UFC Fight Night 60: Kiichi Kunimoto’s 7-fight streak stopped by Neil Magny in the 3rd round

UFC FC 60 Neil Magny vs Kiichi Kunimoto
UFC FC 60 Neil Magny vs Kiichi Kunimoto

Former HEAT Champion Kiichi Kunimoto faced Neil Magny at welterweight on UFC Fight Night 60 on February 14, 2015. Magny’s punches took a tool, but it was a third round choke that ended Kunimoto’s win streak.


Kunimoto came into the match with an impressive 3-fight win streak from his first year in the UFC. An opening bid against Luiz Dutra ended in a DQ win for him, then he choked out Daniel Sarafian and took a tough Split Decision from Richard Walsh.

Magny had his own win streak, the best so far in the UFC, by matching Roger Huerta with the most wins – five – in a calendar year. He faced Kunimoto in his first UFC fight on home turf after seeing action all over the US, Brazil, and New Zealand.


Round 1: Magny moves in and Kunimoto throws first. Magny continues in, tags Kunimoto with a right, goes in for the clinch against the cage. Kunimoto throws knees, Magny returns a glancing groin shot for a temporary time stop. Magny with a nice knee after a jab makes Kunimoto duck. Kunimoto eats a combination and tries to drop for a takedown. Kunimoto tries for a single then a trip, Magny defends it. Finally Magny reverses Kunimoto against the cage and looks for a trip. Kunimoto defends. Magny switches it up with knees to the midsection and thigh. Magny steps back, throw a few punches that go right over Kunimoto’s guard, and back in the clinch. Kunimoto gets underhooks, Magny reverses him.

Round 2: Magny goes in with punches that land, and a low kick. Into the clinch. Kunimoto tries a trip. Magny separates, Kunimoto throws haymakers, back into the clinch. Kunimoto gets the leg and puts Magny on his back. Kunimoto tries to pass out of half guard. Kunimoto really trying to sneak a knee inside, Magny locks his leg. Kunimoto with pressure from his shoulders. Magny recovers full guard. Kunimoto stands, Magny stands. Kunimoto punches wildy but Magny tags him. Magny slips, Kunimoto falls on him, Magny back up and gets the back. Kunimoto goes down but recovers half guard and tries for a kimura. Mgny throw body shots with his other arm until Kunimoto lets go. Magny takes the back, hooks in, and punches right to the bell.

Round 3. Magny opens up with punches. Kunimoto covers so Magny shoots and takes him down. Kunimoto turtles and Magny takes his back. Magny gets both hands free and punches. Kunimoto makes an effort to stand, Magny grabs the neck. Kunimoto taps.


Neil Magny defeats Kiichi Kunimoto by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 1:22


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