UFC Fight Night 34 in Singapore results and updates



UFC Fight Night 34
January 4, 2014

The following broadcasters will be airing the event – check local listings for live or delayed.
Australia: UFC Fight Pass (live and free trial)
Brasil: Combate Channel
Cambodia: Hang Meas
Canada: UFC Fight Pass (live and free trial)
China: Sohu, PPTV, Liaoning TV, Guangdong TV, Jiangsu TV, Shanxi TV, Shenzen, Hainan, Tianjin, Hebei TV
Indonesia: RCTI, MNC Sports
Japan: Hikari TV, Nico Nico Video
Korea: SuperAction TV, SPO TV
Malaysia: Astro Supersport
Mongolia: SPS
New Zealand: UFC Fight Pass (live and free trial)
Philippines: Studio 23, Balls
Singapore: Mediacorp
United States: UFC Fight Pass (live and free trial)

Main Card

#10 Welterweight Bout 5 Rounds
Lim Hyun Gyu vs Tarec Saffiedine

Round 1. Lim is not afraid to take the offence and lands a nice combo to a knee to the body. A few more sporadic shots rtaded and Lim catched a heel to put Tarec on his butt. Lim has good punch-kick combinations and he’s landing. Another punch and knee combo by Lim with another foot catch that puts Tarec down. Tarec starts finding a home for his fists at the end of the round.

Round 2. Lim seems like he wants to get in really bad now. Hands a little wide and low, and Tarec sees this and bombs him right down the chute three times! Now Tarec is putting some hard kicks in the mix. Nice body then head combo by Tarec! He sees Lim withering and he’s being patient and wise with his timing. Lim eats an elbow.

Round 3. High kick by Tarec and then Lim comes back to life with a punch kick combo. Tarec goes in and eats a knee but gets Lim down! Lim locks on to a foot! Tarec is free and takes the back! Lim shucks him off and we’re back to standing! Three huge right leg kick floor Lim! And Tarec keeps hammering on the leg until he finally decides follow him to the canvas. From half guard Lim protects himself from the punches. Ref stands them and Tarec goes straight for the leg again, Lim can’t even stand on it anymore.

Round 4. Lim’s corner lets him keep fighting and he does! Lim comes out swinging! He’s even throwing jumping knees but eventually it won’t bend anymore. Tarec jumps with his own knee and Lim goes down. Tarec tries to take the back but Lim spins. Tarec is looking for something but can’t find it. Lim’s been shark tanked enough so he knows how to defend.

Round 5! Lim shows all kinds of heart! He’s on the attack again although nothing hurts Tarec. Sharp jab from Tarec. Another deadly kick that sits Lim down. A huge head kick smacks Lim! He gives a out a KIA! And keeps going. Tarec is so far out in front but he’s making it game for the fans I suppose. And LIM ATTACKS AND ALMOST KOS TAREC!!! Last 20 seconds and he’s wobbling on his feet!

Tarec Saffiedine defeats Lim HyunGyu by UD, 49-46, 48-47, 48-47

#9 Featherweight Bout 3 Rounds
Sean Soriano vs Tatsuya Kawajiri

Kawajiri wants to get it to the ground and Soriano won’t let him. Kawajiris is rushing in unphazed by what he’s eating to get there. Kawajiri finally gets him down and pressures him, Soriano gets up but Kawajiri is relentless. He works to the back and almost sinks a RNC. Soriano defends but Kawajiri has a body lock. He’s holding onto it while Soriano tries to spin out. Soriano spins and Kawajiri pounds on him to the bell.

Round 2. Kawajiri wastes no time taking down Soriano and choking him out.

Tatsuya Kawajiri defeats Sean Soriano by Submission, RNC, rd 2, :50

#8 Welterweight Bout 3 Rounds
Luiz Dutra vs Kiichi Kunimoto

Round 1. Kiichi shoots and gets it against the cage, pressuring for a takedown theat Dutra won’t let him get. Kiichi goes in with a couple of punches. It’s clear these guys want to get in and KO. Kiichi with nice kicks. He shoots against the cage and Dutra stars landing elbows to the back of his head and neck, quite obvious what he’s doing. Kiichi is down and not moving.

Kiichi Kunimoto defeats Luiz Dutra by DQ, illegal elbows to the back of the head and neck, rd 1, 2:57

#7 Bantamweight Bout 3 Rounds
Shunichi Shimizu vs Kang Kyung Ho

Round 1. Shimizu enters, bows, and everyone claps. That’s nice. Kang starts off the action with high kicks. Shimizu ducks into a knee! He’s down and grabs for a leg! Kang slamson top of him and starts pounding, then flips him into a triangle! Shimizu defends, Kang goes for an armbar. Shimizu defends it so Kang drops a lot of illegal 12 to 6 elbows to his face. Ref Steve Percival deducts 2 points! Restart standing. Shimizu is bouncy again. He ducks Kang’s spinning back kick. Tries a scizzors takedown but it doesn’t work. Goes for a single but it’s Kang on top throwing punches. Back to standing. Shimizu takes a kick to the groin.

Round 2. Kang kicks, Shimizu returns. Shimizu tries for a single but Kang reverses him down. And mounts. Kang with elbows. Many, many elbows. Shimizu reverses him off and he’s in guard now! Kang cage walks up and Shimizu pulls guard. Kang stands and punches at the bell.

Round three. Shimizu lands a double leg but Kang walks out of it and slams his own. Elbows of death from Kang. And more elbows. But he’s not looking to finish and Shimizu’s head must be made of concrete. Shimizu makes an attempt at rubber guard. A brief reprieve but Kang grabs for the neck and jumps to the side to get a quick arm triangle choke.

Kang Kyung Ho defeats Shunichi Shimizu by Submission, arm triangle, rd 3, 3:53


#6 Featherweight Bout 3 Rounds
Will Chope vs Max Holloway

Round one. The two tall featherweights go toe to toe. Chope’s landing more of the exchanges and mixing it up with kicks. A spinning back kick stuns will and Max follows up with lots that land hard! Max ends the round hammering into Chope against the cage. Chope’s shoots can’t save him but the bell does.

Round 2. Holloway is nurdering Chope on his feet! Chope swings back wildly! Chope clinches against the cage to recover. As soon as he gets free. Holloway wallops him and and busts Chope’s face wide open.

Max Holloway defeats Will Chope by TKO, rd 2, 2:27

#5 Lightweight Bout 3 Rounds
Quinn Mulhern vs Katsunori Kikuno

Round 1. Kikuno with his karate kata opener. Here’s the stance! Kikuno eats a few. Mulhern shot, Kikuno sprawled, and Mulhern has rubber guard. Kikuno pops out and stands. Kikuno goes in lands and uppercut. Liver kick by Kikuno. Second shoot, spwarl, rubber guard and Kikuno let’s him up. Kikuno very comfortable to stalk, block and counter. Agan Mulhern grabs guard. Kikuno is entertaining and effective.

Round 2. Kikuno blocks a kick and Kikuno smacks him. Down and up again. And down. And up. Mulhern looks exhausted. He’s almost flopping down now. Kikuno punching from inside half guard. Mulhern tries rubber guard but Kikuno walks over his other knee. Up again. Kikuno’s left eye looks split but not bleeding. He goes in with a combo. Mulhern shoots right into a knee.

Round 3. Mulhern basically pulling guard any chance he can. Kikuno’s top game is boring and smothering. And working. Finally the ref breaks and they are back to standing. Kikuno dominating without even throwing a strike now. And he ends the round dropping Mulhern again.

Katsunori Kikuno defeats Quinn Mulhern by Unanimous Decision

#4 Bantamweight Bout 3 Rounds
David Galera vs Royston Wee

Round 1. Wee with a huge takedown! Galera grabs guard and starts punching, Wee returns them! The crowd is going nuts for the Singaporean. Galera tries to get butterfly but Wee doesn’t let him. Wee is pessuring and lands an elbow. Galera sweeps and mounts! Wee sweeps it back! Wee briefly passes to half but Galera recovers. Another elbow by Wee! He’s sneaky. Galersa is trying to sit up sweep but gives up in favor of elbows. Wee has split open Galera’s right eye. It goes to the bell with Wee the dominator.

Round 2. Wee opens it with another takedown and this time he’s in side control. Galera recovers half. He’s doing it with the elbows again, and his bear hug is controlling Galera well. Galera tries to recover guard and Wee jumps out. Galera now working from the bottom with some strikes and looking to position higher, possibly for a triangle. Wee senses it and scoots up nicely. Galera finally grabs Wee’s shin and gets himself out and up. Wee keeps ahold and gets him back down against the cage.

Round 3. Galera now brings out his arsenal of strikes. Wee tries to fix his shorts and Galera goes in, tagging him, but Wee puts him down again! Major illegal upkick from Galera when Wee is still on his knees inside guard. A point is deducted and reset with Wee on top. He puts Galeera against the cage and Galera gets up, only to be felled by Wee once again! Galera looks for a kimura! Wee twists out. Royston ends the round with punches and a huge Singapore roar of approval.

Royston Wee defeats Dave Galera by Unanimous Decision, 30-26

#3 Lightweight Bout 3 Rounds
Bang Tae Hyun vs Mairbek Taisumov

Round 1. Bang takes the center of the cage. Taisumov throwing kicks from outside. Bang is stalking, looking for a KO, Taisumov lands an inside lowkick. Bang finally pressures against the cage and lands some shots from inside. Taisumov responds with a high kick. A hook stuns Bang, he kicks, Taisumov catches it and almost puts him down. Bang wants that clinch game. He goes in with flying knee and eats a straight! Taisumov with a high kick.

Round 2. Again Bang stalks and Taisumov bounces around, eventually taking the center. High kick to single leg but Bang’s quickly up. Taisumov’s midsection kicks are working, Bang’s hands are lower and lower. Taisumov lands a left jab. Bang’s hands now completely dropped, but Taisumov is not taking advantage of it.

Round 3. Big double leg by Taisumov. From inside guard he smothers, then gets to half, but Bang gets back to the cage. Taisumov smartly turns him sideways into it, but Bang still gets up. Taisumov underhooks and throws him down again. Bear hug by Taisumov keeps anything Bang tries to twist out ineffective. Bang eventually does get out and Taisumov lets him stand so he can eat more kicks. Bang plodding now. Taisumov with a nice outside leg trip!

Mairbek Taisumov defeats Bang Tae Hyun by UD, 30-27

#2 Bantamweight Bout 3 Rounds
Jon Delos Reyes vs Dustin Kimura

These guys want to strike! Reyes with a nice one-two and then a right that rocks Kimura. From there he puts him on his back and proceeds to assault. Kimura’s not a slouch off his back and he constantly tangles up Reyes’ attacks until he can lock up an arm. He has it tight and Reyes can’t roll out, he has to tap!

Dustin Kimura defeats Jon Delos Reyes by Submission, armbar, rd 1, 2:13

#1 Bantamweight Bout 3 Rounds
Russell Doane vs Leandro Issa

Mad props to the first fighters of the night who start off the energy. Issa gets the hometown advantage. Iss fakes overhand right and shoots. As Issa tries to pass Doane sweeps and it’s up again. Doane is throwing bombs! Issa knows better than to trade and goes for his bread and butter – takedown. Issa almost passes and Doane sweeps again, he takes the back! Issa is crafty and spins over. Doane stands, fake kicks and instead punches, only to land in Issa’s triangle! It’s tight! Doane tries a slam but cage prevents full impact. Doane lasts to the bell.

Round 2. Hard right by Doane. Issa half shoots, Doane pressures him against the cage. Issa pushes out, responds with a strong low kick. Issa shoots and Doane tees off on him! Huge right by Doane! Issa keeps eating them! He shoots but Doane stuffs them. Taakedown sees Doane get side control and crucifix, Issa looks to sweep out of it but Doane transitions to a triangle and puts Issa to sleep!

Russell Doane defeats Leandro Issa by Submission, triangle, rd 2, 4:59