URCC hosted Bacolod Brawl 4 on October 19th with eight fights and a Ustream broadcast. Having the chance to watch URCC fights on the net – outside of the Philippines – is like arriving home and finding a box of bacon on your doorstep that was supposed to go to your neighbor. You cook and eat the whole thing before anyone has a chance to take it away from you. That’s how rare and precious watching URCC fights outside of the Philippines is. Even after 10 years of them. Hopefully after the promotion’s Dekada event on December 1st in the gigantic SM Mall of Asia Arena, which is to celebrate a decade of producing MMA sporting events, the URCC will usher in a high-tech era and high-quality streaming will become the norm, not the surprise box of bacon. Tonight’s Bacolod Brawl should be re-broadcast shortly on SKT Digital’s Ustream channel, so check back.

The most stunning thing about URCC fights is that even athletes with less than 5 fights to their name exhibit a command of the ring that is usually reserved for much more experienced fighters. It shows how hard they train and how seriously they take the opportunity. This is a country with a deeply developed understanding of the sport – combat sports in general – and it is reflected in the heart of the fighters and the enthusiasm of the spectators.  URCC has done an incredible job of organizing MMA in the Philippines from tertiary level competitions, to provincial ‘trials’, to raucous main events – all while keeping grounded in the Filipino culture and a strong fightsport mentality (just subscribe to Founder @AlvinAguilar111 on twitter during fights and you will see first hand).  Now, on to the results.

URCC Bacolod Brawl
Friday, October 19th
Bacolod, Philippines

8 – Dennis Salazar (gym kata) vs Alvin Ramirez (yaw yan Buhawi)
Alvin Ramirez defeats Dennis Salazar by Split Decision

7 – Rex de Lara (tinagan warriors) x will choke (Phuket top team)
Will Chope defeats Rex de Lara by Submission, RNC

6 – Philip kang the Korean assassin of tumbatsu x vaugh donaire of deftac Cebu
vaughn donaire defeats Philip kang by Submission, Armbar

5 – jefferson Ng (deftac dumaguete) x Arvin baldelovar (passi mama tigers)
Arvin baldelovar defeats jefferson Ng by TKO

4 – Paul Daniel (tuna gain warriors) versus rolls “tootsie roll” rodavites (y-gym dumaguete)
rolls “tootsie roll” rodavites defeats Paul Daniel by Split Decision

3 – Jon Retes (y-gym dumaguete) versus Elmer Tortoga (tribu hanggaway)
Elmer Tortoga defeats Jon Retes by Submission, guillotine, R2

2 – Arnel Baldelovar (team tumbatsu) versus Darl Laurel (jam mma)
Darl Laurel defeats Arnel Baldelovar by Submission, R1

1 – Arvin Ballares versus Ariel Guanzon
Ariel Guanzon defeats Arvin Ballares by TKO


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