UFC 186: Demetrious Johnson keeps crown via last second submission of Kyoji Horiguchi



UFC 186 Demetrious Johnson vs Kyoji Horiguchi
UFC 186 Demetrious Johnson vs Kyoji Horiguchi

UFC 186 took place on April 25, 2015 in Montreal, Canada. Demetrious Johnson successfully defended the Flyweight title with a final second submission of Kyoji Horiguchi.

Horiguchi came out strong and fast as expected against the 5-time defending champion. But as the rounds wound on, Johnson’s relentless takedowns proved to be a force with which Horiguchi couldn’t contend.

Johnson felt Horiguchi’s kicks in the first round, and knew he didn’t want anything to do with them. In the second, Horiguchi showed he could get back to standing if he was against the cage, so Johnson put him down in the middle of the cage in the third, and tried to keep him there with a mounted crucifix to the bell.

In the championship rounds, Johnson kept to his gameplan of shoots, and mixed in combinations that flustered and tired Horiguchi. Horiguchi had his moments as he dug deep for a comeback late in the fourth and into the fifth with strong kicks and a takedown of his own. But Johnson repeated his success in the middle of the cage, with a final round position switch that snagged him an armbar, and Horiguchi was forced to tap at the very last second of the match.

UFC 186 Demetrious Johnson vs Kyoji Horiguchi
UFC 186 Demetrious Johnson vs Kyoji Horiguchi

Play by play:

Kyoji kicks, Johnson returns one and Kyoji backs away from it. Kyoji with body kick. Johnson stalks, Kyoji skirts. Kyoji tags him! Johnson dives for a single, misses. Kyoji kicks, Johnson catches it and goes for the takedown. Kyoji defends, they end up clinching at the cage. Kyoji turns and gets away. High kick by Johnson, then a combo of punches, nails the takedown. Kyoji sitting against the cage, Johnson with big pressure, not letting him up and looking to pass. Kyoji gets up! Nice leg kick by Kyoji. Kyoji with punches and a flying knee, Johnson tries to shoot, Kyoji defends. Kyoji with more leg kicks and body kicks.

Round two and Johnson turns up the heat with strikes, kicks and a knee. Kyoji with a knee, and Kyoji gets the takedown. Johnson up, Kyoji with the back momentarily, a punch as he separates. Kyoji skirts, Johnson goes in for the double leg and puts Kyoji against the cage seated. Johnson tries to pulls Kyoji’s legs out, Kyoji gets up, but Johnson has him down again. Kjoji up again, but Johnson puts him back down. Kyoji up and finally away standing. Johnson kicks, Kyoji catches. Johnson drives again, gets the double leg against the cage. Kyoji up, and turns him against the cage. They trade punches on the break up. Johnson with a nice punch.

Round 3. Johnson kicks, Kyoji looking to counter. Kyoji kicks leg kick. Johnson shoots, Kyoji defends it. Kyoji body kick and on the spin, Johnson gets his back and drags him down. Kyoji turns, gets to the cage, and punches. Kyoji stands, Johnson with tons of pressure on. And knees. They stand and bang! Kyoji low kicks coming out strong. Defends the single leg. Johnson ducks and shoots for a big double. Johnson looks to pass and does, to side control. Johnson keeps pressure on, moves just enough with small shots to keep Kyoji down. Johnson gets a mounted crucifix, throws short punches.

Round 4. They trade kicks. Kyoji starts to come in, Johnson shoots. Kyoji comes in with a combo, Johnson ducks and takes the back standing. Kyoji turns, they separate. Johnson just going for takedown after takedown, Kyoji beginning to get flustered, but still getting up each time. Finally Kyoji separates, Johnson with a nice low kick. Kyoji returns his own. They break, but Johnson swarms again with everything. Kyoji looks for the big punch. Kyoji now goes for the clinch and trip, Johnson defends. Kyoji catches a high kick, tries a takedown, Johnson defends.

Round 5. Kyoji goes right in, but Johnson gets a singe. Kyoji has a guard but Johnson passes, Kyoji grabs for a triangle, Johnson gets out. Kyoji turns, gets out, and finally breaks. Kyoji now slow on his punches and Johnson nails the single again. Kyoji has half guard, Johnson goes for the back as Kyoji turns, but Kyoji’s out! Johnson goes right back for the takedown! Kyoji up, Johnson with the double, and jumps into side. Johnson n=moves tot he back, then goes to the front, a knee. Kyoji up and out. Johnson with a big throw and right to side control and transition to an arm bar with 1 second left!

Demetrious Johnson defeats Kyoji Horiguchi by Submission, armbar, round 5, 4:59