TOP FC 6 Recap: Yang victorious, Kang and Kim advance to LW Grand Prix Finals

TOP FC 6 Yang Dongi _ Courtesy of TOP FC
TOP FC 6 Yang Dongi  – Courtesy of TOP FC

On April 5th, 2015, TOP FC 6 Unbreakable Dream went down at Seoul Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea. Yang Dongi pounds out Dennis Hallman, Kang Jung-Min and Kim Dong-Hyun both leap into the Lightweight GP finals, Kim Eun-Soo looks impressive, and Park Han-Bin puts in work.


Top Fighting Championship continues to put on action-packed events for the fans. Identical to TOP FC 5, five of the seven main card fights ended with a TKO. This night had some very familiar names and others trying to establish themselves in this growing sport of mixed martial arts in Asia.


Yang Dongi defeats Dennis Hallman

Yang Dongi and Dennis Hallman - Courtesy of TOP FC
Yang Dongi and Dennis Hallman – Courtesy of TOP FC

The main event between Yang “The Ox” Dongi and Dennis “Superman” Hallman was over quick. Yang, who normally fights at middleweight and sometimes at light heavyweight looked in prime condition when he stepped into cage. On the other hand, Hallman, who usually cuts down to welterweight, physically looked out of shape.

When the first round began Hallman went for the takedown without even throwing a punch and therefore Yang immediately sprawled. Hallman pulled guard and that was the beginning of the end.

Hallman tried a few times to sweep and even went for a submission but “The Ox” was too strong and just muscled out of every move Hallman attempted. Eventually, Yang landed a couple solid punches and Hallman turtled which led to a few more to the back of the head but it did not matter since the fight was over.

Yang Dongi is now 2-0 after being cut from the UFC in 2012. He is currently the best middleweight and light heavyweight in Korea. However, who knows when he will fight again since he has only competed twice in the last three years. Hopefully, fight fans can see him in the near future and against someone who could challenge his strength and power in the cage.


Lightweight Grand Prix Semifinals


Kim Dong-Hyun dominates Toshikatsu Harada

TOP FC 6 Kim Dong-Hyun - Courtesy of TOP FC
TOP FC 6 Kim Dong-Hyun – Courtesy of TOP FC

The co-main event had Kim Dong-Hyun and Toshikatsu Harada battling for a spot in the LW Grand Prix finals. Kim won this fight with superior grappling and control from the top position.

They started the first round exchanging punches and landing a few in the process. Suddenly, Kim rattled Toshikatsu with a counter and they clinched. Kim gets a trip takedown and grabbed the back. The South Korean attempted chokes but Toshikatsu defended well. Then, with not much time left on the clock he started to reign down punches and with less than ten seconds left the ref jumped in to stop the contest.

Kim Dong-Hyun will now move on to challenge for the first ever lightweight crown.


Kang Jung-Min pummels Hwang Gyo-Pyung 

TOP FC 6 Kang Jung-Min - Courtesy of TOP FC
TOP FC 6 Kang Jung-Min – Courtesy of TOP FC

The first Grand Prix semifinal of the night was between Kang Jung-Min and Hwang Gyo-Pyung. The fight started off uneventful but then all of sudden it ended in a flurry for the ages with Kang getting the victory.

In the first round, both fighters looked tentative and did not want to make the initial move. The referee stepped in a few times to warn the fighters to engage but that did not work. The only shots that landed were some leg kicks and a hard kick to the body by Kang. Surprisingly, the crowd displayed patience and did not boo at all.

The second round commenced the same as the first with little action. Then, at the four minute mark after a few exchanges, Kang swarmed and they both started to swing for the fences. Kang connected with some left hooks that wobbled Hwang. Sensing that his opponent was in trouble, Kang threw a couple hard right hooks that crumbled Hwang.

Kang Jung-Min will face Kim Dong-Hyun for the inaugural lightweight title later this year.


 Kim Eun-Soo defeats Brandon Kesler

TOP FC 6 Kim Eun-Soo - Courtesy of TOP FC
TOP FC 6 Kim Eun-Soo – Courtesy of TOP FC

In the only middleweight contest of the night, Kim Eun-Soo and Brandon Kesler battled for supremacy. Kesler was riding a six-fight winning streak and Kim was coming off a submission loss at TOP FC 3. Kim eager to protect his home turf eventually won via TKO in the second round.

In the first round, both fighters were jumping around like jack rabbits. They were fainting and moving extremely fast for some middleweights. Kim got off first with a nice combo. Kesler is missing with his standup so he grabbed a single-leg and dropped Kim to the mat. However, Kim surprisingly got up quite easily.  After that, Kesler started having some success with single punches that Kim just took to the face.

The second round had much more action. Kim landed a right that seemed to stun Kesler. The American jumped for a takedown but did not get it and therefore pulls guard. Kim is throwing down hard punches and Kesler is eating them like a bag of potato chips. Kesler holds on so the ref stands them up. Then, Kesler pulls guard again and Kim drops down bombs. Kesler tries for a sweep but just keeps taking punches to the face and that is when the ref jumps in to end the fight.

Kim Eun-Soo is now back in the win column and vying to become the best middleweight in Korea. It seems like a fight against Yang Dongi is inevitable.


Park Han-Bin defeats Park Gyung-Ho

Park Han-Bin and Park Gyung-Ho - Courtesy of TOP FC
Park Han-Bin and Park Gyung-Ho – Courtesy of TOP FC

The fight of the night took place in the featherweight division between Park Han-Bin and Park Gyung-Ho. It was a bloody, back and forth affair with Park Han-Bin utimately getting the TKO in the second frame.

The first round erupted with both combatants swinging hard with Park Han-Bin getting the better of the exchanges. Soon thereafter, they clinched and Park Han-Bin threw his opponent to the ground and got into mount. He connects with some ground and pound and later even attempted an arm-in guillotine. However, Park Gyung-Ho escaped and finished the round with back control.

The second round was a barnburner. They went elbow for elbow which led to both fighters being cut around the eye. Unfortunately, a low blow by Park Han-Bin stopped the action. After the doctors attended to the fighters, Park Han-Bin immediately got a takedown and jumped into mount position. He threw down devastating punches and it was all over.

This makes it three finishes in a row for Park. Normally a bantamweight, but if he decides to stay in the featherweight division, he has many legit fighters he can face that will elevate him in the ranks such as Jo Seung-Won, Kim Dong-Gyu and Han Seung-Hwa.


TOP FC 6 Main Card
April 5th, 2015
Seoul Olympic Park Hall
Seoul, South Korea

-90kg Catchweight Main Event
Yang Dongi (KTT) vs Dennis Hallman (Victory Athletics)

Winner: Yang Dongi, Round 1 TKO (3:25)

* TOP FC 6 Lightweight Grand Prix Semifinals Match B
-70kg Lightweight Match
Kim Dong-Hyun (Team MAD) vs Toshikatsu Harada (Mach Dojo)

Winner: Kim Dong-Hyun, Round 1 TKO (4:51)

* TOP FC 6 Lightweight Grand Prix Semifinals Match A
-70kg Lightweight Match
Kang Jung-Min (MOSGYM) vs Hwang Gyo-Pyung (KTT)

Winner: Kang Jung-Min Round 2 KO (4:56)

-76kg Catchweight Match
Kim Do-Hyung (Seonhoo Gym) vs Son Sung-Won (Team MAD)

Winner: Son Sung-Won, Split Decision (30-28, 30-29, 29-30)

-61kg Bantamweight Match
Park Han-Bin (Tristone) vs Park Gyung-Ho (Paraestra)

Winner: Park Han-Bin, Round 2 TKO (4:26)

-84kg Middleweight Match
Kim Eun-Soo (Nova MMA) vs Brandon Kelser (Phuket Top Team)

Winner: Kim Eun-Soo, Round 2 TKO (4:12)

Super Heavyweight Match
Lim Jun-Soo (네오파이트) vs Lee Hyung-Chul (Paraestra)

Winner:Lee Hyung-Chul, Split Decision (2:1)



#5 – 66kg
Lee Yeong-Ho 이영호 (인천 레드폭스) vs Choi Yeong-Weon 최영원 (러쉬클랜MMA)

Winner: Choi Yeong-Weon, Split Decision (30-28, 29-28, 28-29)

#4 – 78kg
Kim Jae-Yun 김재웅 (천안MMA) vs Park Joon-Yong 박준용 (월드탑팀)

Winner: Park Joon-Yong, Round 2 KO, Knee

#3 – 61kg
Jang Won-Joon 장원준 (코리안 탑팀) vs Kwan Je-Yoon 권세윤 (주짓수 캠프)

Winner: Jang Won-Soon, Decision (30-28, 28-29, 29-29)

#2 – 66kg
Lee Chang-Su 이창주 (정심관) vs Kim Seong-Hyun 김성현 (팀 매드)


#1 – 77kg
Kim In-Song 김인송 (인천 블랙샤크) vs Lee Ho 이 호 (파주 팀 에이스)

Winner: Lee Ho, Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Opening Matches

#2 – 57kg
Paromon 파로몬 (우즈백 탑팀) vs Park Ju-Yeong 박주영 (트라이 스톤)

Winner: Paromon, Round 1 TKO

#1 – 61kg
Kim Ju-Hwan 김주환 (러쉬클랜MMA) vs Park Keon-Dong 박건동 (파주 팀 에이스)

Winner: Kim Ju-Hwan, Split Decision (29-28, 30-29, 28-29)


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