UFC Fight Night 52 Hunt vs Nelson live results and play by play


Join us for the live play by play and results for UFC Fight Night 52 at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan. Zike Sugawaraand Lee Li both on duty.

UFC Fight Night 52 – Hunt vs Nelson
September 20, 2014
Saitama Super Arena
Tokyo, Japan

#12 – Heavyweight
Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson

Hunt is the first to land. Nelson shoots for a single, Hunt slips out. Eye poke to Nelson. Time stop, Nelson’s OK. Hunt kicks, Nelson returns a combo. Walloping leg kick from Hunt! Smacking uppercut by Hunt. For the next 3 minutes it’s a back and forth game of tag. Nelson with a huge right hook at the 1 minute mark! Nelson with a huge leg kick that spins Hunt around!

Hunt rocks with a 1-2! Nelson shoots! Nelson gets the takedown to the back but it’s impossible to lock around his waist, they stand. Nelson with an audible leg kick. Nelson comes in and eats a couple of jabs. Hunt lands upercut, 1-2! Nelson with the body shot! Hunt plants a big uppercut that face plants Nelson for the KO!

Mark Hunt defeats Roy Nelson by KO, rd 2


#11 – Lightweight
Myles Jury vs Takanori Gomi

Jury opens up with kicks. Gomi takes them, looking to find his striking distance. And Jury knocks him down and out with a right cross and pounding combo!

Myles Jury defeats Takanori Gomi by TKO, rd 1, 1:32


#10 – Welterweight
Yoshihiro Akiyama vs Amir Sadollah

Sadollah pours on the kicks, and Akiyama punches, he gets a huge trip to flatten Sadollah! Akiyama works to side control, Sadollah recovers half. Akiyama and Sadollah both try to jockey out of their positions. Sadollah sneaks a knee inside and stands out. Breif clinch and back to striking, Akiyama with a back kick.

Round 2. Akiyama grabs a kick and then ducks 3 more! Sadollah is trying to land kicks, Akiyama does. Tags Sadollah with a spinning back fist. Akiyama lands on Sadollah. And again! Tags him hard, Sadollah stumbles down and Akiyama assaults, Sadollah saves himself by tying up Akiyama’s hands. Akiyama finally content to drop into Sadollah’s guard. Akiyama almost eats some upkicks as he looks to pass guard by folding Sadollah’s legs up.

Massive leather thrown from the opening bell for the final round. Akiyama’s striking looks good. Another spinning back kick by Akiyama! Sadollah slips on a high kick and goes down, Akiayama follows him with pressure and striking, Sadollah’s trying to lock up an arm. Now Akiyama goes to town, and Sadollah’s nose is spewing blood.

Yoshihiro Akiyama defeats Amir Sadollah by Unanimous Decision, 30-27


#9 – Women’s Bantamweight
Miesha Tate vs Rin Nakai

Nakai ducking and diving as Tate looks to see the best way in. Naki with the shoot. Tate pressures, Nakai throws knees that barely land. Nakai on her back, Tate lets her up. Nakai grabs a kick and puts Tate against the cage. Nakai bouncing, Tate not quite ready to go in, Tate forearms Nakai against the cage for attempting a single. Nakai almost gets a single! Saves herself with a tag on the way out. Tate with the high kick and Nakai goes in to take the back, almost gets the suplex. They trade and Nakai smiles, Tate tags her smile right off her face.

Nakai ducks a punch and single legs Tate all the way down! Nakai grabs another kick, Tate spins her against the cage. Nakai gets around to Tate’s back! Tate puts a knee down and Nakai climbs on! Tate slowly forces her way back into guard with Nakai’s back on the canvas. She throws elbows, Naka somersaults out to standing, and the crowd claps! They break and start striking again, and Tate lands on Nakai’s chin against the fence. Nakai again shoots under a strike for a single.

And we’re on to round 3! Nakai gets the back right from the bell, jumps on, and gets a drag down! Tate stands, and Nakai has to let go. Tate with an elbow and a knee in the clinch. Nakai puts her on the cage again, looking for a throw. Tate tries a hip throw. Nakai still has underhooks and power against the clinch. Nakai almost with the drag down again. Nakai with the takedown! Tate cage walks right back up. That’s a wrap!

Miesha Tate defeats Rin Nakai by Unanimous Decision, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27


#8 – Welterweight
Kiichi Kunimoto vs Richard Walsh

Walsh rocks Kunimoto and he goes down! Kunimoto grabs for the legs and Walsh has to run out for an escape. Walsh with a knee and again Kunimoto goes down and is forced to shoot defend. Walsh pressures Kunimoto against the cage with lots of shots, then a low blow for the second time. Walsh is looking for the KO and he smells it in the blood of Kunimoto’s nose. Kunimoto takes a break with pressure against the cage until Walsh reverses him. Kunimoto looks for a high crotch but gets reversd again. Huge round for Walsh.

Round two opens in the same manner, Walsh headhunting, Kunimoto looking for any way to protect and get it down. Kunimoto’s striking turns on a bit in the second half, and a shoot to a body lock almost gains him some ground, but Walsh is strong. The round ends with cage clinching and Kunimot’s knees, that seems to do little damage.

Kunimoto comes out aggressive, attempts to stand and trade. Walsh is the one who shoots now and Kunimoto defends. Kunimoto gets in a few knees for good measure. Walsh is not as agrressive, until 3 minutes when he breaks out of the clinch strong with strikes and a kick that lands on Kunimoto’s firmly planted leg. Kunimoto finally gets the take down! Kunimoto takes the back and pulls Walsh backwards! He locks up his legs and throws strikes and elbows from behind. One minute left, he needs this choke! Ah, the bell saves Walsh. This is a close one.

Kiichi Kunimoto defeats Richard Walsh by Split Decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28


#7 – Flyweight
Kyoji Horiguchi vs Jon Delos Reyes

Kyoji with a huge body kick that crumples Reyes to the canvas, Kyoji follows him down and works his hands free to try for a choke. They stand and Kyoji throws blows. Reyes looks to have recovered. Reyes grabs a kick, chases it to the cage and lands a flying knee. Kyoji turns him in the clinch. Wrestling, then seperate, Kyoji clips Reyes, and knows it, blasts him over and over until he goes down and still more hurt. Finally the ref has to intervene!

Kyoji Horiguchi defeats Jon Delos Reyes by TKO, rd 1, 3:48

#6 – Bantamweight
Alex Caceres vs Masanori Kanehara

Bruce right away with the fancy approach, Kanehara shrugs it off. Kanahara body kick lands. Kanehara overhand right. He catches a kick and rushes it down. Kanehara in guard, low low hand because Bruce has it behind his back. Bruce’s legs are creeping higher Kanehara tries to pass, Bruce scrambles up, Kane hara keeps tight on him. Kanehara tags Bruce and he stumbles!! Kanehara goes after him, landing over and over while Bruce hits the cage! Bruce survives, briefly has a standing kimura. Hot round!

Rd 2. Bruce kicks, Kanehara grabs it, Bruce jumps for a guillotine. Kanehara gets out, goes for the back. He puts a body lock on, Bruce stands, Kanehara looks for the choke. Finally Bruce drops to his knees, Kanehara keeps the lock and works for the choke again. Kanehara’s lock opens and Buce goes for the ankle breaker. Kanehara again gets a choke and Bruce pulls it off. Bruce opts to stand again, can’t fault him for being entertaining!

Kanehara’s looking really unpredictable, which is refreshing. Bruce rushes in, looks like a clash of heads – ouch. Bruce with a nicely timed body kick. He counters Kanehara with a crisp 1-2. Bruce lands some jabs, Kanehara returns, Bruce rushes in, Kanehara with an elbow. Kanehara another elbow. Two high kicks from Bruce and Kanehara ducks the second! Kanehara tags with a right, then a body-head combo. Bruce is in the thick of it, lands a left!

Masanori Kanehara defeats Alex Caceres by Unanimous Decision, 29-28


#5 – Featherweight
Katsunori Kikuno vs Sam Sicilia

Kikuno on the prowl and Sicilia looking at his approach like “WTF?” Sicilia swings wide, Kikuno avoids the damage and tries to counter. Sicilia’s kicks are landing low, but he’s eyes are all over the place. Seems confused by it. His triking timing is off. Sicilia finallwith a glancing blow. Kikono’s kicks come out, ouch. Kikuno is smiling! Kikuno spinning back fist. Sicilia gets it against the cage for some knees at the end of the round.

Kikuno comes out with a smile on his face and stalks Sicilia, he’s having a good time and apparently thinks Kikuno 2.0 is working. A few punches backs up Sicilia! Kikuno gets him down, jumps to the back and gets the tap to a choke!

Katsunori Kikuno vs Sam Sicilia by Submission, RNC, rd 2


#4 – Welterweight
Hyun Gyu Lim vs Takenori Sato

First round: Lim looked massive compared to Sato in this fight. Sato tries to throw a head kick but Lim saw it a mile away. Sato pulls guard but the Korean refused to fight him on the ground; the ref stands Sato up. The Japanese shoots for a single leg, Lim defended it very well and countered it with vicious hammer fists and elbows on the temple. Sato looked unconscious by receiving some Lim’s powerful blows. Mcroberts stops the bout giving Lim a first round TKO win over Sato.

Hyun Gyu Lim defeats Takenori Sato by TKO, rd 1, 1:18


#3 – Bantamweight
Michinori Tanaka vs Kyung Ho Kang

Kang rocks tanaka! Tanaka shoots! In the scramble Kang takes his back! Kang has a body lock. Tanaka is fighting the choke, but Kang looks strong. Tanaka reverses out into guard! They stand! Tanaka gets the single but Kang again takes the back/ Tanaka reverses! Tanaka teaks a leg and keeps Kang seated against the cage. Kang powers out and puts Tanaka’s back to the canvas, lands elbows from inside guard. Tanaka tries to sweep, Kang jumps to half. Tanaka turns again, Kang takes the back again. SHort punches to open him up at the end of the round.

Kang’s range lands on Tanaka, they trade kicks, but Kang is forcing Tanaka to back pedal. Tanaka goes for the single, Kan defens, Tanaka trips him down! Inside guard Tanaka trows elbows. Kang gets a kimura! Flips Tanaka over! Now Kang’s in mount and holding the arm, Tanaka pulls free! Kang takes his back again! Tanaka reverses back into guard! Kang recovers to half, Tanaka with more elbows.Kang tries the buttergly sweep, Tanaka goes over and takes Kang’s back! Kang recovers to half guard and Tanaka with huge punishing elbows!

Kang with a hard thigh kick. Tanaka knpws his bread and butter turned the tide and he goes on the assault with shoots until he gets it! Kan recovers and Tanaka lands a well timed body kick. Tanak awith a big takedown but Kang reverses to the back! Tanaka again turns out! Kang powers to the feet and Tanaka plants him back down! Tanaka rocks Kang with a 1-2!!! Tanaka shoots, Kang stuffs, gets an anaconda! Tanaka’s out and up, again the go toe to toe to the bell!!!

Kyung Ho Kang defeats Michinori Tanaka by Split Decision, 29-28, 28-29-29-28


#2 – Lightweight
Kazuki Tokudome vs Johnny Case

Southpaw Tokudome looking for an opening, finds it with a few short strikes. Changes up for a double leg, but Case defends well. Tokudome gets the body lock and is determined to control Case, finally getting him to the canvas. Tokudome gets to side control. Finally Case recovers guard, transitions to butterfly, but can’t sweep Tokudome. Case scrambles up but Tokudome is on him. Case lands a few punches off the fence, high kick. Tokudome bounces out of Case’s reach, goes for the superman punch.

Tokudome takes that round.

Opening the second round with a groin shot but Tokudome. Case recovers, they trades high kicks. Good footwork by both, Case lands a straight right! And a kciks and another right! Tokudome recovers and tries to shoot! Case grabs a guillotine and Tokudome goes out while seated!

Johnny Case defeats Kazuki Tokudome by TKO, rd 2, 2:34


#1 – Featherweight
Maximo Blanco vs Dan Hooker

Rd 1. Spinning heel kick from Blanco right out of the box. He rushes in with punches to clinch and Hooker reverses him against the cage. Hooker as some excellent accurate strikes. Blanco gets the single leg but Hooker cage walks. Hooker lands nice elbows but Blanco rocks him with a right and follows up with more viscious punches. Hooker comes back from it, Blanco double legs him across the cage. As Blanco transitions out of half guard and up, Blanco briefly takes the back, but it gets to standing and Blanco lands a huge left-right. Hooker stays standing. Hooker finally gets the Thai clinch and tries for knees.

Would say Blanco did more damage in that one and with the 2 take downs as well, edges out the round.

Blanco the aggressor but Hooker again walks through everything and tries to clinch. Hooker with an elbow over the top but Blanco lands three or four more. Blanco now looking for the KO, seems angered he can’t put Hooker down. Hooker has NO guard and eats everything. Blanco with an elbow-knee-punches combo. Blanco keeps going after him, and cuts Hooker’s right brow. The doctor checks. Hooker just keeps coming in and Blanco keeps throwing.

Blanco opens the third with another big double leg. Hooker gets up and tries to clinch, Blanco with inside shots and elbows over the top. Blanco shoots and Hooker stumbles, giving Blanco the opportunity to grab a neck. High kick by Hooker and lands a few shots after. Final minute and Hooker’s clinch gets tight, he lands some knees finally. Hooker with a head kick, clinch, knees, but it’s Blanco smiling at the bell.

Maximo Blanco defeats Dan Hooker by Unanimous Decision, 29-28