URCC 25 live updates and results from MOA in Manila, Philippines


Tonight’s play by play is written by Philippines correspondent Eleazar Bélgica.


Universal Reality Combat Championship stages their 25th installment at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines on October 23, 2014. We are live at 8pm PST with updates and results from tonight’s event, “Takeover”.


The URCC last staged a major event in November of 2013. URCC 24 will make history in the Philippines MMA scene as it marks the promotion’s first large-scale event this year using a cage.

Filipino fighter Red Romero makes his first title defense against Malaysian Muay Thai champion Jian Kai Chee for the Featherweight Championship.

A much-awaited rematch is set for the vacant Bantamweight title as Reysaldo Transmonte aims to prove that his win against Andrew Benibe on their first match was not a fluke.


October 23, 2014
MOA Arena
Manila, Philippines

#10 – Featherweight Championship
Reydon Romero vs. Jian Kai Chee

#9 – Bantamweight Championship
Andrew Benibe vs. Onyok Transmonte

Round 1. Andrew Benibe starts off heavy with a push kick but is unable to land. Onyok Transmonte throws a straight punch and is able to land and shake Benibe. Both clinching now. Transmonte attempting a single leg take down, was hit accidentally on the groin, low blow call by the ref. The fight starts again. Benibe gets taken down with a double leg. Benibe on butterfly guard, attempting for a leg triangle from figure four on the body. Looks like nothing is happening so ref asks them to stand up. Benibe throws a roundhouse kick and is able to land but Onyok fights back with his own round house and lands as well. Onyok gets taken down and Benibe attempts a RNC but then again the bell rings! Saved by the bell once again!

Round 2. Jab straight by Benibe and a round house but unable to land. Onyok strikes back with a left lead kick and able to land. Benibe takes Onyok down by cornering him in the cage and a leg sweep. Benibe on top trying to land a hammer punch from the side.. Onyok able to slide up and the fight starts once more on top. Onyok with double underhook on Benibe, while attempting to knee him alternately, Benibe pushes him away and is keeping his distance in mind. Onyok throws a left and right hook but merely just punched the air and missed. Left side kick by Onyok and lands on Benibes abdomen. Benibe fires a front kick but misses, and attempts to shoot but the bell rings.. Crowd yelling “Show a good fight, moooove, you’re the main event!”

Round 3. Both touch gloves. Onyok strikes a roundhouse kick but it’s blocked by Benibe. Benibe attempts a roundhouse and wings it. Benibe attempts a single leg but switches to left leg side trip and is able to do it. Onyok reverses and ends up on top. Ref calls them to stand up. Benibe side trips and ends up on top, does a right hammer punch on Onyok, pinned down on the corner of the cage, Benibe stands up and so does Onyok. Onyok with a lead kick then clinching while trying to knee Benibe but he is still unable to land it. Both fighters paused suddenly out of nowhere looking tired and seem to know the bell is about to ring. Coincidentally a millisecond later… the bell rings.

Round 4. No more touching gloves for the fighters. Benibe throws a jab and is unable to connect. Onyok tries a spinning back kick but is unable to land it which let Benibe take Onyok down via single leg. Both stand up. Benibe on a bear hug on Onyok, puts him down. Onyok exposing his back, Benibe trying to look for an opening for RNC but he can’t find one. Onyok reverses him via sweep, and Onyok ends up on top but Benibe still in butterfly guard. Referee seems to not like what’s going on so made them stand up. Benibe throws a right hook and shakes him, however the bell rings…

Round 5. Both fighters’ faces look bruised but Onyok’s face looking more inflamed, Benibe throws a jab and onyok with a left lead kick. Benibe then attempts a double leg takedown but is unsuccessful. Both fighters dancing around the cage looking exhausted. The fight goes on… both on clinch… Onyok attempts a single leg takedown but is unable to finish. Both are running out of gas. Andrew ends up on top of Onyok, looking for opportunity to execute an elbow, does a ground and pound throwing powerful lefties and righties… the ref stops the fight.

Andrew Benibe defeats Onyok Transmonte by TKO, rd 5, 4:36

#8 – Caloy Baduria vs. Mark Palomar

Round 1. You can definitely see Baduria’s confidence written all over his face despite his figure compared to his ripped opponent Mark Palomar and it is his debut. He seems to move fast considering he’s fighting a light heavyweight Both pacing, looking for an opening… the dancing continues… until Baduria strikes a left hook but Mark is able to block. Mark hits a left hook and lands a strong right hook on Baduria, litetally knocked Baduria off his feet and he fell, both stand up. Mark keeps doing jab – straight, jab – straight to Baduria, Baduria seems to have been trying to recover and is tired. Mark does a lead kick and lands on Baduria’s abdomen, Baduria corners Mark on the cage with a right and left combo. Mark turning and exposing his back, Baduria takes the opportunity and took him down with his strong boxing punches, power punches of left and right from top, and Mark looks like he’s seeing butterflies… and unable to defend… referee stops the fight and crowd goes ballistic.

Caloy Baduria defeats Mark Palomar by TKO, rd 1, 3:59

#7 – Chris Hofmann vs. Nickson Kola

Kola looks like 50 Cent. Round 1. Kola attacks carefully keeping his guard up. Hofmann throws a left side thrust but misses and Kola is able to hook a right, but Hofmann retaliates with a very strong right hook on the jaw and knocks Kola cold, he falls to the ground. Medic walks in to wake Kola up and possibly explain what has happened.

Chris Hofmann defeats Nickson Kola by KO, rd 1, 1:00

#6 – Angelito Manguray vs. Miguel Mosquera

Round 1. Manguray looking gentle but hopefully deadly, Mosquera all tatted up gives his game face and both fighters put up their guards. Mosquera gives a lower right leg kick an a round house. Manguray tries to catch his kicks and leaves his guard down, an unusual old school style. Both clinch, Masquera able to put in two knees and takes Manguray down with a Greco-Roman upper body throw. Mosquera on top. Manguray on half guard. Manguray attempts to shrimp out, Mosquera doesn’t let him and attempts an armbar and fails, both stand up. Mosquera takes a shot and quickly goes behind to take him down and gives RNC and the old man struggles, and another classic saving by the bell.

Round 2. Both fighters touched gloves again and looking tired, still Manguray has his guard down and Mosquera is able to land a jab and straight, Manguray realiates with a strong straight punch. Then Mosquera gets angry and shoots blindly and able to put down Manguray. Manguray on top while Mosquera on full butterfly guard but Manguray ables to escape, back on too, one two punch by Mosquera and shoots a double leg and is successful. Crowd goes wild and yells “no senior citizen allowed”. Manguray on bottom but in control, from full guard he catches Mosquera’s legs and attempts to roll to do an arm bar but Mosquera is able to get out and transition on top. 10 seconds left. Both look tired, no punches thrown, seems just grappling, then bell rings.

Round 3. Fight starts Manguray as usual still has his guard down. Mosquera attempts a left side kick but Manguray catches it and sweeps his other leg down, now both on the ground. Mosqera able to be on side mount. Manguray still on his butterfly guard switching to half guard. Mosquera still on top but looks tired and unable to penetrate a punch. No action attempt seen by the ref so ref asks them to stand up, fight resumes, single leg by Mosquera, Manguray goes down, Mosquera looks tired resting his head on Manguray but still putting pressure the old man who’s unable to stand up pinned down. The bell rings. People yelling “retire old man”.

Miguel Mosquera defeats Angelito Manguray by UD, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28

#5 – Alvin Ramirez vs. Jessie Paul Del Valle

Round 1. Alvin Ramirez looking hyperactive moving around, but Jessie Paul Del Valle looks relaxed or is hiding his mixed emotions, it’s his debut. Ramirez seems to have a huge crowd with loud cheers and support from the audience. The round starts, they move around in circles, pacing themselves . Del valle gives a right lower kick and a jab combo. Now Ramirez retaliates with a round house kick but Delvalle able to block it well. Then Ramirez attempts a double leg but wasnt able to push it through so he switches to a clinch and pushes Delvalle against the cage. Delvalle able to lower his level of gravity and shoots a double on Ramirez and both go down while Delvalle on top. Ramirez able to get up and strikes left hook, right and another left. Delvalle able to bring Ramirez down and Ramirez reverses, attempts a reverse arm bar, Delvalle on top attempts hammer punches from left to right but wasn’t able to get it, bell stops the fight.

Round 2. Delvalle attempts a quick double leg on Ramirez and Ramirez gets pinned standing on the cage. Seems like both fighters are tired, stalling, now crowd’s yelling it’s boring so ref stops the fight and puts them in the middle, they start again, now Ramirez looking angry does a round house, shook the poor debutant’s head and consciousness, he falls down and of course Ramirez followed up a ground and pound. Delvalle unable to defend, and boom… referee stoppage.

Alvin Ramirez defeats Jessie Paul Del Valle by TKO, rd 2, 1:36

#4 – Hideo Morikawa vs. Ryan Jakiri

Round 1. Ryan Jakiri (Submision Sports) his debut fight, looking ready but has an uneasy look on his face. I would be too since Hideo Morikawa looks a lot bigger and built, taking in consideration that this is flyweight. round Jakiri does a roundhouse kick and is able to put in and follow up by a straight and a jab, now both clenching with control of Morikawa, pushes Ryan against the cage and gives a knee to Ryan. Ryan able to tale down Morikawa by a bear hug and trip, attempts a roundhouse kick and ables to land on the Japanese’s face. Morikawa goes down heavy and looking dismantled, Ryan does a ground and pound but Morikawa ables to get Ryan’s left leg for a leg lock, unsuccessful. Now Ryan on butterfly guard, and transitions on top of Morikawa.. Ryan blows left and right punches from top and Morikawa seems to have cuts on his face and gasping for breath but the fight continues, Morikawa reverses Ryan and attempts a ground and pound, as in heavy blows! But Ryan seems to take it good with little guar dings. The Bell Rings. Crowd goes wild!

Round 2 starts. Morikawa’s face seems heavily bruised specially his left. Ryan with his left kick, Morikawa catches it and goes down attempts a leg to ankle lock. Ryan rolls and able to get his left leg out, but ends up on his back and Morikawa pins him down and still powerful and aggressive and pounds him, he pounds him hard. This shows age doesn’t matter. The veteran Japanese wins and crowd goes wild with mixed boos and reactions.

Hideo Morikawa defeats Ryan Jakiri by TKO, rd 2, 1:24

#3 – Drex Zamboanga vs. Joseph Mercado

Round 1. Drex Zamboanga stomps his feet to start off the match like a hungry lion coming for its prey. Joseph Mercado is ables to put on a smirk while guarding his face. Drex starts off with a lower leg kick on the left. Joseph able to take him down. Drex able to sprawl. Ref calls for action because it seems both are stalling. Now Drex on butterfly guard. Ref calls action again, audience definitely wanting more action. Mercado stands, attempts a double leg take down and is able to push through. Now pushing on the cage. Drex hits Mercado with a basic right hook but doesn’t seem to affect the opponent. Drex being pushed on the cage, and a knee attempt by Mercado, and again Mercado cliching and attempting a takedown, still ref calls for more action, now Drex able to take down Mercado and attempts RNC. Last 10 second calls and Mercado still struggling, ten the bell rang. Another save by the bell.

Round 2. Mercado appearig hungrier now and gives Drex a jab straight combo then attempts a double leg but was unsuccessful and he clinches again and able to put in his right knee on Drex chin. Drex looking dizzy, but able to shoot a single to Mercado. Both goes down, Drex behind looking for a finish. Attempting a rear naked choke, while Mercado struggles to get out and able to get out both stands up. Mercado takes down Drex via single leg. Drex on butterfly guard, again both looks stalling, the ref encourages them to “work work”. Mercado able to push him out and stands up, both fighters looking like they are out of gas. Mercado pushes Drex on the cage and stays there, both looking like they are resting, the bell rings.

Round 3 starts. Audience chanting Drex and Joseph, both fighters breathing heavily, Drex able to pin Mercado against the cage and gives him power punches from his left. Mercado stiffening up, and Mercado falls by a double leg by Drex, gets punched from the top twice. Drex now doin a ground and pound. Mercado ables to defend, and shrimps out, fast move by Drex sliding from front to the rear now attempting an RNC while givin Mercado a strike from his righ hand from behind, Mercado looking out of breath, both stand, Drex able to land two beautiful flying knee strike on Mercado’s face. Mercado’s face bleeding heavily goes to the ground. Drex does a ground and pound..boom the bell rings!

Drex Zamboanga defeats Joseph Mercado BY UD

#2 – Arnel Lomibao vs. Alvin Solinap

First round, slow fight, just the usual kick and strike for Lomibao. Solinap the debutant attempts a take down, stays on top, attempts guillotine. Lomibao reverses pushes off the cage. Talking about saved by the bell.

2nd round starts. Solinap looking unconfident. Lomibao takes the opportunity, kicking his right leg with a right low leg kick then a back kick. Solinap takes him down, both roll. Solinap on the bottom and reverses and does a rear naked choke and the debutant taps to it.

Alvin Solinap defeats Arnel Lomibao by Submission, rd 2, 1:48

#1 – Carlo Laurel vs. Myler Empil

Round 1
Both fighters appearing hyper and ready. Carlo Laurel starts off the match aggressively by showin’ off his footworks while Myler Empil eagerly waits for who starts the show first. Laurel takes down Empil by a double leg, Empil reverses, and Laurel attempts a triangle choke from the bottom and he successfully gets it on the first round. what a quick finish.

Carlo Laurel defeats Myler Empil by Submission, triangle, rd 1, :48