TOP FC 6 live play by play and results from Yang vs Hallman, LW Grand Prix



TOP FC 6 Yang Dongi
TOP FC 6 Yang Dongi

TOP FC 6: Unbreakable Dream on April 5, 2015 at Seoul Olympic Park Hall sees four fighters vying for the inaugural Lightweight title. UFC vets Dongi Yang and Dennis Hallman face off in the main event.

This event will be headlined by former UFC middleweight Yang “The Ox” Dongi (11-3) and MMA pioneer Dennis “Superman” Hallman (53-16-2). “Superman” is taking this fight on two weeks notice and this main event will be contested at a catchweight of 90kg.

Also, the main card will feature the Lightweight Grand Prix Semifinals. The first contest will pit Kang Jung-Min (6-5-2) against Hwang Gyo-Pyung (7-3). Then, in the co-main event, Kim Dong-Hyun (11-6-3) will face Yoshikatsu Harada (13-12-2). The combatants that get their hands raised will move on to the Grand Prix Finals later this year to decide the first ever Lightweight Champion of TOP Fighting Championship.

Unfortunately, a bangfest of a fight in the featherweight division has been removed from the card between Kim “Big Mouse” Dong-Gyu and Han “The Dynamic Monkey” Seong-Hwa due to an injury to the hand of the latter. As a result, a heavyweight match, Lim Jun-Soo (6-7) versus Lee Hyung-Chul (0-0), has been bumped up from the prelims and will kick off the main card.

The event will be broadcast on IB Sports in Korea, and streamed via MonsterZym.

TOP FC 6 Main Card
April 5th, 2015
Seoul Olympic Park Hall
Seoul, South Korea

#7 – 90kg Catchweight Main Event
Yang Dongi 양동이 (KTT) vs Dennis Hallman (Victory Athletics)

Round 1 – Hallman comes out and shoots immediately, Yang stuffs it so Hallman pulls guard. Hallman turns in for a leg, Yang smashes out, gets side control, and presses Hallman. Hallman regains guard, Yang continues to pressure and pound on him. Yang with a slam, holds Hallman’s face down with a forearm. Yang tries to step over guard and Hallman goes for a leg. Yang pulls out and dives right back in and smashes him more. Hallman turtles and tries to crawl out, but Yang throws down some hard ground and pound until the ref stops it.

Result: Yang Dongi defeats Dennis Hallman by TKO (Punches) RD 1 (3:25)

TOP FC 6 Yang Dongi def Dennis Hallman
TOP FC 6 Yang Dongi def Dennis Hallman
TOP FC 6 Yang Dongi def Dennis Hallman
TOP FC 6 Yang Dongi def Dennis Hallman


#6 – Lightweight Grand Prix Semifinals Match B

Kim Dong-Hyun 김동현 (Team MAD) vs Toshikatsu Harada (Mach Dojo)

Round 1 – They come out and Kim is the first to connect with a overhand right. Toshi return with a right of his own. Toshi goes in with a combo but Kim counters with a right that seemed to stun Toshi. They clinch and Kim gets the trip takedown. Toshi turns his back and Kim takes it with ease. They scramble around on the mat but Kim maintains his position. Kim flattens Toshi out and starts to reign down punches. Kim keep looking for the choke but Toshi is doing a good job defending so far. Kim throws down about twenty unanswered punches and the ref decides to stop the fight.

Result: Kim Dong-Hyun wins via TKO (Punches) 1R (4:51)


#5 – Lightweight Grand Prix Semifinals Match A

Kang Jung-Min 강정민 (MOSGYM) vs 황교평 Hwang Gyo-Pyung (KTT)

Round 1 –  Alot of faints and no action for the first few minutes so the ref warns them to engage. Back to action but there is none. They both throw a few shots but nothing lands solid. Kang lands a kick to the body.

Round 2 – Hwang lands a left hand. He swarms and connects  but nothing hard. Kang with a kick. Then, all of a sudden they start going rock’em sock’em robots on each other. Kang hits Hwang with solid left hooks that rock him and then finishes him with right hands.

Result: Kang Jung-Min win by KO Punch) 2R (4:56)

TOP FC 6 Kang Jung-Min vs Hwang Gyo-Pyung
TOP FC 6 Kang Jung-Min vs Hwang Gyo-Pyung


#4 – 77kg Welterweight Match
Kim Do-Hyung 김도형 (Fist Gym) vs Son Sung-Won 손성원 (Team MAD)

Round 1 – They clinch and Kim drags Son to the fence. They immediately break. Low blow by Son. Ref steps in. Back to action. Kim takes Son back to the fence but not doing much. Son starts to land knees. And now he is throwing kicks continously. Kim clinches again. The round ends with another low blow by Son.

Round 2 – Son comes out throwing punches and kicks. He is landing some but nothing doing damage. Kim cannot figure out his range and does not do anything for the first three minutes. Then, he goes for a takedown but ends up in the clinch. They break and Son lands a knee and a kick.

Round 3 – The third round is a mirror image of the second. Kim still cannot get close enough to Son to land anything and Son is just peppering him with the right hand and kicks. Kim gets desparate and rushes in but it is too late.

Result: Son Sung-Won wins by SD (30-28, 30-29, 29-30)

TOP FC 6 Son Sung-Won def Kim Do-Hyung
TOP FC 6 Son Sung-Won def Kim Do-Hyung


#3 – 61kg Bantamweight Match
Park Han-Bin 박한빈 (Tristone) vs 박경호 Park Gyung-Ho (Paraestra)

Round 1 – They come out swinging hard. Park HB lands a few left hands and a overhand right. Again, they start throwing from the hip but nothing significant. They clinch and Park HB hip tosses and get to mount. Park GH gets to guard. Some GNP by Park HB and then an arm-in guillotine attempt. Park GH gets out and takes the back and the round ends.

Round 2 – They dance around and exchange punches. Park HB is slipping and ripping. They go blow for blow with elbows and both fighters are cut. Those elbows are landing flush. However, a low blow by Park HB stops the action. The doctors come in to attend to Park GH’s groin and Park HB’s cut. Park GH’s left eye is swollen shut. Back to action. Park HB gets a takedown and gets to mount. GNP and its over. Awesome fight!

Result: Park Han-Bin defeats Park Gyung-Ho via TKO (Punches) 2R (4:26)

TOP FC 6 Park Han-Bin vs Park Gyung-Ho
TOP FC 6 Park Han-Bin with a standing elbow
TOP FC 6 Park Han-Bin attempting a submission
TOP FC 6 Park Han-Bin attempting a submission


#2 – 84kg Middleweight Match
Kim Eun-Soo 김은수 (Nova MMA) vs Brandon Kesler (Team Bangarang)

Round 1 –  Lots of movement to start the fight. Kim starts off landing a combo. Kesler counters by getting a single leg against the fence. But Kim gets back up. Kim is landing some shots on the feet. Kesler shakes off the punches  and lands a left hand. Kim eats it. Kesler lands a right counter.

Round 2 – Both are swinging big but missing. Kim lands a right. Kelser goes for a takedown but fails and pulls guard. Kim is throwing down hard ground and pound. Kesler is tough as hell. Action slows so the ref stands them up. Kesler pulls guard again and tries for a heel hook but Kim easily gets out. More ground and pound by Kim and then Kesler tries for a banana split but Kim gets out and finishes Kesler with punches.

Result: Kim Eun-Soo wins via TKO (Punches) 2R (4:12)

TOP FC 6 Kim Eun-Su def Brandon Kesler
TOP FC 6 Kim Eun-Soo def Brandon Kesler
TOP FC 6 Kim Eun-Su def Brandon Kesler
TOP FC 6 Kim Eun-Soo def Brandon Kesler
TOP FC 6 Kim Eun-Su def Brandon Kesler
TOP FC 6 Kim Eun-Soo def Brandon Kesler


#1 – Super Heavyweight Match
Lim Jun-Soo 임준수 (네오파이트) vs Lee Hyung-Chul 이형철 (Paraestra)

Round 1 – They step out but there is no action for the first minute so the ref warns them. They clinch and Lim hip tosses Lee to the mat. He is sitting there with a headlock and stays in that position until Lee escapes and gets back up. Lee gets Lim against the fence and works some dirty boxing for the rest of the round.

Round 2 – Lee begins by pressing Lim against the fence. Then, they drop to the mat. Lee in side control reigning down numerous unanswered elbows. He gets into mount and drops down elbows and punches until about twenty seconds and Lim finally gets up and starts throwing bombs and a few land.

Round 3 – Lee presses Lim against the fence and just holds him there. The ref separate them and Lim lands some solid rights but Lee presses back to the fence. The rest of the fight stays there. Very uneventful third round.

Result: Lee Hyung-Chul defeats Lim Jun-Soo via SD (2:1)

TOP FC 6 Lim Jun-Soo and Lee Hyung-Chul




#5 – 66kg
Lee Yeong-Ho 이영호 (인천 레드폭스) vs Choi Yeong-Weon 최영원 (러쉬클랜MMA)

Choi Yeong-Weon defeats Lee Yeong-Ho via SD (30-28, 29-28, 28-29)

#4 – 78kg
Kim Jae-Yun 김재웅 (천안MMA) vs Park Joon-Yong 박준용 (월드탑팀)

Park Joon-Yong def Kim Jae-Yun by KO, Knee, 2R

#3 – 61kg
Jang Won-Joon 장원준 (코리안 탑팀) vs Kwan Je-Yoon 권세윤 (주짓수 캠프)

Jang Won-Joon def Kwan Je-Yoon by Decision (30-28, 28-29, 29-29)

#2 – 66kg
Lee Chang-Su 이창주 (정심관) vs Kim Seong-Hyun 김성현 (팀 매드)


#1 – 77kg
Kim In-Song 김인송 (인천 블랙샤크) vs Lee Ho 이 호 (파주 팀 에이스)

Lee Ho def Kim In-Song by SD (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)


Opening Matches

#2 – 57kg
Paromon 파로몬 (우즈백 탑팀) vs Park Ju-Yeong 박주영 (트라이 스톤)

Paromon def Park Ju-Yeong by TKO, RD1

#1 – 61kg
Kim Ju-Hwan 김주환 (러쉬클랜MMA) vs Park Keon-Dong 박건동 (파주 팀 에이스)

Kim Ju-Hwan def Park Keon-Dong by SD (29-28, 30-29, 28-29)