VTJ 3 results: Mega Megu’s tearful retirement, Uno triumphs, Campuzano decisions Tokoro



Vale Tudo Japan 3 took place on October 5, 2013 at the Ota City Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. A night of 11 electrifying bouts took place, showcasing Megumi Fujii’s final MMA match and retirement ceremony.


Hardcore fans of Japan’s MMA top rankers turned out for a night of very exciting matches, yet attendance was unusually sparse in the expansive Ota City Gym. It was the only disappointment of the event because the fights certainly fulfilled expectations in delivering thrills. The no-frills production was geared solely for competition – the opening matches took place with the arena hall lights still up. The fervor of the fans throughout every match was tangible, and made for a great atmosphere.


The first opening match gave a TKO which set the stage for a plethora of finishes. In the second opening match, Seiichiro Ito executed a textbook flying arm bar to which he held on to eventually tap out Taku Kajikawa. The final opening match featured AACC’s young stud Ryuto Sawada who literally crawled all over Hiroyuki Takahashi in every position possible, earning a very obvious UD. 17-year old Sawada will be one to watch.


The first fight as the arena went dark was a bout where Kengo Ura just couldn’t come up with any defence for Koshi Matsumoto’s single legs, ankle picks, and ground suffocation. Akiyo Nishiura and Shigeki Osawa went in completely the opposite direction by engaging in a stand up game in which each fighter looked to knock the other’s block off. The strategy employed by both made the game start slow, but ended with an exciting double leg lift and carry across the cage to a slam by Osawa. “Wicky” got the decision 2-1 while many around the arena were exclaiming that Osawa should have gotten it from his kicks and final round takedowns.


In the third match, Yuta Nezu came out with a flawless game plan against Motonobu Tezuka’s smothering takedowns and top game. Nezu stuffed Tezuka repeatedly, reversed him in clinches against the cage, and battered him with kicks. Tezuka resorted to his striking at times, but it was clear that Nezu’s tactics and abilities were superior. Next, legend Naoyuki Kotani ran an MMA clinic on Daisuke Hoshino in quick fashion to get him down and overwhelm him, taking an arm in the process. Yuta Sasaki did the same against Geun Do Park. “Ulka” improved to a staggering 14-1 when he stood up after choking Park unconscious.


Yusuke Yachi returned to VTJ after a loss in PXC that he obviously learned well from. Yachi kept his hands up this time and played his footwork in and out very well against another world-class opponent in Takeshi Inoue. “Lion” was clearly pressed and while the match wasn’t one-sided, even his textbook trips couldn’t win him enough points on the judges’ scorecards to give him the win over the 23-year old Krazy Bee prodigy.


In the first of three “international” themes headliner bouts, Will Campuzano took on Hideo Tokoro. Campuzano said pre-fight of his bout that Tokoro would pull guard, but it was Campuzano who was quickly forced on the defensive in the opening round. Campuzano didn’t let Tokoro capitalize from top position, and into the second he started hitting takedowns of his own. Tokoro reversed, and from then on out the bout became a blistering display of back and forth action. While Tokoro hit sub attempts one after another, Campuzano reversed all of them and went for his own. Tokoro’s camp went wild throughout the melee and was equally as frantic when Campuzano’s had was raised to a split decision.

Caol Uno faltered in his opening tactics against Daniel Romero and ended up defending some hard attacks off his back in the first, sending a ripple of repeat concern throughout the Japanese crowd. In the second he came out strong against a visibly tiring Romero, and after some trips that felled his opponent, he worked to mount and secured an arm bar that Romero had no of escaping.


In the final fight of the night and the final fight of her career, Megumi Fujii entered the arena in a swath of pink smoke and draped in her iconic pink terry robe. The weight of the occasion was heavy on her face and the moment was not lost on the crowd as they shouted and cheered her final entrance. Fujii and Jessica Aguilar started the feeling-out process on their feet, looking for range, when an accidental eye poke to Megu called for a halt. When the match restarted, Fujii’s eye again met with Aguilar’s fingers, and her eye was now beginning to visibly swell shut. After an extensive examination by the doctor and Aguilar waiting in a neutral corner for Fujii’s recovery, the bout was allowed into the second round – apparently Megu’s decision to continue despite the injury. It was a warrior’s display of courage, but Fujii was obviously handicapped by her vision and couldn’t find her range with any strikes, and was not confident with engaging to takedown. Fujii could not come out for round three, thus Aguilar was given the win, though in her speech she was tearful and said she didn’t want the win this way.


The retirement ceremony for Mega Megu was at first joyous as sponsors, friends, and family presented her with awards and bouquets. It became somber as she was given the final ten-count, silently standing alone in the cage under a solitary spotlight, as the hushed crowd honored her distinctive and amazing career in MMA.

October 5, 2013
Ota City Gymnasium
Tokyo, Japan

#9 ▼115ポンド(52.2kg)契約 5分3R
MEGUMI FUJII (26 – 2 – 0) 藤井惠(AACC)vs
JESSICA AGUILAR (15 – 4 – 0) ジェシカ・アギラー(アメリカ/アメリカン・トップ・チーム

Jessica Aguilar defeats Megumi Fujii by TKO, inability to come out for round 3

#8 ▼145ポンド契約(65.8kg) 5分3R
Caol Uno (28 – 16 – 5) 宇野 薫(UNO DOJO/第4代修斗世界ウェルター級王者)vs
Daniel Romero (8 – 4 – 0) ダニエル・ロメロ(アメリカ/チーム・アルファメール)

Caol Uno defeats Daniel Romero by Submission, Inverted Triangle, rd 2

#7 ▼126ポンド(57.2kg)契約 5分3R
Hideo Tokoro (32 – 25 – 2) 所 英男(リバーサルジム武蔵小杉 所プラス)vs
Will Campuzano (12 – 4 – 0) ウィル・カンプザーノ(メキシコ/MOHLER MMA)

Will Campuzano defeats Hideo Tokoro by Split Decision

#6 ▼145ポンド(65.8kg) 5分3R
Takeshi Inoue (21 – 7 – 0) リオン武(シューティングジム横浜/第8代修斗世界ライト級王者)vs
Yusuke Yachi (9 – 4 – 0) 矢地祐介(KRAZY BEE/第5代修斗環太平洋ライト級王者)

Yusuke Yachi defeats Takeshi Inoue by UD

#5 ▼138ポンド(63kg)契約 5分3
Yuta Sasaki (13 – 1 – 2) 佐々木憂流迦(和術慧舟會駿河道場)vs
Geun Do Park (0 – 0 – 0) パク・グンド(韓国/グレイシーバッハコリア)

Ryuta Sasaki defeats Geun Do Park by Submission, RNC, rd 1

#4 ▼155ポンド(70.3kg)契約 5分3R
Naoyuki Kotani (31 – 10 – 7) 小谷直之(ロデオスタイル/初代ZSTライト級王者)vs
Daisuke Hoshino (8 – 6 – 1) 星野大介(総合格闘技津田沼道場)

Naoyuki Kotani defeats Daisuke Hoshino by Submission, Armbar, rd 1

#3 ▼135ポンド(61.2kg) 5分3R
Motonobu Tezuka (20 – 6 – 4) 手塚基伸(総合格闘技道場コブラ会)vs
Yuta Nezu (14 – 7 – 1) 根津優太(和術慧舟會東京本部)

Yuta Nezu defeats Motonobu Tezuka by UD

#2 ▼145ポンド(65.7kg)契約 5分3R
Akiyo Nishiura (11 – 8 – 1) 西浦“ウィッキー”聡生(STGY)vs
Shigeki Osawa (9 – 4 – 2) 大澤茂樹(フリー)

Akiyo Nishiura defeats Shigeki Osawa by Split Decision

#1 ▼74.8kg契約 5分3R
Kengo Ura (10 – 8 – 2) 宇良健吾(イングラム/第5代ウェルター級キング・オブ・パンクラス、MMA WORLD SERIESウェルター級王者)vs
Koshi Matsumoto (9 – 5 – 1) 松本光史(マスタージャパン/2009年修斗ウェルター級新人王

Koshi Matsumoto defeats Kengo Ura by UD


#3 ▼オープニングファイト 115ポンド(52.2kg) 3分3R
Ryuto Sawada (1 – 0 – 0) 澤田龍人(AACC)
Hiroyuki Takahashi (0 – 2 – 0) HIRO(SAI-GYM

Ryuto Sawada defeats Hiroyuki Takahashi by UD

#2 ▼オープニングファイト 125ポンド(56.8kg)契約 3分3R
Taku Kajikawa (1 – 2 – 1) 梶川 卓(スカーフィスト)
Seiichiro Ito (3 – 1 – 1) 伊藤盛一郎(リバーサルジム横浜グランドスラム)

Seiichiro Ito defeats Taku Kajikawa by submission, Armbar, rd 2

#1 – ▼オープニングファイト第1試合 141ポンド(64kg)契約 3分3R
林 太陽(CAVE)

林 太陽 defeats 倉金祐二 by TKO, rd 2


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