WSOF 10 Strawweight title remains Augilar’s after 5-round slugfest with Fujino

Jessica Aguilar versus Emi Fujino for the WSOF Strawweight Championship
Jessica Aguilar versus Emi Fujino for the WSOF Strawweight Championship

WSOF 10 took place on June 22, 2014 in Las Vegas, USA. Jessica Aguilar successfully defended the Strawweight Championship against Emi Fujino in a stand up battle that went the entire five rounds.

In the first round, Fujino and Aguilar made it clear they both intended to keep it standing, with Fujino using lots of combos and staying in the pocket. The action switched to Augilar’s side in the second; she got busy and put Fujino on offense. Fujino stayed in the pocket for the remaining rounds with incredible toughness despite a heavily bleeding nose, but Aguilar slowly picked her apart.

In the third round, Aguilar succeeded with a takedown and slapped on an arm triangle that Fujino just would not let her crank. The fourth saw an eye gouge by Aguilar which was suspectly reminiscent of the multiple ones she delivered to Megumi Fujii in her retirement fight.

Fujino came on strong repeatedly, but the fifth round was Aguilar’s with clinches and knees proving her strength, although to Fujino’s credit, once again she could not be finished.

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Play by play:

Round 1. They touch gloves and Aguilar tests with kicks. Fujino looks to come inside with punches. Aguilar puts Fujino against the cage. Fujino pushes off. Aguilar takes the center of the cage, Fujino skirts and looks to land with combos. Aguilar tries a spinning back kick but Fujino’s in too close. Aguilar picking shots that are hard, Fujino does not back off. Fujino’s nose is bloody. Fujino goes to the body, Aguilar lands a knee. Both women land at ten seconds to the bell.

Round 2. Aguilar opens with a kick. Aguilar starts to really land in bunches. Fujino still stays in front of her, looking for an opportunity to trade. Aguilar gets creative with some spinning kicks and backlists but nothing lands with any power. Fujino seems more patient in this round, but she’s taking a lot of shots. At a minute out, Augilar’s combos looks good and sharp, Fujino’s not returning until the end of the round.

Round 3. Both women still content to stand toe to toe, Fujino looks focused and Aguilar’s unloading even more. Aguilar goes for the throw and gets Fujino down and on top. Aguilar has an arm triangle and jumps to the side, but Fujino defends, it’s not sunk in. She finally gives it up, moves to mount, and starts pounding. Fujino works back to the cage, but Aguilar won’t let her get the position to walk up.

Round 4. Same trading, and Aguilar sticks a finger in just like she did in Megumi Fujii’s final fight. The doctor checks, Fujino says she’s good to go. Aguilar turns up the heat and throws more combos, starts landing knees. Aguilar puts Fujino against the cage. Fujino off, a few punches traded and Aguilar closes the distance again.

Round 5. Aguilar sits on her back foot, possibly looking for a KO. Fujino still stays in the pocket. Fujino goes in to throw combos but Aguilar slips or counters hard every time. Aguilar puts it against the cage again, throws knees. Fujino is throwing knees back, but Aguilar has the superior pressure. At a minute to go, Aguilar puts Fujino down with a double leg. She lands sharp elbows, Fujino looks to shrimp out. Aguilar stands and Fujino throws up kicks.

Jessica Augilar defeats Emi Fujino by UD