At UFC FN 58 Leandro Issa uses phenomenal grappling to submit Ulka Sasaki

UFC FN 58 Leandro Issa defeats Ulka Sasaki
UFC FN 58 Leandro Issa defeats Ulka Sasaki

Yuta Sasaki and Leandro Issa met in Brazil on December 20, 2014 in UFC Fight Night 58: Machida vs Dolloway. Both fighters ride Octagon victories to the clash, and Issa kept his streak going with a submission finish.


Yuta “Ulka” Sasaki is a Shooto Champion who hails by way of the Japanese megateam Wayjutsu Keishukai.

Leandro “Brodinho” Issa is a phenomenal grappler from Singapore’s behemoth Evolve MMA who has made himself a stellar grappling figure in Southeast Asia for the last seven years.

Play by play

Round 1.

Ulka rushes out to the center with a front kick. Issa returns one. Ulka comes in with strikes and Issa returns a combination that rocks his chin, and huge leg kicks. Ulka’s chin holds up. Issa comes in with the clinch to the cage. Issa throws knees. Issa goes for the throw and puts Ulka on his back against the cage. Ulka with butterfly guard and underhooks, Issa punches. Ulka pushes Issa of and stands, gets the throw, but is reversed. Issa gets side control. Ulka defends, eventually Issa works to north south. Issa looks for an arm, can’t get it. Ulka spins to turtle, gets to his knees and goes for a double at the end of the round.

Round 2.

Issa with a high kick. Ulka goes in with punches, Issa returns, and leg kicks again. Ulka looks for a head and arm throw, Issa takes his back standing and puts Ulka back on the canvas. Issa to side control. Issa goes for a head and arm choke, can’t get it, Ulka goes for a D’Arce from the bottom. Ulka has Issa turned over, but can’t finish, Issa gets back to side and then mounts. Ulka turtles. Issa has one hook in and punches, gets in the other hook. Issa pulls him back, and Ulka tries to reverse out, Issa gets a neck crank and Ulka has to tap.

Leandro Issa defeat Yuta Sasaki by Submission, neck crank, round 2

UFC FN 58 Leandro Issa defeats Ulka Sasaki
UFC FN 58 Leandro Issa defeats Ulka Sasaki