TOP FC 8: Heart of a Champion Live Play by Play and Results


On August 15th, 2015, TOP FC 8 is going down at Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea. The main card will feature the Lightweight Grand Prix Final and the inaugural Bantamweight title is on the line in the co-main event.

In the featured bout of the night, the Lightweight Grand Prix Final between MosGym representative Kang Jung-Min (7-5-2) and the other Kim Dong-Hyun (12-6-3) from Team MAD is bound to duplicate the fireworks that they created in their semifinal matches.

The co-main event will be for the inaugural bantamweight strap. The match-up between undefeated phenom Kwak Kwan-Ho (6-0) and furious brawler Park Han-Bin (6-2) should be just as anticipated as the main event.


TOP FC 8: Heart of a Champion
August 15th, 2015
Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea


Full Play by Play and Results

-70kg Lightweight Grand Prix Final

Kang Jung-Min (MosGym) vs Kim Dong-Hyun (Team MAD)

Round 1 – Kang swings big and Kim ducks under. They scramble and Kim lands on top in half guard. Kim is working to advance but Kang slips out.  However, Kim grabs Kang and slams him. Kang gets up and awkwardly runs into the cage with his head. Kang drops to the ground and Kim jumps and throws down punches. Kang somehow gets back up and lands a hard left hand that wobbles Kim. Kang looks like he is very fatigued or injured. Kim then grabs Kang and drags him to the ground and takes the back. Kim sinks in the RNC and Kang immediately taps. Kim is now the winner of the LW Grand Prix and the first ever Lightweight Champion of TOP FC.

Result: Kim Dong-Hyun wins via Rear-Naked Choke (Round 1, 4:07)

61kg Bantamweight Title Match

Kwak Kwan-Ho (KTT) vs Park Han-Bin (Tristone)

Round 1 – Kwak is circling and moving side to side while Park is moving straight forward. Kwak is getting the better of the exchanges. He keeps making Park miss and landing good shots. Park attempts a takedown but Kwak sprawls and gets up. Park lands a right to the chin and a knee. Right afterwards he lands a headkick. Kwak toughs it out and lands a overhand right and a left hook to finish the round.

Round 2 – They come out exchanging kicks. Kwak drops Park with a right but Park jumps right up. Kwak swarms and is landing punches in bunches. Park is tough and a stands his ground. then, Kwak gets poked in the eye. The crowd sighs. Back to action after the doctor checks on both fighters. Park attempts a takedown but Kwak shakes him off. Then at the end of the round Kwak gets the double leg takedown to finish on top.

Round 3 – Park attempt a takedown but Kwak defends. They get back to their feet. Kwak lands a right. Park attempts another takedown but Kwak sprawls and lands on top. Ground and pound coming down hard. Kwak is relentless at the same time Park is not giving up easy. Kwak keep punching and then Park turtles up. Park is taking a lot of damage. Finally, the ref steps in and Kwak is the first Bantamweight Champion for TOP FC.

Result: Kwak Kwan-Ho wins by TKO (Round 3, 1:43)

-66kg Featherweight Match

Kim Dong-Gyu (Tristone) vs Han Seung-Hwa (First Gym)

Round 1 – They dance around for the first minute. Then the action begins.  Han lands a right hand. Kim fires back with a combo and clinches. They break and Kim lands a head kick and a kick to the body. Han drops Kim with an uppercut and swarms. Left hand, headkick, and left hook. Kim comes back with an elbow but Han is still throwing hard and landing. Han takes it to the ground and is punishing Kim. Kim somehow gets up and looks revitalised and connects with a spinning elbow. This time Kim swarms and is landing unanswered shots. The crowd has been going crazy for the last three minutes of the round. This will be hard for the judges to score.

Round 2 – Kim comes out and lands a left hook. Han lands an uppercut of his own. They clinch and Han has a body lock. he drops down and takes the back but Kim reverses and gets up. They get back to the feet. Kim pokes Han in the eye and the ref steps in. The doctors come in the check the eye. Han cannot continue. The fight is over.

Result: No Contest (Eye-Poke)

-70kg Lightweight Match

Michael Ahn (KTT) vs Park Kyung-Soo (Extreme Combat)

Round 1 – They touch gloves. Ahn connects with a short uppercut. Park counter as Ahn goes in. Ahn then times a beautiful double leg. Park gets right back up. Low blow stops the round for a few but back to action. Park is a lot more active on the feet and landing the much cleaner shots. Ahn decides to clinch but Park reverses. They break and Ahn lands a kick to the body.

Round 2 – Kick by Ahn lands to the body. Park is continually pushing forward. Hard inside leg kick by Park. Single leg attempt by Ahn but Park fights it off. Right kick to the body by Park. Ahn jumps in for a double leg and puts Park on his back. He advances while landing punches but Park get up. Ahn gets the head and arm. He drops down for a takedown but Park spins out. Back to the center. Ahn slips and Park jumps on top and lands a few punches before the round ends.

Round 3 – Ahn gets a double leg and slams Park to the mat. Ahn is workng to pass and gets into half guard. Park slips out and stands up. Park lands a hard body kick. another takedown for Ahn. Again in half guard. He transitions to side control. Park gets up and Ahn takes the back. Hooks are in. Ahn looking for a kimura. Ahn moves into mount and lands a few elbows. Park is working hard. Ahn loses it and gets into side control and then mount. Park pushes him away and the bell sounds.

Result: Michael Ahn wins the Unanimous Decision (3:0)

-120kg Heavyweight Match

Lim Jun-Soo (Ring Entertainment) vs Jung Da-Un (Central Gym)

Round 1 – Big boys are up. They start with a lot of fainting. Jung jumps in for a takedown and pushes against the fence. They stay there too long and the ref steps in to break them up. Lim working leg kicks. Jung attempts another takedown and the same result. They break and Lim is working leg kicks. He has landed around a good fifteen. Jung is visibly hurt from the leg kicks.

Round 2 – Jung attempts a takedown and they get broken up by the ref. Jung starts to heat up on the feet with combos. Lim keeps with the leg kicks. Both fighters keep trading jabs. Then, Jung swarms and Lim is taking shots against the fence. Lim smiles and waves Jung in but he backs off.

Round 3 – The first minute has no action. Jung is controlling the cage but not much landing from both sides. Jung is much more active and lands a combo. The jab is starting to work for Jung. Big right hand for Jung. Jung ducks down for a takedown but the ref breaks them up after they just sit against the fence. Jung starts throwing left hooks. The round is over. 

Result: Lim Jun-Soo wins via Majority Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-29)

-52kg Women’s Strawweight Match

Jung Yoo-Jin (KTT) vs Naouel Bourbia (Phuket Top Team)

Round 1 – Bourbia comes out the gate landing punches so Jung clinches and takes the fight to the ground. She moves to side control and then to mount but Bourbia escapes. Bourbia gets up and Jung just sits on her back for about a minute. Therefore, the ref stands them up. They exchange some more and Jung clinches again. Jung grabs the waist and spins around to the back and drops down. She transitions to mount and starts to pound Bourbia. Bourbia attempts to get out so Jung grabs the arm and sets up a belly down armbar. Bourbia taps.

Result: Jung Yoo-Jin wins by Armbar (Round 1, 4:07)

-66kg Featherweight Match

Kim Sung-Hyun (Team MAD) vs Kwon Won-Il (Extreme Combat)

Round 1 – These guys come out banging. Kim is standing in the pocket and throwing hard leather. Kim lands a right hand and flattens Kwon. But Kwon gets right back up. Kwon connects with a left hook and opens a cut over Kim’s right eye. Kwon then lands a front kick. Kim decides to clinch and puts Kwon on the fence. However, Kwon pushes off the fence and takes Kim down. Kim turns his back and Kwon jumps on and puts the hooks in. Kwon locks in a deep RNC and starts to squeeze. Kim cannot fight it no longer. Kim taps.

Result: Kwon Won-Il wins via Rear-Naked Choke (Round 1, 4:30)

-57kg Flyweight Match
Faromon Gafarov (Uzbek Top Team) vs Kwon Min-Soo (Gaon Gym)

Round 1 – Both come out exchanging but nothing landing. Faromon catches a kick and connects with two hard right hands. Faromon is landing kicks. Knees and a body shot by Kwon. They continue to swing for the fences. But they decide to clinch. Kwon gets Farmon to the ground. Immediately gets to mount and then takes the back. Kwon is attacking a kimura but Faromon grabs his leg to protect the arm. Kwon lets go and grabs the neck but Faromon defends well. Then Kwon transitions to an armbar and has Faromon defending it for a minute. Faromon gets out and the round is done.

Round 2 – Not much action for the first minute. Faromon lands a knee. A lot of punches barely missing. Both fighters look fatigued. Faromon lands an overhand right. Faromon keeps grunting like a madman with every strike he throws. Another right hand to the chin by Faromon. He is landing a lot of counters. Kwon keeps active but missing a lot. Big swings and misses by both fighters to end the round.

Round 3 – Kwon is working the leg but Faromon swarms and starts landing shots. Kwon weathers the attack. They get back to the center and exchange some more. Combo and headkick lands for Faromon. Clean body kick lands for Faromon. Kwon hits with a counter. The last minute was uneventful with both fighters throwing shots but nothing really connecting.

Result: Faromon Gafarov wins via Split Decision (30-29, 30-27, 29-30)