VTJ 6th live results and updates for FlyW final Ogikubo vs Sklavos, “Lion” vs ISAO, Uno vs Shippen

VTJ 6th
VTJ 6th

VTJ 6th takes place on October 4, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, without a live broadcast, unfortunately. Hiromasa Ogikubo meets Czar Sklavos in the finale of the Flyweight Tournament, and Shootist Takeshi Inoue takes on Pancrasist Isao Kobayashi.


Ogikubo and Sklavos routed a pretty tough field to make it this far, and tonight one of them will claim gold. Sklavos choked out Mamoru, also on today’s card, and decisioned Ryuichi Miki. Ogikubo decisioned Takeshi Kasugai and choked out Kana Hyatt. With both guys having more than their share of finishing chokes, we can bet on where this battle takes place.

In a typical VTK match of Shooto versus Pancrase Takeshi Inoue faces Isao Kobayashi. It could be an ideal match for Lion, who is great with his evasiveness, but Isao is a hot commodity. He’ll do everything to keep Lion’s loss run going.

Streetfight Bancho is back! Hiroyuki Takaya puts it on the line against Krazy Bee’s Ryogo Takahashi. Both punchers are going to leave the cage floor bloody with this one.

Surging Caol Uno takes on surging Raja Shippen in a game that has the potential to go just about anywhere, with Uno desperate to get back into the UFC.

Also on the stellar card, King Kuniyoshi Hironaka takes on Team MAD’s “Number 2” Kim Dong-Hyun, and Mamoru matches Flying Monkey Number 2, Saruta.

This event will also celebrate Enson Inoue’s storied MMA career with a retirement ceremony.


VTJ 6th
October 4, 2014
Ota City Gymnasium
Tokyo, Japan

#10 – Flyweight Finals 5分5R
Hiromasa Ogikubo 扇久保博正
Czar Sklavos シーザー・スクラヴォス

Hiromasa Ogikubo defeats Czar Sklavos by UD, (49-46, 49-46, 50-45)

#9 – Featherweight
“Lion” Takeshi Inoue リオン武
Isao Kobayashi “ISAO”

Isao Kobayashi defeats Takeshi Inoue by UD

#8 – Featherweight
Hiroyuki Takaya 高谷裕之
Ryogo Takahashi 高橋遼伍

Hiroyuki Takaya defeats Ryogo Takahashi by KO, rd 2

#7 – Featherweight
Caol Uno 宇野 薫
Raja Shippen ラージャ・シッペン

Caol Uno defeats Raja Shippen by Submission, RNC, rd 2

Enson Inoue’s retirement ceremony

#6 – Lightweight
Kuniyoshi Hironaka 弘中邦佳
Dong Hyun Kim キム・ドンヒョン

Kuniyoshi Hironaka defeats Dong Hyun Kim by Submission, arm triangle choke, rd 2

#5 – Flyweight
Mamoru Yamaguchi マモル
Yosuke Saruta 飛猿☆No.2

Mamoru Yamaguchi defeats Yosuke Saruta by TKO, doctor stoppage,rd 2

#4 – Bantamweight
Kota Onojima 小野島恒太
Shoko Sato 佐藤将光

Shoko Sato defeats Kota Onojima by KO, rd 1

#3 -128 pound limit
Hayato Suzuki 鈴木隼人
Ryuya Fukuda 福田龍彌

Hayato Suzuki defeats Ryuya Fukuda by UD, 29:28,29:28,30:27

#2 – Featherweight
Shigeki Osawa 大澤茂樹
Joji Mikami 三上譲治

Joji Mikami defeats Shigeki Osawa by KO, rd 1

#1 – Lightweight
Kazuyuki Numajiri 大原樹里
Juri Ohara 沼尻和之

Juri Ohara defeats Kazuyuki Numajiri by TKO, doctor stoppage due to cut, rd 2

Opening fights

#3 – Featherweight
Tyson Naito 内藤大尊
Taiyo Hayashi 林 太陽

Tyson Naito defeats Taiyo Hayashi by UD

#2 – Featherweight
Tomoya Hirakawa 平川智也
Daiki Kaneko 金子大輝

Tomoya Hirakawa defeats Daiki Kaneko by UD

#1 – Women’s 105 pound limit
Kanna Asakura 浅倉栞南

Kanna Asakura defeats Nachi by UD