VTJ 2 Full recap, results, photos



Vale Tudo Japan 2 took place in in the Tokyo Dome Center on June 22, 2013.  Here is a recap of the fights submitted by Japan Correspondent Joshua Robinson.

June 22, 2013
Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan

Hiroaki Shishino VS. Ryuto Sawada

Round 1- The fight was up and down trading takedowns and punches but Sawada was clearly dominating . Both were trading submission attempts with the round ending with Sawada having the back of Shishino. Round 2- Sawada came out swinging and getting the take down landing ground strikes to Shishino’s face. Sawada clearly dominating fight with his ground work. Round 3- Shishino came out with a flying knee but ended up getting taken down. Again Sawada had dominate position throwing punches after punches. In final round Ryuto Sawada wins by arm bar.

Ryuto Sawada defeats Hiroaki Shishino by Submission, armbar, rd 3, 2:36

Yuki Kawana VS. Kazumasa Sugawara

Round 1- Kawana gets take down and goes from half guard to mount after a few seconds Sugawara is able to get back to his feet but Kawana keeps the pressure. At the end of first round Kawana was on top. Round 2- Sugawara lands some leg kicks but Kawana keeps pressure on him. Sugawara throws a spinning kick which grazes Kawana’s face but Kawana keeps up the pressure. Right before the bell Kawana lands a straight right rocking Sugawara as he stumbles to his corner. Round 3- Both come out trading punches back forth. Sugawara slips a punch from Kawana and is able to take his back. Soon Kawana reverses it they stand up throw punches and then Kawana shoots for takedown gets the takedown and ends the round on top. The fight ended in a decision with Yuki Kawana as the victor.

Yuki Kawana defeats Kazumasa Sugawara by unanimous decision


Shooto Watanabe VS. Shintaro Kubog

Round 1- As the round starts Watanabe shoots and gets takedown. Kubog soon gets to his feet but then is picked up by Watanabe slamming him down at end of round Watanabe is on top. Round 2- The round starts both start throwing punches and kicks only a few landing. Kubo pulls guard trying to get a guillotine choke but soon loses position. With Watanabe on top at the end of the round. Round 3- Watanabe comes out and shoots for a takedown as they both go down trying to get a dominating position. The ref breaks them up as they stand Kubog lands some good punches then defends takedown by Watanabe. At the end of round Kubog had back position pounding Watanabe. At the end of three rounds Shooto Watanabe wins by decision.

Shooto Watanabe defeats Shintaro Kubo by unanimous decision

Gabriel Zobo Lebray VS. The Left Lucas Tani

Round 1- The fight starts with the clinch as Tani tries to take down Lebray as he presses him against cage. As tables turn Lebray gets Tani against fence landing some knee strikes. Round 2- Tani again shoots takedown and starts pressuring Lebray pressing him up against cage then takes down Lebray quickly switching to mount position. Landing a few strikes as Lebray soon reverses ending up in tanks guard. Lebray then stands and with Tani on ground lands some kicks to legs and side of Tani. As round ends with Tani on ground with Lebray standing over him. Round 3- Tani shoots pressing Lebray against the cage. This was not very exciting like was expected coming from two big guys. Gabriel Zobo lebray wins by decision.

Gabriel Zobo Lebay defeats Lucas Tani by unanimous decision


Yashyabo Ishihara VS. Kouji Mori

Round 1- As the fight begins the crowd is going crazy for Ishihara. They both come out throwing punches and kicks Ishihara catches Mori with a straight sending him back. Mori recovers as Ishihara grabs his neck going for guillotine and pulls guard holding it tight. Mori breakes free stands up and again punches start flying as Ishihara catches Mori on chin sending to the ground soon after ref stops fight. Winner Yashyabo Ishihara wins by TKO.

Akihito Ishihara defeats Koji Mori by TKO, rd 1, 2:12

Akiyo wicky Nishiura VS. Yuta Nezu

Round 1- As the fight begins Wicky comes out with a few leg kicks and pressuring Nezu. Wicky swings and misses but keeps pushing forward putting Nezu against the cage. They then break free both throwing leg kicks back and forth. Then again Wicky throws a whooping punch and missed and Nezu slips then push Wicky against the cage. They soon create distance and again they stand trading punches and kicks. As the round ends Wicky throws a left kick to Nezu’s mid-section. Round 2- They both come out swinging then Nezu shoots for takedown and gets Wicky against the cage. They continue to exchange punches and kicks as Nezu gets Wicky against the cage and throws an elbow landing the first elbow of the night. Soon they separate and again Wicky starts pressuring Nezu. During the fighters trading strikes Wicky kicks Nezu with a low blow. And the end of round two Nezu has Wicky pressed up against cage landing some punches and elbows. Round 3- Starts with both going back and forth trading punches and kicks. Soon Nezu has Wicky pressed up against cage but he soon escapes. Nezu is relentless pressing the fight over and over taking Wicky against cage. As the fight ends Wicky is chasing Nezu. The fight goes to decision with Yuta Nezu winning by decision.

Yuta Nezu defeats Akiyo “Wicky” Nishiura by unanimous decision


Mamoru VS. Mikihito Yamagami

Round 1- Fight starts out both fighters throwing punches and kicks with Mamoru pressuring Yamagami. Yamagami gets Mamoru against cage but he soon he breaks free. Yamagami still presses and holds Mamoru till end of round. Round 2- Starts same as Yamagami getting the take down and switches to back position of Mamoru. As Mamoru escapes they start trading punches and kicks. Yamagami gets caught with a low blow so time has stopped. As the round starts again both fights are moving around trading strikes. Round 3- Mamoru comes out strong with kicks and punches. But soon Yamagami has him pressed up against cage shooting but is punished for his attempts by elbow strikes . Soon Mamoru is able to switch position as has Yamagami is pressed against cage. Giving him body punches and knees to the head trying to get in position to take his back. At end of round Mamoru was on top throwing punches. Mikihito Yamagami wins by decision.

Mikihito Yamagami defeats Mamoru Yamaguchi by majority decision


Caol Uno VS. Anthony Avila

Round 1- They both come out strong trading punches feeling each other out. Then Uno catches kick and takes him down but Avila is quick to get up. At end of the round the fight is pretty even. Round 2- Both fighters come out strong trading pouches and kicks. Uno soon gets takedown and switches to side control the crowd goes wild. Avila trys for ankle lock but Uno makes him pay. Soon Avila is able to create space and stand up. He grabs ahold Uno but Uno reverses and gets his back. Round 3- The rounds starts as Uno being the aggressor throwing kicks and punches. Uno soon clinches with Avila and takes him down. Uno gets his back and ends up getting rear naked choke sunk in and Avila taps within seconds.

Caol Uno defeats Anthony Avila by, Submission, RNC, rd 3, 1:53


Hideo Tokoro VS. Taylor McCorriston

Round 1- Is a quick start with Tokoro taking advantage of a slip from Mccorriston he takes him down and ends up in Mccorriston guard. Tokoro is quick to start landing punches. As the battle slows the ref stands them up and Mccorriston grabs ahold of Tokoro’s neck not letting go. Tokoro moves his position around trying to escape. Finally he escapes and is able to sweep Mccorriston to gain half guard witch he works on a Kimura . The round ends with Tokoro on top. Round 2- Start with both guys throwing blows. Then Mccorriston shoots for take down but Tokoro slips away. They both clinch again and end up going to the ground where Tokoro slips in a heel hook and Mccorriston is forced to tap.

Hideo Tokoro defeats Taylor McCorriston by Submission, heel hook, rd 2, 2:34


Hiroyuki Takaya vs Daniel Romero

Round 1- Starts with Romero on the attack pressing the fight. He soon gets Takaya pressed up against cage but he is able to escape. Romero stands there and trades with Takaya but Romero is getting in the better punches . Romero catches him with uppercut and stuns him then catches him again with a straight and sends him down. Romero is quick to jump on him and finish with strikes until the ref jumps in to stop.

Daniel Romero defeats Hiroyuki Takaya by TKO, rd 1, 3:21


Shintaro Ishiwatari VS. Kyoji Horiguchi

The fight start with both throwing blows then Horiguchi gets caught with a punch and Ishiwatari jumps on him. He then gets Horiguchi’s back and they role back and forth while Horiguchi trys to escape. Ishiwatari keeps tops position and presses then Horiguchi sweeps him and they both stand up and then Horiguchi shoots for takedown but Ishiwatari stuffs it and again ends up on top in Horiguchi guard. As round ends both fighters are going crazy throwing looping strikes and crazy kicks. Round 2- The fights starts quick with both fighters going blow for blow. Horiguchi connects leaving Ishiwatari with bloody forehead. But still back and forth kicks punches fans going crazy then Horiguchi shoots and Ishiwatari grabs his neck for a Guillotine. Round 3 -Explosive back and forth blow for blow takedowns elbows the whole third round is explosive.

Round 4- Horiguchi comes out kicking but both fighters going blow for blow. Ishiwatari is trying to hunt Horiguchi as he keeps going in circles. Ishiwatari lands the take down then it’s reversed back and forth they both go sweep after sweep ending with Ishiwatari on top pressing the action. His face is bloody but still pressing Horiguchi. They soon stand and again Ishiwatari is hunting Horiguchi as he goes in circles. After the action on the cage they are soon separated and Ishiwatari goes for a flying knee and misses falling down. At the end of round Horiguchi tries for takedown. Round 5- Final round they go back and forth strike for strike Ishiwatari gets rocked then Horiguchi starts landing blows as Ishihara is standing against the cage. But Ishiwatari still stands and throws, wobbling he is soon to go down but fights hard to stay up still going down throwing strikes the refs stop fight. Winner Horiguchi.

Kyoji Horiguchi defeats Shintaro Ihiwatari by TKO, td 5, :41