UFC Fight Night 75 in Japan Prelims live results



UFC Fight Night 75
September 27, 2015
Saitama Super Arena
Tokyo, Japan


#4 – Welterweight
Li Jingliang vs K-Taro Nakamura

Rd 1. Li knocks Ktaro for a loop and then Ktaor knocks him down! Li grabs a tight guard, Ktaro hammerfists him. Li ties up Ktaro and tries to reposition himself away from the cage. This goes on for two minutes too long. A minute left. Li just hanging on and finally at 30 seconds they are stood up. Ktaro comes in with a kick and punches. Li retunrs a kick. Ktaro assautls with a massive combination, Li flays his way out of it and tries to rebound.

Rd 2. Ktaro’s strikes are finding lei’d chin but Li stays in the theick of it and we have a good exchange! Ktaro with a knee, Li counters. Now they switch stances. Li goes back to orthodox and starts blasting away at Ktaro’s face! He is bloody!! and Ktaro goes down!!! Li follows him, Ktaro defends, then is stood up. Li is on fire!!!

Rd 3. These guys are throwing!!! Li is landing lots in the exchange, Ktaro shoots Li sprawls! Li shoots and gets Ktaro down!!! Ktaro quickly cagewalks up. Break. Ktaro shoots for a double and Li sporawls! They get up and Ktaro jumps on Li’s back for a RNC that puts him out and flat on his face!!!

Keita Nakamura def Li Jingliang by Submission, RNC, rd 3, 2:17



#3 – Lightweight
Nick Hein vs Yusuke Kasuya

Kasuya kicks, Hein returns. Big kicks from Kasuya! They clash, Kasuya has underhooks, throws a knee, Hein returns one right to the groin, completely audible. Takes almost full time to recover. Kasuya with an uppercut. Hein smacks a combo around Kasuya’s head. Kasuya hich kick glances the head. Hein with another combo to Kasuya’s guard, no damage. Hein is looking for the KO but Kasuya proving to be a sharp defender. Kasuya shoots big, Hein sprawls. Kasuya’s kicks may have edged him out that round.

Rd 2. Hein comes in with a massive combo and Kasuya returns fire! They smile! Hein knows how and where to hit but Kasuya is really a strong striker and has perfect defense. Kasuya starts to stalk but Hein is right there with strikes to keep him back. Kasuya is having fun and starting to loosen up. Hope he gets more aggressive but not sloppy. Hein with a nice jab down the chute. Kasuya still stalking but Hein always there to fire back. Hard to call that one.

Rd 3. Kasuya needs kicks in this round. Hein’s left hook lands nicely. Kasuya returns a low kick and a jab. Hein lands a right left, Kasuya’s guard is dropping and he sees it. Hein with a leg kick that buckles Kasuya. Kasuya returns a few, but Hein lands another strong one to buckle his knee. Kasuya welts up Hein’s leg then shoots, drops him with a single, Hein reverses and they pop up! Hein took a hard one to the left eye and returns a wallop to Kasuya at the bell. They slap hands a bash each other happily to the bell. Probably Hein eked that one out.

Nick Hein def Yusuke Kasuya by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28

#2 – Lightweight
Kajan Johnson vs Naoyuki Kotani

Rd 1. Kajan takes the center, starts looking for doistance. Kajan glancing high kick. Kajan has massive reach on Kotani. Kotani comes in but nothing lands. Kajan side kick, then high kick. Kajan finally lands one right on the chin that stuns Kotani, follows up with a high kick. Kajan gives Kotani time to recover. Kotani shoots for a single, Kajan easily defends it with great balance. Kajan stalks and lands a side kick. Kajan takes the round without too much action, but clearly showed he could punch at will.

Rd 2. Kotani gets out a high kick. Kajan threatens with an axe kick! Kotani tries for the single again. As Kotani comes in, he eats one right to the chin and drops to his back! Kajan follows him down and blasts him, but Kotani gets back to his feet and the crowd cheers. Kajan sees Kotani shoot and feeds him a knee! Kotani goes to all fours and Kajan spins to his back! Kotani gets back up against the cage. Golf clap. Another straight right drops Kotani, but he stands again! Again Kajan lets him recover, they pop around and trade sporadically. Kajan has this round but he looks like he could do so much more.

Rd 3. Kajan runs circles around Kotani but Kotani finally gets a counter in. Finally it looks like Kotani actually landed a combo and he kept the pressure to get Kajan down to the canvas. Kajan goes deep half guard. Kajan slips further down and grabs an ankle but Kotani slips out and dives back into guard. Kajan closes guard aand tries to lock something up from the bottom. Instead Kotani grabs a heel hook! Kajan works out and stand and the crowd starts chanting for Kotani. Kotani starts diving for singles in the last 30 seconds and Kajan can’t quite land the KO.

Kajan Johnson def Nauyuki Kotani by Unanimous Decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27

UFCFN 75 weigh in_1

#1 – Welterweight Shinsho Anzai vs Roger Zapata

Rd. 1. Anzai ducks a high kick. Zapata lands one but Anzai grabs for the single. Anzai furiously goes for the single, Zapata defends well but Anzai finally gets the double. Anzai pressures but Zapata keeps his back to the cage and eventually gets up. Anzai finds a trip but Zapata grabs the cage and stops it. They separate. Anzai shoots for the single again, against the cage, Zapata drops some elbows but Anzai keeps the pressure on. Zapata breifly reverses but Anzai gets it back at the bell. All Anzai’s round.

Rd. 2. Zapata gets a few shots in but Anzai goes for his bread and butter single and gets it to the cage again. He gives it up and Zapata looks frustrated as he takes the center and starts throwing. Anzai ducks a kick, shoots and hets a big drop. Zapata pops up but Anzai gets him right back down against the cage. Zapata tiries to lock on a guillotine but Anzai slips out. Anzai stands out, then jumps in and gets mount! He slips to the back but Zapata is able to escape to standing. Anzai puts his back right back against the cage. This isn’t pretty but Anzai is getting it done and negating all of Zapata’s tools. Another round for Anzai.

Rd. 3. Zapata takes the center and tries to bait Anzai with dropped hands. Zapata counters as Anzai comes in and breaks his hand.

Shinsho Anzai def Roger Zapata by TKO, injury, rd 3 :47

UFCFN 75 weigh in