch and slams knee after knee into Lee’s midsection. Lee lands a huge uppercut that puts Kang on a knee! Kang just goes back into the clinch and does more work to send Lee to the canvas with a knee to the ribs.

Kang Jung-Min wins by TKO, rd 1



#2 -76 Catchweight Match
Do Hyung Kim (First Gym)
Isamu Kanazawa (Philoctetes Niigata)

Rd 1. Kanazawa goes in and Kim counters him. Kim sees he drops his hands and lands a hire right hook KO punch that rolls Kanazawa’s eyes back and he falls back, Kim followed by 2 punches on the ground for the ref jumps in.

Kim Do-Hyung wins by KO, rd 1, 25 seconds



#1 -80 Catchweight Match
Han Geun Lee (Extreme Combat)
Duk No Yoon (Korean Top Team)

Round 1: Yoon jabs as Lee looks for combos. Yoon’s jab lands, a right connects. Lee is the aggressor, but Yoon’s countering him as he skirts out. Brief clinch. Lee lands a low blow, time stop. Lee tries a spinning back kick. Lee rushes in and lands, but is forced to backpedal, he trips and Yoon jumps on him but Lee gets underhooks and stands quickly. Lee gets a double leg against the cage, Yoon up quick. Yoon with elbows to the head, Lee double legs him again. Standing, and Yoon smells blood and goes in with punches and elbows, Lee briefly turns away. Lee tries to save himself with a shoot, Yoon ends with half guard, trying for a kimra. Bell. Lee’s nose is busted from the elbow.

Round 2. Lee moves forward again, Yoon counters when he comes in. Lee tries more kicks, but they don’t land. Lee has big wide punches, they start to land and he gets less sloppy inside with uppercuts. So Yoon changes his tactic and starts using his own winging hail marys. Backs up and he’s down, Lee comes in but Yoon gets the reversal to top inside guard. Yoon keeps his head down, doesn’t throw too much. Yoon looks tired and Lee almost sweeps him from butterfly.

Rd 3. Lee comes in with more windmills, and Yoon eats them. Yoon just keeps backing up now, and Lee comes at him with wild stuff. Yoon tries a spinning back fist. Yoon runs away, and Lee pops him for it. Yoon gets a clinch against the cage, both with knees. Lee eats a right and falls forward and Yoon sees it so he jumps into guard and starts pounding. Lee ties him up.

Lee Han-Geun def Yoon Duk-No by Split Decision, 2-1




Gi Young Nam
Kyung Ho Park
남기영(프리) vs 박경호(파라에스트라서울)

Park Kyung-Ho wins by UD

Han Guk Jung
Myung Gu Kim
정한국(팀매드) vs 김명구(전주퍼스트짐)

Jung Han-Guk wins by TKO, rd 3, 4:50

Jun Yong Park
Yul Kim
박준용(월드탑팀) vs 김율(팀매드)

Park Jun-Yong wins by UD

Young Sam Son
Min Sung Ko
손영삼(팀한) vs 고민성(전주퍼스트짐)

Ko Min-Sung wins by TKO, rd 1, :18

Kyu Sung Kim
Seung Won Yoon
김규성(전주퍼스트짐) vs 유승진(레드폭스)

Kim Kyu-Sung wins by KO, rd 1, 3:17

Young Ho Lee
Tae Seung Yoon
이영호(레드폭스) vs 윤태승(팀루츠)

Lee Young-Ho wins by UD

Young Won Choi 최영원 (처쉬클랜 MMA)
Woo Hyuk Choi 최우혁 (팀 매드)

Choi Young-Won def Choi Yoo-Hyeok by TKO, slam, rd 1, :42

Jin Soo Kim
Jae Young Lee
이재영(코리안탑팀) vs 김진수(옥타곤멀티짐)

Kim Jin-Su wins by UD