TOP FC 7 Full Results: Jung makes promotional history, Martinez pulls the upset




TOP FC 7 - Jung Yoo-Jin
TOP FC 7 – Jung Yoo-Jin

TOP FC 7 transpired on May 29th, 2015 at Pullman Ambassador Hotel in the southern city of Changwon, South Korea. Jung Yoo-Jin made history by winning the first ever women’s fight for the Korean promotion, underdog Roque Martinez guts out a unanimous decision over Kim Doo-Hwan, and Kim Eun-Soo pulls off his first submission victory.

The third event of the year is in the books for TOP FC and they did not disappoint. With only three out of the twelve contests going to the scorecards, this night was full of finishing flurry. Seven warriors were able to be victorious via devastating knockout power and two of the fighters showed great ground skills by ending their matches with a rear-naked choke.

Listed below are the results for the full fight card:

TOP FC 7: Return to Basics
May 29th, 2015
Pullman Ambassador Hotel
Changwon, South Korea

-93kg Light Heavyweight Main Event
Kim Doo-Hwan (KTT) vs Roque Martinez (Spike 22)
Winner: Roque Martinez, Unanimous Decision (3:0)

-84kg Middleweight Co-Main Event
Kim Eun-Soo (Nova MMA) vs Jung Sung-Jik (KTT)
Winner: Kim Eun-Soo, Round 3 RNC (2:43)

-120kg Heavyweight Match
Lee Hyung-Chul (Paraestra Seoul) vs Jung Da-Un (Central Gym)
Winner: Jung Da-Un, Round 1 KO (4:10)

-52kg Women’s Strawweight Match
Jung Yoo-Jin (KTT) vs Yuko Kiryu (Brave Gym)
Winner: Jung Yoo-Jin, Round 1 TKO (1:00)

-84kg Middleweight Match
Ahn Jae-Young (Jungjin MMA) vs Oh Se-Won (Changwon Gaon Gym)
Winner: Ahn Jae-Young, Round 3 TKO (2:42)

-66kg Featherweight Match
Lee Min-Gu (KTT) vs Kim Sung-Hyun (Ulsan Team MAD)
Winner: Lee Min-Gu, Round 1 KO (0:31)

-61kg Bantamweight Match
Hwang Young-Jin (Shinilho MMA) vs Emil Abasov (Team SABR)
Winner: Emil Abasov, Majority Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-29)

-57kg Flyweight Match
Kim Kyu-Sung (Jeonju First Gym) vs Jung Won-Seok (Busan Team MAD)
Winner: Kim Kyu-Sung, Round 2 TKO (1:27)

-120kg Heavyweight Match
Lim Jun-Soo (Ring Entertainment) vs Clayton Jones (Free)
Winner: Lim Jun-Soo, Round 2 TKO (2:33)

-61kg Bantamweight Match
Ahn Jung-Hyun vs Hong Seong-Min
Winner: Ahn Jung-Hyun, Round 2 TKO (3:30)

-57kg Flyweight Match
Choi Jung-Bum vs Kwon Ssang-Su
Winner: Choi Jung-Bum, Round 1 RNC (1:33)

-57kg Flyweight Match
Kwon Min-Su vs Lee Hyo-Min
Winner: Kwon Min-Su, Unanimous Decision (3:0)


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