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White Collar MMA Championship Asia, Season 2
Friday Fight Night – The Boxing Preliminaries Results

October 17, 2012, Hong Kong – Believe.  Be strong.  Become.  A select group of Asia’s business professionals have come together to face their greatest physical challenge. Each of these professionals – bankers, business directors, doctors, lawyers – will train and compete in boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai with the hopes of becoming a finalist in the Main Event: The White Collar Mixed Martial Arts ChampionshipThe White Collar MMA Championship gives business professionals the ultimate taste of what it’s like to train and compete like fighting professionals. But when the suits come off and the gloves go on, these guys mean business!

The first preliminary was held on Friday, October 12th, at the elite new EPIC MMA Club in Central, Hong Kong.  Sixteen fighters, both men and women, in separate weight classes, tested themselves in the first phase of the event – boxing.  Every competitor came out to win, and despite just one month of training in boxing, their stunning skills in the “Sweet Science” surprised the crowd of about 100 invited guests.  The air was filled with excitement and loud shouts of encouragement for the fighters who came from such business entities as Macquarie, Zurich, Black Mountain, HSBC, CBRE, and JP Morgan.


Lightweight Division
Rohit Apte defeated Benjamin Suen by Decision
Robin Dorpe defeated Rohit Apte by Decision

Middleweight Division
James Smith defeated Fred Nagle by Decision
Brad Moreland defeated Max Reimerson by Decision
Alan Main defeated Chinmoy Lad, Stoppage in the second round

Cruiserweight Division
Gianpietro Iseppi defeated Robin Cefai by Decision
Gianpietro Iseppi defeated Arthur Desciarnace by Decision

Women’s Division
Emily Enomoto defeated Andrea Glynn by Verbal submission
Daini Wei defeated Emily Enomoto by Decision

While the winners can enjoy their hard-earned victories now, they still must focus on the very different phase ahead: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).   The White Collar MMA Championship athletes will spend a little over a month learning the basics and details before they enter the next preliminary competition.  As they transition through all of the phases, they will be learning and adapting to different martial arts which will help them become overall well-rounded fighters, and possibly the next White Collar MMA Champion!

The White Collar MMA Championship Asia, Season 2
Preliminary Rounds:
Boxing – October 12th, 2012
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – December 7, 2012
Muay Thai – January 25, 2013
Main Event MMA – March 14, 2013

About the White Collar MMA Championship
Founder and Professional Fighter Vuyisile “The Cheetah” Colossa launched The White Collar MMA Championship in 2011 to give business professionals the opportunity to train and compete in the multiple martial arts disciplines that make up the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. “The Cheetah” is a Muay Thai Champion, a full-time professional MMA fighter, a full-time coach at EPIC MMA Club, and a philanthropist.  The proceeds from The White Collar MMA Championship will benefit Operation Smilethe Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, and Children of Fire in Colossa’s native South Africa.  Season 1 was the first time a White Collar MMA match between women was ever held in the world, and the event was the first of its kind in all of Asia.  Hot upon the heels of a sold-out black tie event that awarded the first Championship belts in White Collar MMA, The White Collar Championship is proud to herald in Season 2, which will culminate in the MMA Main Event Championship in March of 2013.


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