Tough DEEP champion Mina Kurobe defends her title


Place:Shinjuku FACE
Start 18:30 / End 21:50

This past weekend was huge for Japanese MMA, with DEEP JEWELS 19 taking place on 10 March 2018 at Shinjuku FACE and Pancrase 294. In the main event, atomweight championship Mina Kurobe earned a decision win over her opponent Sarami to retain her title.

SARAMI(Satomi Takano),27 started to train MMA at her age of 17 in her Home town, Toyama-Prefecture and Pro-debuted at 22 years old. But She couldn’t become champion. She decided to leave her home town and moved to Tokyo 2 years ago. This means she left her gym and changed her teacher… TO BE A CHAMPION. Before entering the ring I saw her former teacher Fukumoto-san (of CB IMPACT sent an encouragement to her,SARAMI. I was moved (almost cried) to watch this scene… How important this chain of human relations.

On the other side, Current DEEP JEWELS Atom weight champion Mina Kurobe is 40 years old (too old as a champion?!) and she has defended this belt for 2 years with Phenomenal Stamina and punch techniques. She says that ”There are no female fighters can match to me in Japan. I’m eyeing to the world MMA.”

The fight was almost standing fight and finally Tough Gate Keeper Kurobe defended her championship. After the fight Kurobe appealed that she wanna… have a fight at RIZIN? ……NO. She said she wanna have a boyfriend so she asked RIZIN CEO Sakakibara-san to introduce someone as a boy friend to her! How funny she is! Sakakibara-san bitter-smiled and said “I wanna Kurobe-san to fight at RIZIN. I can’t introduce someone!” There is a rumor that Kurobe was one of a candidate fighter for last year’s RIZIN women tournament. Will Kurobe fight at RIZIN? How SARAMI will go? We have to keep eyes for DEEP JEWELS world.

Another rising star in women’s MMA King Reina was also back in action and got the early finish over Park Soyoung with a crushing armlock submission early into the first round.


Main Event (Atom Weight Championship:5min x 3R /Elbow-Attack allowed)
Mina Kurobe (Master Japan) VS SARAMI (PANCRASEism Yokohama)
Kurobe won by 3-0/Decision.

8th Fight (Light Weight:5min x 3R/Elbow-Attack allowed)
KING Reina (FIGHT CLUB 428) VS Park Soyoung (GUMI Team Hon)
Reina won by Arm-Lock at 1R 1’30”.

7th Fight (Under 56.7kg: 5min x 2R)
Yukari Nabe (PARAESTRA Kashiwa) VS Kana Watanabe (FIGHTER’S FLOW)
Draw by 0-1/decison.

6th Fight (Atom Weight:5min x 2R)
Tomo Maesawa (Reversal Tachikawa ALPHA) VS Yuko Saito (Akatsuki Dojo)
Maesawa won by 3-0/Decision.

5th Fight (Fly Weight:5min x 2R)
Amiba (AACC) VS Hikari (Philoktetes Niigata)
Amiba won by 2-0/Decision.

4th Fight (Atom Weight:5min x 2R)
Yuko Kiryu (BRAVE) VS Tomomi Muneta (HIDE’s KICK)
Kiryu won by Arm-bar at 1R 4’40”.

3rd Fight (Atom Weight:5min x 2R)
Mizuki Furuse (Y&K MMA ACADEMY) VS Nanaka Kawamura (KAMEN JYOSHI)
Furuse won by 2-0/Decision.

2nd Fight (Under 50kg:5min x 2R)
KAI (Reversal Tachikawa ALPHA) VS ARAMI (MIBURO)
ARAMI won by 3-0/Decision.

1st Fight (Atom Weight:5min x 2R)
Hikaru Aono (STRIPLE Shin-Yurigaoka) VS An’na Kiriyama (Zendo-kai)
Aono won by 3-0/Decision.